Joss Whedon: Kickstarter, Firefly and Veronica Mars

News Simon Brew 15 Mar 2013 - 07:44

With Veronica Mars: The Movie funded, where does that leave Firefly? Joss Whedon answers that very question...

It's been quite a week. At the start of it, there was no sign of the long-mooted Veronica Mars movie, nor any motion picture of that ilk earning funding via crowdfunding. You pretty much know the score on both fronts by this stage.

Inevitably, the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign has seen rumblings of others following. A Chuck movie is one possibility. And, as you might expect, word has got back to Joss Whedon, not least in that all of this could provide a mechanism to bring Firefly back.

Buzzfeed talked to Whedon, a long-time Veronica Mars fan, and he admitted that he was thrilled to see the movie project funded, and funded in the way it's been. "It feels like a real game-changer", he admitted.

And then the obvious question. Is this something he'd consider to get more Firefly off the ground?

"I've said repeatedly that I would love to make another movie with these guys, and that remains the case. It also remains the case that I'm booked up by Marvel for the next three years, and that I haven't even been able to get Dr Horrible 2 off the ground because of that".

He added that "I don't even entertain the notion of entertaining the notion of doing this, and won't. Couple years from now, when Nathan's no longer [working on] Castle and I'm no longer the Tom Hagen of the Marvel Universe and making a giant movie, we might look and see where the market is then. But right now, it's a complete non-Kickstarter for me".

Whedon suggests that Kickstarter "doesn't just open the floodgates", although we'd imagine that a flood of projects will be testing the water very shortly. He clearly still sounds keen to make more Firefly, though, and we'll keep you posted as we hear more...


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I wonder how he knows that Nathan FIllion will no longer be working on Castle in a couple of years.

I think that is just because of the usual lifespan of a good tv show is not more than 6 or 7 years (obviously there are exceptions) and it is up to 5 already.

Thing that gets me is that Joss knows full well how to speak to his fanbase, I've seen too many press releases of his where he says what people want to hear (mostly about not being cancelled) and then is proven wrong, to take anything he says with a large pinch of salt. I believe that he would like to make another Firefly, I also believe that he doesn't believe he will and wants to focus on other projects. But he is not going to piss off his fans by saying that.

some needs to do a kickstarter for Dredd 2 for the love of god!

Six seasons and a movie.

Well aint that just changtastic!

Anyways communities chances at a 5th season renewal are getting better while 75% of NBCs comedies are failing. We may get 5 seasons and no movie but Ill take community as long as I can get it :)

whyyyy :( we need good shows on tv...

I don't really care how it happens, nor really when (although earlier would be better), but I do care that it does. The problem is as time moves on, actors do to. Look at Richard Dean Anderson, for example - he was key to the success of SG-1, but became increasingly disinterested in it as the years went by, even when it was still in production. I'd love for Netflix to pony up the cash and bring the show back, but as Mr Whedon says, he's tied up forever, and the odds of being able to get enough of the cast back for it to be the same show isn't great. Of course, it could be like Being Human, where an entirely new cast works arguably better than the originals(*), but that isn't the show I want. I want Mal and Co, and I'll wait. Hell, I waited 30 odd years for episode 7 of Star Wars with the characters I loved, so with a bit of luck patience will pay off.

(*) And they weren't the original cast, only Russell Tovey was in the original, an important point to consider when it was the pilot that gave us the original series. It managed to be good with only 1/3 of the "original" stars.

A wrap-up movie for the rebooted V tv series would be nice, especially as SyFy are now

cynically reshowing it... Dredd sequel would be nice too.

Huh, I didn't know about the Doctor Horrible delay.

Anyway, what about studios going halfsies? They give up, say, ten million and another ten million is provided by Kickstarter? Now, that would be interesting... Might work for Firefly 2, Dredd 2 or X-Files 3.

iKingSGC - not at the moment i wouldn't ... we have a lot of geek love for community in my office at work, and we are all universally despairing at this season so far - the inspector spacetime convention was ok, and i enjoyed the german conflict, but the last episode (5?) was so very very bad ...

Join the 'Make a DREDD sequel' group on facebook, word's getting out about that group..

that said - ya gotta strike while the iron is hot. lukewarm? still able to be put in the fire, at least. 50 yr old Richard Castle is one thing, Mal don't age as well.

Very nice phrase.

>and I'm no longer the Tom Hagen of the Marvel Universe

I've never been that fussed about Kickstarter projects and would hope that film studios, etc. don't start to get in the habit of reliance on the fans to fund projects that they think the fans want in order to save money.


... this is one Kickstarter with which I could definitely get on board. I would quite happily put my money where my heart is and donate some money to help bring back Firefly. Even if it's just for Serenity 2, but would obviously prefer a mini-series, or even (whisper it) a full-on return of the series. :D


The difference with your SG-1 example is that the show went on for TEN years. All the cast and crew of Firefly continue to state how they would love to return to the show, even ten years after cancellation. No-one has moved on; not the cast, not the crew, certainly not the fans. Cancellation of Firefly continues to be the greatest heartbreak in Sci-Fi production. :'(

I disagree. Older Mal would still be awesome, with added gnarl,

Simon...come here please, I need to talk to you.

We've been friends for years. I almost feel like I know you (no, not really, don't freak out). But, as your imaginary Internet friend, I feel that I should say something that's been on my mind.

Please stop posting articles with headlines that I feel are deliberately crafted to get my hopes up regarding a Firefly renewal, when the text of the article cruelly, mercilessly, dashes those hopes. We all know that Whedon is a busy guy with no time to spare. We also all know that he would love to get back into Firefly again. We also know that there are legions of pathetic fans just like me who may even love to see a Firefly renewal more than Avengers 2, 3, etc. (it's possible) But, these reminders that Firefly isn't coming back anytime soon are like having a photo of a beloved ex-girlfriend (who was tragically murdered by insane TV execs) waved in front of my face every so often, then the photo waver laughing in my face screaming, "She's DEAD! And you'll NEVER SEE HER AGAIN!! MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!"

Please, if you have any decency, stop doing this.

Your (imaginary Internet) friend,
- Lynchenstein

Screw off with firefly I'm sick of hearing about it.

Such a Whedon-esque way to phrase it. Perfect.

I agree. I don't think there's anything about Firefly that means the characters all have to be young. It's a western in space - heaps of westerns have crusty old guys as the heroes...

Really can't see that happening. Firstly, the Angel season 6 and 7 comics are considered canon. Secondly, Boreanaz is, like all of us, aging. This means the likelihood of him returning to an immortal character is slim indeed. Finally, James Masters gave a six year window in which he said he'd play Spike again, otherwise he said he'd look too old. That ran out three years ago.

You think Kickstarter would be able to raise $40m, that's what a sequel to 'Dredd' would cost if done right!?

You're gonna have to admit that there's not going to be a sequel to 'Dredd', more's the pity considering the utter dreck that does get sequels these days, but thems the breaks!

Why not a kickstarter to finally get Buffy on Bluray?

Excuse me?

If they can make Jeff Bridges look younger in Tron, then why could they not take the same steps for Masters and Boreanaz?

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