Toby Kebbell is Fantastic Four's new Doctor Doom

News Simon Brew 15 Apr 2014 - 06:08

Toby Kebbell is to play Doctor Doom in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four movie...

UPDATE: This has now been 100% confirmed. Toby Kebbell has Tweeted "Thank you for all the support. I'm glad to be working with a wonderful cast. @Miles_Teller, @_KateMara, @1jamiebell. @Marvel #FantasticFour". Our original story follows....

CORRECTION: Ignore us. This has not been 100% confirmed. Turns out the Twitter account in question is fake. However, we have official word that Kebbell is "still in negotiations" for the role. Apologies.

A week or two back, word broke as to just who was on the shortlist to play Doctor Doom in the reboot of Fantastic Four, that director Josh Trank is overseeing. Names on list included Domnhall Gleeson, Sam Riley, Eddie Redmayne and Jack Huston. And one other name mooted at the same time was Toby Kebbell.

We're guessing if you've got this far in the story, then you've read the headline and intro already, so there's little point us trying to spring this as any kind of surprise: Kebbell has now been offered the role.

Variety broke the news, and whilst it's not a done deal yet, Kebbell is expected to take the role of Doctor Doom on. He'll be seen this summer in another 20th Century Fox project, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Fantastic Four is released on June 19th 2015. Expect formal confirmation of Kebbell's casting shortly.


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Finally! A white male! What say ye now, naysayers?!

"We say nay. He's not Latverian."

Latveria is FAKE! ITS ALL FAKE! Why do ye not then forbid the film, as doth the Moor with Noah in his country? Yet ye say, it is an adaptation of a myth. I tell thee NAY. Hath any "myth" so many "coincidental" adherents as this? Yet if the comet that destroyed all dinosaurs be true, without witnesses, why not the flood? "Tis silly!" Is it not silly then to rage over blaspheming a cartoon? Alas, we do become that which we worship.

The details surrounding this film and it's casting continue to confound me - I'm thinking at the moment that this is either going to be brilliant, or a horrible, horrible mess.

Main things I'm concerned about at the moment is the casting of Reed Richards, who seems too young, and while I like Toby Kebbell he always seems to play oddballs and psychopaths, and while he could be creepy as Doom, would he have the gravitas or fear-factor?

Well, it's not a woman like previously reported. Seinfeld mode: Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Anyhow, I still have the hope this movie crashes in pre-production and that the rights revert back to Marvel. Avengers vs. Galactus for Phase 4. Think about it!

Although I would have liked Doctor Doom to be played by someone a bit older. He was brilliant in the Black Mirror episode he was in and also pretty good in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". Should be interesting to see what he does with the part.

The Escape Artist, man. When I saw this announcement and remembered his part in that, I knew we had a creepy villain with real presence on our hands.

Now I have to watch it before I watch FF.

Happy with this decision, now there's at least two reasons to watch the FF movie (the first being MBJ).

Yeah...I think the internet just melted again.

I think you might want to take a break from Den of Geek for a while. Actually, from fandom in general. And also, not calling you a racist, but I think Moor is considered an offensive term nowadays.

Was it something I said? In all seriousness I meant no disrespect to any race. As for denofgeek and fandom, well, it's not even all denofgeek articles or all fandom that I'm interested in. Denofgeek does great movie reviews and I like comic book movies a lot. As for what I said, I was pointing out the view that comic book movie characters must match the comic books, even when another race or gender actor is capable, and comparing it to islamic countries, where speech isn't free, that have banned the movie "Noah". Thanks for the suggestion though

Moron! #Let'scryracismjustbecausesomeonementionsarace

Yeah, he was really good in that - good call - utterly creepy and scary, and with real presence. He seemed to up his game with that, I just didn't know whether that performance would transfer to Doom, as in the Escape Artist he's more of a dangerous social outsider, than a powerful, ruthless leader.

but I suppose there've been loads of casting calls that have seemed odd at the time (Heath Ledger, Matt Smith) but have proved to be great in the long run, so I guess we should just wait and see.

On a similar note after seeing Argo I reckon Affleck will be great as Batman...

Evidently you work for the studio. Those two elements are compelling reasons to not ever (even on DVD) see this movie.

Oh wait, I just thought of a third, and that is the annoying fact that Hollywood doesn't seem to cast actors older than 30 for roles that should be going to older folks - such as Reed Richards.

F4 as a bunch of kids? Stupid and obviously designed for maximum sales performance.

This whole thing reeks of a product designed by a marketing department. "Let's make one of them black!!!" "Let's make them all teenagers!"


No I don't, unfortunately I'm not minted.

Completely agree with you, that's why I said at least there's two reasons too watch this movie, which are Michael and Toby who I think are great actors.

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