Universal starts work on Fifty Shades Of Grey follow-up

News Simon Brew 4 Jul 2014 - 07:47

Universal is on the search for screenwriters to get E L James' second Fifty Shades book to the big screen...

With the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey set for release on Valentine's Day next year, Universal has decided to get moving already on the follow-up book, Fifty Shades Darker.

The Tracking Board reports this morning that the studio has decided to press ahead with the sequel, and has the project down as an open writing assignment. Or, in other words, it's now actively seeking a screenwriter to adapt E L James' text for the screen. That points to original screenwriters Kelly Marcel, Patrick Marber and Mark Bomback not being involved, or at least not yet.

Producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti will be taking the next instalment forward, and we can't imagine the key cast won't be back. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson's involvement is thus far unclear.

More as we hear it...

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I read a bit of 50 Shades of Gray a couple of years back at work when a workmate was reading it instead of doing work. It's filthy. It's also like catnip to some girls.

50 Shades of shite!

I didn't think it was that filthy, read it to see what the fuss was about; overriding thoughts after having read it were that it was badly written unimaginitive shite.

And yet we still aren't getting a Dredd sequel.

I'm kind of wondering what rating the first movie will get, because the story is basically "special interest" p**n.

"Mommy Porn" is the popular term...

I have read raunchier and better written Mills &Boon, load of dogs droppings.

Is it now?

Good to hear that they are optimistic about the films doing well and that they want to push through with the next film.

According to reports they had to tone down the sex a lot because if they hadn't it would have been an X rating. They are said to be focusing more on the two lead character's relationship than the sex which is good but the sex is a big part of it. I am guessing it will get an R rating or maybe even NC-17; I am hoping for the latter for it to be a good movie.

I was really thinking that they would wait until they see what the box office numbers are for the first one. However, this makes me think that they aren't spending that much money of the movies and don't care if they go ahead because they figure they will at least recoup their initial investment in to the movie.

I hear the 'Fifty Sheds of Grey' book is better.

Those of you that don't like the books don't get really what this is all about...it isn't about the sex...yeah I know shocker. LOL. This story is about an emotionally broken man that is shown unconditional love from a wonderful young woman. Love is a powerful thing and can change your life. <sigh>

Not having read the book(s), the last thing I read were my divorce papers, not sure what the fuss is about <gulp>

I heard they were making 2 versions. A filthy one (R Rating) and a filthier one (NC-17). Reading a racey covered book at home or anonymously on a kindle on a train is one thing but queueing up in a cinema for it? It may do better on home media.

We don't even get 2 versions in the cinema for; Taken 2, RoboCop or Expendables 3 etc...

Dredd was a Lionsgate movie, not a Universal one. Universal would even give it another shot. They gave Riddick another.

The shitest, most badly written 'must read' book since the Dan Williams epidemic a decade ago. Idiots the world over will go mad for it.

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