Tim Blake Nelson joining Fantastic Four reboot

News Simon Brew 1 May 2014 - 06:29

Tim Blake Nelson goes from The Incredible Hulk to Fantastic Four...

There's about to be a further addition to the cast of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot, which is in production any minute now. Tim Blake Nelson - who appeared in Marvel's The Incredible Hulk movie - is to play Harvey Elder, better known as the villain Mole Man.

Described as "an eccentric and socially awkward scientist", The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the character's inclusion. It also noted that Tim Blake Nelson's role in the new film won't be a big one, and instead the idea is to set "up the character to be the villain in future instalments of the franchise". Fox has already announced the release date for Fantastic Four 2, which it wants ready for the summer of 2017. Will Mole Man be the main villain there, we wonder?

The immediate priority, though, is getting Fantastic Four together for its June 19th 2015 release date. Filming starts shortly.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Dude, I just realized I answered you instead of bakhesh up there. But now in response to your comment, I thought SPOILER ALERT Emil Blonsky (Abomination) was at the fridge, which was


Destroyed and emptied of its guests, without so much as a hint of the gamma guys. But if you're right and it is the Cube, then there's still hope.

Ah, I already thought "what has that have to do with it?".

The Fridge (North America) however wasn't destroyed but taken over. At the moment only The Hub (central/eastern Europe), The Cube (?) and the Triskelion (demaged) are in the hands of the SHIELD remnant. The Treehouse (South America) and the East African base (which weirdly has no codename) are in an unknown state. This leaves the comic known bases The Raft and The Big House still unknown.

Yeah I meant taken over, but thanks because I did not know the rest except Triskellion and Hub.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is really great after Winter Soldier! So much intel!

It is man, I look forward to every episode.

Blonsky wasn't at The Fridge. He's being held at a remote facility in Alaska. This was mentioned in an earlier episode of SHIELD.

Yep. I thought the Fridge was in Alaska. Nope.

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