Fantastic Four reboot news round-up

News Simon Brew 9 May 2014 - 07:23

As the new Fantastic Four film starts shooting, here's the latest news from the project...

Work is underway on the big screen Fantastic Four reboot, with Chronicle director Josh Trank calling the shots. Writer and producer Simon Kinberg is currently on the promotional trail for another of his projects, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and inevitably, the subject of Fantastic Four came up.

"The thing that is most unique or defining about the new Fantastic Four is the tone", Kinberg told Collider. "We're approaching it in a much more realistic, grounded, science rather than science fiction way. The playfulness or goofiness of those other movies is very, very different from what we're trying to do, and that is true for the production, design, the casting, the storytelling".

To be clear: this Fantastic Four film will be nothing like the previous two.

Kinberg also confirmed that the plan is to convert the movie to 3D in post-production.

Production officially started on the film this week on the film, and that's just left enough time to add another face to the cast. Reg E Cathey is best known for his work on The Wire and House Of Cards. He's joined Fantastic Four as the father of Sue and Johnny Storm, played by Kate Mara and Michael B Jordan respectively. And here is a picture of him...

Fantastic Four will be in cinemas in June 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Words fail me. Marvel's first and still greatest characters treated so appallingly. Marvel should remove its name from this travesty. There is no reason to make a character who has been white for 52 years and has appealed to both black and white readers suddenly change his ethnicity. But as if to distract from that ill conceived move the producers then "cleverly" topped it with the bafflingly inept miscasting of Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm. Flame off. It's sobberin' time..

Something is ill-conceived and appalling here, and it's not the casting choices...

I advise you to reconsider your position on this, Gregory. This might help - 'Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury'.

Jim Steranko's Nick Fury is the man.

It sounds like they're at least trying to match the tone of the X-Men series. Will we be seeing a cross-over?

While I agree with the sentiment, I'm not sure that's the best example. The film version of Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is based on the Ultimate version, which is, in turn, based on Samuel L. Jackson.

Unfortunately none the executives at Marvel seemed to remember this as they ordered that this version appear in the main Marvel continuity. Enter Nick Fury Jr., who a short time after his appearance is tortured, has one eye gauged out, gets a scar around the eye, wears an eye-patch, shaves his head and grows a beard. His inclusion is so contrived and obviously by editorial mandate to synch up with the films, that it was somewhat painful.

If anything, it helped me appreciate the original version more, such that I adored the fact that he was in Brubaker's 'Winter Soldier' run and is now in the 'Original Sin' event.

Just to clarify, though, I love Samuel L. Jackson's performance as Nick Fury in the films.

No, The Hoff's version is.


I hope this doesn't swing too far, though, and in their pursuit of a more serious tone it doesn't end up becoming a grimly humourless drudge. Something the MCU has been very good at is providing a few laughs along the way.

Why not say that it is a travesty to have a character that has been, for 52 years, a mute, 2D, line drawing who moves in static bursts from pane to pane being portrayed by a real, live human?

Odd that such things draw no comment but skin colour does. One has to wonder.

Are you *STILL* going on about this? Deal with it. Move on.

'Marvel's 'greatest' characters' is subjective, so we'll have to disagree. I also agree with the casting of Jamie Bell - it just seems odd as Ben Grimm's Thing persona has always been somewhat of an extension of an already big guy.

But the complaints about a black Human Torch (or the snidey attempts to disguise these complaints as being about the fact that one sibling is white, while the other is black) are getting really tiresome.

You can't judge it until it's out, and there's no reason why it won't work.

Wait and see.

Well then, color me interested. Despite having no love for the Fantastic Four, this does genuinely intrigue me.


Yo Farage, this isn't Mail Online you know.

I just watched the two earlier FF films with my sons (5 and 7) the other day. I thought that they stood up well, and didn't drag in the way the some of the other Marvel films of late have. I appreciate the 'adult' tone that they're going for, but it is a bit sad that it does sway it away from a more general audience.

That picture has just made me very interested. Are they making Sue Storm the adopted sibling? Intriguing way to go! Or may be, just maybe in this fascinating modern world we live in, they won't even mention it because you know, it's not all that important.

Very much this.

But I'm still confused because of The Lost World.

The second FF movie was crying out for a proper sequel with a proper Galactus. Why the hell did they not do that instead with the original cast? There wasn't much wrong with either of the original FF movies actually. They hit the nail right on the head with tone and action. The current attitude to some of these franchises seems to be: If it ain't broke, fix it.

What is next? a black Aquaman?

It worked well in Young Justice although that wasn't THE Aquaman.

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