Work begins on Fast & Furious 6

News Simon Brew
20 Apr 2011 - 07:04

With Fast & Furious 5 notching up impressive reviews, Universal is wasting little time putting Fast & Furious 6 on the starting grid…

Summer blockbuster season 2011 has got off to a really quite promising start. Thor, which hits the UK next week and the US the week after, has already set a high standard (our review is here). And Fast & Furious 5, due here at the end of the week, might just be the film to leave the biggest grin on everyone's faces. Our review of it is here.

When Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist was originally talked about (back when it was going to be called Fast Five), there was some suggestion that it would be the final entry in the franchise. But Universal knows when it's on to a good thing, and with that in mind, it's put the wheels in motion for a sixth outing.

Chris Morgan, who penned the last three Fast & Furious outings, as well as the screenplay for Wanted, has just signed a new deal with Universal, and that deal is going to cover work on Fast & Furious 6. Morgan is set to start working on the screenplay for that shortly, although it's not certain at this stage who will return for the next film.

Furthermore, with director Justin Lin circling the next Terminator movie at the moment, it's unclear whether he's likely to return to Fast Six, or whatever it turns out to be called.

We'll keep you posted, though...

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