Fantastic Four: the Dr Doom shortlist

News Simon Brew 12 Mar 2014 - 07:00

We know who's playing the new Fantastic Four. But who's in the running to take on the role of Dr Doom in the reboot?

Whilst the debate continues to rage over the casting of the members of the Fantastic Four in the upcoming movie reboot from director Josh Trank, attention has also turning to finding an antagonist. Specifically, filling the role of Dr Doom.

Played by Julian McMahon in Tim Story's pair of earlier Fantastic Four movies, The Wrap is reporting that the shortlist for the character is now down to four names.

The quartet in consideration for the role? Sam Riley (Control), Domnhall Gleeson (About Time), Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) and Toby Kebbell (Wrath Of The Titans). And here's what they look like.

Sam Riley and Toby Kebbell first...

And here's Eddie Redmayne and Domnhall Gleeson.

See a Victor von Doom in that lot?

Production starts on the new Fantastic Four at the end of this month, ahead of its release on June 19th 2015.

The Wrap.

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Redmayne looks roughly how I remember him when his face got healed by the Beyonder's power on the Battle Planet during Secret Wars

Honestly, I sort of wanted them to give this role to a Doug Jones-style performance actor, somebody huge and imposing, then add in the voice of a proper thespian who has lots of gravitas and menace.
Like Lucas did with Darth Vader...

Both Gleeson and Kebbell have proven themselves versatile, so either of them could pull it off. That said, I wouldn't discount the others. It's a good list that is just unorthodox enough.

I really like Toby Kebbell but I don't think this is the role for him.

none of the above. This reboot is turning into Marvel's version of 'Sweet Valley High'.

Tom Wlaschiha from GOT

i think all of the above are decent actors, what i don't get is what film they are making, it's like FF:the collage years. the only member of the FF who should be young is the Torch (for me) i always imagined Reed and Ben as in their Late thirties, Sue a bit younger and Jonny as just in his late teens. maybe I'm just getting old!

Marvel ain't involved in the making of this though.....

Every single casting choice they have made for this film is a mistake. All too young. I can tell this version of the FF will be the worst since Roger Corman's direct to VHS mess.

I know Who he is to y'all, but to me he'll always be Young a Barty Crouch, that is, until he's either Strange or Doom

This is Edna, my puppy. She's up for the part as well. She promises to offer a more faithful portrayal than those other bums.

This is Edna, my puppy. She's up for the part as well, and promises to give a more faithful portrayal than those other bums.

someone said it on AICN, but Mads Mikkelson would be a good choice for the role.

I do like Toby Kebbell and Domnhall Gleeson, don't know the other two. The big question at this point is whether this is stunt casting for the single purpose of trying to capture whatever Marvel Studios have managed to work so well or if there is a real plan/vision in mind.

I agree so hard

Oh, disappointing - weren't they talking about gender-swapping Dr Doom at one point?

My reaction when I read the original comment!

Sharlto Copley needs to be the villain in every film ever made.

Sam Reilly is a good actor so I will go with him out the above list. I also agree with 'willy2fly' though, it's looking like a very young cast and seems to be heading towards the teen/twilight territory.

So we will never see a Fantastic Four movie. Time for another re-boot?

Josh Trank and whoever else might be in charge of the casting are seriously not making life easy for themselves, eh?

I saw Sam Riley in Byzantium, which was really good out of the four I think I prefer

Domhnall Gleeson. He's got a kind of Machiavellian look that would suit Doom.

At the rate these superhero films are going down the plug with their casting choices, I wouldn't be surprised if someone thought Michael Cera would be a brilliant choice.

I think they're saving Michael Cera for playing Apocolypse.

(if this happens, I want 10% of Cera's fee...just saying)

is it the teen version .......

Doom? Really??? Can't we have a different villain for the FF to go against?

That would have been absolutely perfect. Pefect. I'm now even more annoyed about the casting because that really would be ideal. But it would never happen because Hollywood's obsession with origin stories means we would *have* to see him pre-accident.

I think one of the best things about Vader in the first Star Wars film is that all we know about him is he's 'more machine than man' and that he'll kill you, or torture you, or do whatever he damn pleases to you in a heartbeat if you dare to get in his way. It's all the stuff we don't know about him that makes him all the scarier - we have to fill in the blanks going by what we can observe. Imagine an audience being presented with Victor von Doom in the same way. It would be awesome. Which is Dr Doom in a nutshell: he (or at least should) inspires awe.

So Doom is not going to be a woman as previously reported? At least they keep that like the comics.

Or maybe they should stop remaking s**t for once and come up with something new and interesting. Haven't there been some films of this already? I distinctly remember Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and that bald guy.

Toby Kebbell had a better role in Rock'n'Rolla, much better than giving him his Wrath creds..

I imagine that Fox are limited in the number of villains they can use - only the ones primarily known for going up against the FF. I have no idea how long that list is, though...

Not forgetting Dead Man's Shoes. Love Kebbell.

It will HAVE to be an Englishman, we always play the bad guys in EVERYTHING.

I'm now trying to imagine if the world had been introduced to Darth Vader via the Hayden Christensen, angst-ridden Anakin rather than the other way round. To say it would have lost something barely begins to cover it...

I can't imagine that, as that would entail thinking about the prequels, and I can't do that since the restraining order.

From this list I'd prefer Kebbell, possibly Gleeson but I agree with the majority here that the cast generally seems too young. Sue Storm shouldn't be the eldest of the bunch but Kate Mara is brilliant so I won't complain about her. The first FF movie from Story had its faults but the casting was much better in my opinion. Especially for Doom. I'm a big Julian McMahon fan though so maybe I'm biased. As always, just have to wait and see.

Is anybody in the cast going to be (or at least look to be) over the age of 30?

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