Fast Six: first official picture

News Ryan Lambie
22 Aug 2012 - 07:11

There are lots of smiles but surprisingly few cars in the first official image from the shoot of Fast Six. Take a look here…

Largely abandoning the neon underlighting of its predecessors, Fast Five reimagined the rusty racing franchise as a heist action movie, and its box office success was almost as huge as Dwayne Johnson’s biceps.

Flushed with success, director Justin Lin’s back in the driving seat for Fast Six, and with the movie currently shooting, a first-look image has officially arrived. So what’s in it? Cars? Ladies draped over cars? Cars crashing? Cars reverse parking?

Nope. It shows Lin, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker smiling in what appears to be Tony Stark’s garage. And for some reason, Walker’s wearing what looks like a metalwork teacher’s coat.

Okay, so it’s not a particularly exciting picture, but it’s good to know everyone’s getting on well – it's likely Vin Diesel's telling one of his knock-knock jokes here. He's famous for those.

Fast Six is currently shooting in London, the story goes, with Gina (Haywire) Carano joining Dwayne Johnson as the cops on the trail of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s star-crossed car thieves.

Fast Six is due out next May, and based on the quality of this image alone, we can hardly wait. 

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