Fantastic Four reboot news round-up

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9 May 2014 - 07:23

As the new Fantastic Four film starts shooting, here's the latest news from the project...

Work is underway on the big screen Fantastic Four reboot, with Chronicle director Josh Trank calling the shots. Writer and producer Simon Kinberg is currently on the promotional trail for another of his projects, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and inevitably, the subject of Fantastic Four came up.

"The thing that is most unique or defining about the new Fantastic Four is the tone", Kinberg told Collider. "We're approaching it in a much more realistic, grounded, science rather than science fiction way. The playfulness or goofiness of those other movies is very, very different from what we're trying to do, and that is true for the production, design, the casting, the storytelling".

To be clear: this Fantastic Four film will be nothing like the previous two.

Kinberg also confirmed that the plan is to convert the movie to 3D in post-production.

Production officially started on the film this week on the film, and that's just left enough time to add another face to the cast. Reg E Cathey is best known for his work on The Wire and House Of Cards. He's joined Fantastic Four as the father of Sue and Johnny Storm, played by Kate Mara and Michael B Jordan respectively. And here is a picture of him...

Fantastic Four will be in cinemas in June 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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