Fast & Furious 6 poster and Superbowl trailer

Trailer Simon Brew 4 Feb 2013 - 06:24

Vin Diesel, The Rock and a plane take centre stage in the first footage from Fast & Furious 6...

Amongst the many movie-related promos during the Superbowl broadcast last night was the first footage for what we now know to be called Fast & Furious 6 (as opposed to Fast Six).

A longer trailer has already been classified in the UK by the BBFC (we'd expect to see that in the next week or two), but this minute-long spot suggests that fast cars, tanks, a hokum plot, scantily clad women and no shortage of homoeroticism are still very much on the agenda. Splendid.

A poster has been released too, which you can see below the promo spot below. And Fast & Furious 6 will be in cinemas in May.

Here's the poster...

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I never thought a Fast and Furious film would feature a car I've actually owned! Can you smell what the Mk 1 Ford Escort is cooking?

Oh looky! It's the UK! Not Southern California*** honest............. *ahem*

(*** This also applies to the Sons of Anarchy 'we are in Northern Ireland and not on a Californian studio backlot using moody lens filters ..... *ahem*)

Either way, this looks as dumb as they come ................ i'm so there opening day!!!

And I still need to see the first one. :-p

No doubt that this film looks epic! Fast 4 and 5 where brilliant and made better when Dwayne Johnson joined the lineup. However the bit with pulling the plans wing seems a little too far fetched.....also seems like they are trying to repeat what happened in fast 5 with the safe......Still looks cool as foook!

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