New Farscape movie in development

News Simon Brew 24 Feb 2014 - 06:54

Justin Monjo is working on the script for a new Farscape movie, apparently with Brian Henson directing...

Monday morning rarely brings good news stories. But in this case, we're making a rather sizeable exception. It seems as though a new sequel to Farscape is on the way, and is being developed as a movie spin-off to the television series. Furthermore, Brian Henson is involved, and is set to direct. We don't know whether it's a cinema or (more likely) TV movie that's being talked about, mind.

The news broke over at, where it reported that writer Justin Monjo is working on a screenplay for the new Farscape project, having worked on the show when it originally ran. No further details are available at this stage, but you can bet we'll be monitoring this closely.

Monjo has also penned a pilot for HBO series that has Peter Dinklage currently linked to it. The series, The Beasts Of Valhalla, would see Dinklage as a dwarf detective, based on the books from Georce C Chesbro.

More news as we get it.

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Both sound like good news to me!

Yes! There have long been vague whisperings of a movie-sequel. This makes me so happy! :D

As I'm hip with the kids daddio - Squee

This could be awesome, perhaps the Guardians film hype has helped bank roll this one?

With this, 'Veronica Mars' and 'Heroes' coming back, when are MGM going to revive Stargate?!

Sounds exciting! Fingers crossed it's good.... How on earth does Dinklage have time to eat and sleep? He must be getting nearly as overworked as Benedict Cumberbatch!

Who's your daddy?

Can't wait, hands down most original Sci fi series ever. I miss its mix of comedy and action and tasteful use of effects. also no one has come close to its alien costume design...fact. Hopefully this will be the advent of new series??

I don't want to get my hopes up too high, it's been years since those webepisodes were announced and nothing.

Then we can have pizza and margarita shooters!

Son of a Hazmot!

Last year, I finally tossed my old, crappy, 3rd-generation VHS copies of Farscape (obtained from pirated cable SciFi channel). Happy happy, joy joy: I've been marathon-watching the series on Netscape, so didn't pluck down the moolah for blurays.

With this possible movie news, I have a reason to run thru the condo happily screaming "Criteon!" anbd "Aeyron!" like they do throughout the series. :-)

doesnt claudia black look super old now?

True ! That's the series that needs to come back !

And not in the reboot kind of way. MGM should just look at one of those scripted fan series like Stargate: Horizon.

I want Atlantis and Universe finished off properly!

I heard they might go back to the mythology from the original film, which would truly interest me to be honest, because the second film planned on using a different ancient culture, my guess was either ancient rome or greece, mayans, or china, maybe it will still happen one day

His John Crichton, an astronaut. 15 years ago, he got shot, through a wormhole and transported to a distant part of the universe aboard a living ship of escaped prisoners. His friends, his wife, his is heavily unprepared, for the nightmares he has seen, for if something were to happen, we may never know. The wonders he has, and will see

No she still looks smokin hot, ben browder is in his 50s, but you wouldnt think that cause he still looks like hes 30

Ben looked a few years past 30 when he popped up in Doctor Who.

right there with you love it from star to end, here in venezuela they played in hbo, wouldnt miss it for the world, (got me so spoiled that i didnt actually enjoyed any other scifi space series till battlestar galactica)

She looked great in Uncharted 2 and 3...

Both Farscape and Babylon 5 look fantastic in HD, upscaled or not. Highly recommend tracking them down as they really show off the beautiful set designs and attention to detail, textures etc.

Netflix streaming shows the details gloriously (when the bit rate speed is running fine) -- tons more than my vhs dupes. Will have to still plunk down some serious cash for the blurays someday. Thanks!

Dutydk ytkid tfufytdki vlyt i kduflydkoi dfilok! Which is rigelian for "Oh my god, I'm so excited!" for anyone without translator microbes.

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