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Videodrome: how Cronenberg subverts the noir thriller genre

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 3, 2015

David Cronenberg's Videodrome isn't just a classic sci-fi horror, but also a brilliant noir thriller. Ryan explains why...

The bad boy image of Steve McQueen

Aliya Whiteley Feature Jul 31, 2015

We look at a trio of Steve McQueen's lower profile movies, but ones that helped cement his movie star image...

143 movie sequels currently in the works

Simon Brew Rob Leane Feature Jul 30, 2015

From Zoolander 2 to 23 Jump Street, with 100s in-between. Here's our rundown of the assorted movie sequels in the works...

Looking back at Michael Crichton's Runaway

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 30, 2015

Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons starred in Michael Crichton's 1984 sci-fi thriller, Runaway. Ryan looks back at a flawed yet intriguing film...

13 unlikely action movie stars who deserve another shot

Tim George Feature Jul 29, 2015

From Emily Blunt and Helen Mirren, to William H Macy and Ellen Page: the one-off action movie stars who we'd like to see back in the genre.

Revisiting Top Secret! - the 1980s' most underappreciated comedy

Simon Brew Feature Jul 29, 2015

We rewatched the classic 1980s comedy, Top Secret! It took surgeons two weeks to wipe the smile off our face...

Does it matter whether stars do their own stunts?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 28, 2015

As Tom Cruise dangles from a plane in Mission: Impossible 5, we ask: does it matter whether stars do their own stunts or not?

Why Hellraiser is a touching love story

Jenny Morrill Feature Jul 28, 2015

Have you ever watched Hellraiser and thought it was purely a love story between Julia and Frank? Jenny has...

What Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 got right

Rob Leane Feature Jul 27, 2015

Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi’s sophomore Spidey outing, is one of the best superhero films ever. Here’s why…

25 films which will haunt you with only one viewing

Rebecca Clough Feature Jul 24, 2015

Some films have the power to get under your skin in just one sitting. Here are 25 that will stay in your brain for a long time to come...