Pixar making Finding Nemo 2

News Simon Brew
17 Jul 2012 - 19:43

Andrew Stanton is set to direct a sequel to Finding Nemo, due in 2016.

With Finding Nemo set for a 3D re-release later this year, news has broken that Pixar is pressing ahead with a sequel to the film. While hardly likely to quell those raising eyebrows at the growing number of sequels to come out of Pixar (where a sequel used to be an exception to the rule), the standard-bearing Toy Story trilogy shows that the firm knows how to make a good one (Cars 2 less so). Furthermore, Andrew Stanton, the director of the original movie, is returning to make the next one, too.

Stanton, who directed this year's John Carter, will be reportedly working from a script by Victoria Strouse. The film is reportedly planned for release in 2016.

Next up from Pixar, now that Brave is out of the way, is next year's Monsters University. Then it's two non-sequel movies, in 2014 and 2015, before Finding Nemo 2 rolls around. Two non-sequels for every sequel is a ration we'd love Pixar to keep.

More on the project as we get it. It doesn't appear to have been officially confirmed by Disney or Pixar at this stage, we should point out.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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