Josh Trank's Fantastic Four movie to have found footage feel

News Simon Brew 27 Jun 2014 - 06:05

The found footage strands of Chronicle might just be making their way into Fantastic Four, Fox confirms...

In just under a year, the reboot of the big screen Fantastic Four series will have been released, and we'll be able to see just how director Josh Trank and his team have done. The film's currently shooting, and 20th Century Fox's president of production, Emma Watts, has been talking about it in a new interview.

On backing Chronicle director Trank to make the film, she said that "to me, the key is the originality of the filmmakers and the choices they make. Josh is another really interesting example, who is using the vision he gave us in Chronicle to reinvent a franchise he's loved his whole life. It's not that you can't make original ideas - you can, and we did it with Chronicle. The director is the key to not letting superhero movies go stale".

When questioned if there may be the found footage elements in Fantastic Four that Trank deployed so well in Chronicle, Watt said that "it's Josh, so it can't not have that feel. That's his talent, that what he does, and that's what excites him about it".

Watt also confirmed that the plan is for Bryan Singer to direct 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse.

Fantastic Four is in cinemas on June 19th 2015.


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Well, that sounds terrible. Fingers crossed I'm very wrong


Chronicle was fantastic, but can't see how it will work with FF.

I hope this isn't a step towards Trank being a one trick pony.

For me at least this has taken away any interest that I have in the film - I've not been too perturbed by the casting decisions really, but the other rumours (government experiments, no uniform) and now this - it just seems that fundamentally Josh Trank has no interest in The Fantastic Four and is essentially making his own sequel to Chronicle but with established characters.

Of course it mentions elements of found footage - so it could be some earlier sequences of the F4 are watched on security tapes by people trying to find them or something - but what little enthusiasm I had has pretty much dissipated.

I'm not a major F4 fan but I think if you're adapting something you have to show some fealty to the source material which, from early rumours seems not to be the case.

Personally I think that sounds more like someone giving a PR guff non-answer, rather than a definitive declaration that there will be found footage in the film.


Shakey cam

Shakey cam in stomach-churning 3D!

This sounds less and less fantastic - maybe just renaming it '4' would be better. I guess a lot of us are just anticipating seeing Doctor Doom at a obscure angle with camera shake and judder added doing something in the background where the cameraman says something like 'dude, check it out...this is awesome..whoa...look out' - yup a great way to deal with Marvels premiere bad guy. The only way that could make Doom worse would be to have him played by a bit-part Australian soap actor who once dated Danni Min....oh....

Yay! I love superhero movies. But I've always felt they're missing something; crap cinematography and shaky camera work.

Now that is what I call a fantastic flaw.

... and that's the last of my interest in this film gone. To be fair it was always fighting a losing battle seeing as it belonged to FOX... but found footage? It's hard to judge before seeing anything but I don't think that belongs with Fantastic Four.

So FOX are saying Josh Trank is nothing more than a one trick pony...bit harsh!

You know what ive been doing my best to stay positive about this movie, but found footage...ok im out.

Nobody likes this.

Fantastic Four in found footage? I hate that! Cloverfield could have been an awesome movie if it wasn't for all the shaking and crap. Now lets hope this movie will tank and the rights go back to Marvel.

I think we've had some of that already, don't you?

I'll watch it and let y'all know how it is.

they better not ruin fantastic four

"it's Josh, so it can't not have that feel". Can't believe you let that quote slide without comment. Though I suppose you don't want to have any more grumpy letters from Fox's lawyers about this particular movie if you can help it, eh?

If I found any footage of this ill-conceived reboot I would destroy it before it could see the light of day.

Every announcement for this film just makes me want to see it less. I'm no hater but like some other comments on here have said, they just don't seem to be getting it at all.

I seem to be the only one who's actually looking forward to this movie! I doubt that the entire thing will be found footage. I should think it will be more news reports and phone videos from witnesses mixed in to help ground it in the real world...

A frelling mess.

Yes, on Chronicle...

Did you not see Man of Steel?

It might just be the thing that defines him, similar to JJ Abrams' lens flares. He's still a great director but he puts those in every movie, so Trank could be the same

No argument. Still a fun movie though.

Yeah, the last three films were amazing!

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