Fast & Furious 7 confirmed for summer 2014

News Simon Brew 17 Apr 2013 - 06:09
Fast & Furious

It's definite: Fast & Furious 7 is being scheduled for next year, in a July 2014 release slot.

In the scheme of things, Universal faced a choice. It could carry on with the Fast & Furious franchise being in the hands of the director who's given the studio four consecutive hits with it (assuming this summer's Fast & Furious 6 hits big, which it will). Or it could have the seventh film turned around in just over a year, but it'd have to sacrifice its director to do so.

You already know the answer. Justin Lin walked away from directing Fast & Furious 7 a week or two back, and to be fair to Universal, it's recruited an interesting replacement in James Wan. But Wan has a massive job on his hands, as it's been revealed that the film will indeed be needed next summer. To be exact, Fast & Furious 7 is due in cinemas on July 11th 2014, it's now been confirmed.

Vin Diesel will lead the returning cast, and rumours persist that Jason Statham will be signing up for this one. When we know more, we'll let you know. And then there's still the small matter of Fast & Furious 6, which is due out next month...

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No. Must stop. Have to stop. 7 is just too much.

What is with Hollywood and their ruining a good thing?

sadly if they had stopped when everyone wanted to, it would have ended as a bad thing. It's rare a solid movie shoots out two crap sequels and then follows that up with (so far) Two. I would have never thought I'd even be excited for 6, don't start crying till six falls flat. Cause if 6 isn't to much than 7 shouldn't be. But I'd like to see and end at 6. And I will protest 7 if The Rock isn't in it. But until then I'll be waiting to put my butt in the seats for 6.

Four was bad.. Worse than 3.. Not 2 (can anything be?!)
One was obviously good as a stand alone, Five was as much a surprise to me as everyone else.
High hopes for Six to be honest, but Seven being churned out in a year?! Not comfortable with that! But good look to Wan all the same.

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