Pixar making Finding Nemo 2

News Simon Brew 17 Jul 2012 - 19:43

Andrew Stanton is set to direct a sequel to Finding Nemo, due in 2016.

With Finding Nemo set for a 3D re-release later this year, news has broken that Pixar is pressing ahead with a sequel to the film. While hardly likely to quell those raising eyebrows at the growing number of sequels to come out of Pixar (where a sequel used to be an exception to the rule), the standard-bearing Toy Story trilogy shows that the firm knows how to make a good one (Cars 2 less so). Furthermore, Andrew Stanton, the director of the original movie, is returning to make the next one, too.

Stanton, who directed this year's John Carter, will be reportedly working from a script by Victoria Strouse. The film is reportedly planned for release in 2016.

Next up from Pixar, now that Brave is out of the way, is next year's Monsters University. Then it's two non-sequel movies, in 2014 and 2015, before Finding Nemo 2 rolls around. Two non-sequels for every sequel is a ration we'd love Pixar to keep.

More on the project as we get it. It doesn't appear to have been officially confirmed by Disney or Pixar at this stage, we should point out.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Well this was unexpected.

If it turns out to be true then I'll wait to see what the story involves before making any judgments about it. For all we know it may be a prequel like Monsters University, which would make sense and as DoG pointed out we know from Toy Story that they can make sequels work.

Assuming this story is true, It does make me a bit concerned that one of my favourite studios is now relying too much on sequels and not enough on original material. I have nothing against Pixar doing sequels, but I think we need a break and then bring on The Incredibles 2.

Given that Pixar's slate after Monsters University sees them making films about dinosaurs, the inside of a child's mind and Dia de los Muertos, I suppose it's not too disheartening that they're planning another sequel now. But Nemo seems an odd one to revisit as opposed to The Incredibles.

I think as much as even I would like an Incredibles 2, I suspect they have yet to find a suitable story arc that would not be simply repeating the first film. Toy Story had a genuine arc and whilst there are similarities in the plot of the film, minor ones, the journey those characters went on makes for a truly consistent and brilliant trilogy. Finding Nemo though, I can't think what they are going to do with a second film (be it sequel or prequel). It may just be another film involving the same characters but titled differently. So 'Nemo's Nest' or some crap like that. They will come up with something better than that.

Surely the film writes itself from the ending of Finding Nemo? Gill and the rest of the tank try to find Nemo? Or is this too obvious?

I absolutely adore Finding Nemo, but I think it kinda works as a standalone film. If anyone can make it work, I'm sure Pixar can, but The Incredibles is just begging for a sequel in a way films like this, Up, Ratatouille, etc just aren't. Incredibles screams "super-awesome-comic-book-parody-franchise-that-Pixar-will-do-really-well", while Finding Nemo is a beautiful story that works without anything added on.

I wonder if Steve Jobs would of agreed to this considering his sequel rules and not too mention the inclusion of USB 3.0 and HDMI in the Macbook Pro 2012. Let's just hope it's a worthy sequel like Toy Story was.

Not odd when you consider Finding Nemo made a tonne of monies... The Incredibles grossed $630 million, Finding Nemo $870...

Stop with the sequelling, Pixar. Just stop it.

Look , they made me relate to a fish in the 1st film, who am I to tell them what they should do?

oh dear.

You dont have to watch it you know !

Finding Nemo is one of my favourite Pixar films, which is saying a lot seeing how much I love that studio. But it ends SO perfectly with Nemo swimming off into the distance as Marlin looks on knowing he can trust him to look after himself. How on eath do you do a sequel to that? I know there are countless plot ideas you can think of but that's not the point: these characters aren't MEANT to be epic adventurers who spend their whole lives going on epic adventures, which is what made an ordinary fish risking life and limb to save his son all the more powerful. You'd like to think that Nemo and Marlin both learned their lesson from the first film.

Finding Nemo has always been the first in my list for Pixar films that shouldn't have sequels, closely followed by Wall-E and Up. Yet The Incredibles, the only Pixar film which doesn't feel self-contained, that is DYING for its universe to be expanded (and, unlike most, it's not even one of my favourites). There is so much room for things they could do with those characters, but I'm not sure what they can do with Finding Nemo without retreading ground.

Can anybody actually say that at the end of Finding Nemo they thought "Cant wait to see what happens next!".

Nemo as a dad, the dentist fish "finding nemo" now that they have escaped to the ocean, a Bruce the shark focused film, "finding dory" with nemo and marlin searching for her after she forgets where she was going, Lots of choices that would be interesting and not just a rehash of the first film

How are they not rehashes. 'Finding Dory' - Dory goes missing so Nemo and father can on the search for her... which is practically the first film with the characters swapped around. Also, half of what you said was too confusing.

Ugh, I HATE this comeback. It's up there with "As if YOU could make a better film". People who complain do so because we love Pixar and the first film and so get upset when they make moves like this. I almost certainly WILL go and see the film, but that doesn't mean it's absolved from criticism.

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