New Farscape movie in development

News Simon Brew
24 Feb 2014 - 06:54

Justin Monjo is working on the script for a new Farscape movie, apparently with Brian Henson directing...

Monday morning rarely brings good news stories. But in this case, we're making a rather sizeable exception. It seems as though a new sequel to Farscape is on the way, and is being developed as a movie spin-off to the television series. Furthermore, Brian Henson is involved, and is set to direct. We don't know whether it's a cinema or (more likely) TV movie that's being talked about, mind.

The news broke over at, where it reported that writer Justin Monjo is working on a screenplay for the new Farscape project, having worked on the show when it originally ran. No further details are available at this stage, but you can bet we'll be monitoring this closely.

Monjo has also penned a pilot for HBO series that has Peter Dinklage currently linked to it. The series, The Beasts Of Valhalla, would see Dinklage as a dwarf detective, based on the books from Georce C Chesbro.

More news as we get it.

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