Is this the director shortlist for Fast & Furious 7?

News Simon Brew
8 Apr 2013 - 06:32

Are the directors of Kick-Ass 2, The Lincoln Lawyer and The Karate Kid being lined up for Fast & Furious 7?

It proved to be something of a surprise last week, when it was revealed that director Justin Lin was walking away from directing Fast & Furious 7, having directed the last four entries in the franchise (including next month's Fast & Furious 6).

Lin's departure was reportedly down to the fact that Universal wants the next Fast & Furious sequel ready for summer 2014, and he apparently feared he couldn't turn around the kind of film that he'd be happy with in that timescale. Hence, he moved on.

Universal isn't hanging about though, and seems keen to make sure it has Fast & Furious 7 alongside Jurassic Park 4 for its summer 2014 blockbusters. And Latino Review is reporting that a trio of directors are now in contention for the Fast & Furious 7 job.

And they are? Well, there's Jeff Wadlow, who's putting the finishing touches to this summer's Kick-Ass 2. Harald Zwart, meanwhile, is the director who successfully rebooted The Karate Kid (he also helmed, er, The PinK Panther 2). Then there's Brad Furman, who has the Matthew McConaughey vehicle The Lincoln Lawyer to his name.

Of those, we'd imagine that Jeff Wadlow is a good bet, but we should have confirmation one way or another in the next couple of weeks.

Latino Review.

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