Death-filled trailer arrives for Final Destination 5

Trailer Ryan Lambie
9 May 2011 - 13:49
Final Destination 5

The spectre of death, Tony Todd and elaborate mishaps all feature in the brand new trailer for Final Destination 5, which you can see here…

It’s now more than a decade since the grim reaper began stalking death-dodging high school students, and yet the makers of the Final Destination movies still don’t appear to have run out of elaborate ways of killing the franchise’s hapless cast.

This time, Emma Bell, Nicholas D’Agosto are among the photogenic youngsters with death snapping at their heels, and as the new trailer below makes clear, it’s a disaster on a bridge that provides the trigger for this film’s events.

The trailer could also be seen as a bit of a spoiler for a few of the film’s signature death scenes, so those wanting to go into the movie cold may want to look away. Mind you, it’s always pleasant to see Tony Todd in the role of scary mortician William Bludworth, and isn’t that Anchorman’s Champ Kind (David Koechner) briefly seen clinging to a lump of crumbling concrete for dear life?

Looked at in the context of the franchise as a whole, Final Destination 5 looks like business as usual, though for those who lapped up the earlier films, that’s probably no bad thing. I wonder what kind of horrifying demise Death has in store for the poor teddy bear featured below, though?

Final Destination 5 is due to arrive in UK cinemas on 26th August.

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