New Fantastic Four cast for upcoming movie reboot

News Simon Brew 20 Feb 2014 - 06:02

Want to know who's been cast as the Fantastic Four in director Josh Trank's movie reboot? Step this way...

Now, the way things tend to have gone with regards rumours and stories surrounding the upcoming movie reboot of the Fantastic Four movie series is that a story breaks, and then either director Josh Trank debunks it on Twitter, or director Josh Trank debunks it on Twitter, and then we get a legal letter. We suspect, though, that's not going to be the case here.

For The Hollywood Reporter now reckons that the purported line-up for the new Fantastic Four is in place, and deals are being made between Fox and the new cast to lock them down (presumably to more than one movie).

So who's in? Well, Michael B Jordan has long since been locked down to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch. Miles Teller has been linked for a while too, and he's taking on the role of Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic.

Kate Mara is now reportedly the choice to play Sue Storm meanwhile, and a name that hadn't really been mentioned much before, Jamie Bell, has landed the role of Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Deals haven't yet been signed, and there is a problem with regards finding a sufficient space in Miles Teller's schedule for one. But all things being equal, it looks like the new Fantastic Four have been found.

The new Fantastic Four film starts shooting in the next few months, ahead of its release on June 19th 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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I'm starting to think that the Roger Corman version may wind up being the better version.

Definitely Miranda Hart for Doc Doom then.


To be honest the more I hear about this the worse it is sounding! a few weeks/months ago you had a synopsis of the story and it sounded terrible! I am sure these actors are great at what they do but none of them fit the bill in terms of what the characters look like

The recent 2 FF movies were weak, but had great actors as Reed & Thing. The scripts were weak, so I am hoping this one is much better.

susan and johnny are supposed to be brother and sister are they not so are they changing that for the sake of it??? reeds casting could be to young and Jamie Bell as ben/thing getting doubts

Gosh, I can't imagine Miles Teller as Mr Fantastic. Guess he'll really have to stretch himself for the role.

*runs offstage*

If you disregard the low budget, it's actually not that bad.

Billy Elliot is 'The Thing'?
I think it's time that me, Quinn, Rembrandt and Auturo slid out of here!

I agree with you all...the casting sounds terrible. It'll all come down to the final script.

If they cast a white woman to play the sister of a black guy I'm not watching the movie. Plain and simple. That's 'token' casting at it's shittiest. Either they're both white or they're both black; no casting ONE (the trouble-making, comedic one) character as black and his sister as white, because the love interest of the film has to be white.

Doing that makes it utterly apparent that the filmmakers don't want this to seem like a 'black person' movie by having half the cast be black. Which is bullshit and something I'm not going to support.

I couldn't give a damn about the races of the actors: I just want internal consistency.

That's it! (Wipes Hands) I'm out!

This reboot is sounding worse and worse the more I hear about it.

I know what you mean. I just can't see Kate Mara as an Invisible Woman

Bet there's a shoe horned in adpotion comment to cover it.

Josh Trank just made two great (by comparison) Fantastic Four movies, and they're already available to watch right now! No need to wait!

Michael B. Jordan's on fire lately though.

(Yes, I'm leaving you The Thing. Do your worst.)

So Mr Fantastic and Johnny are now the same age? Why even call it Fantastic Four?

Well where can they go with it now? Kurt Russell and Keith David surely die.

And are we really gonna call it The Thing three times? That's three things!

In Trank we trust (though that trust is wearing very thin after this news)

Ummm... right. Trank has read some of the comics, right?

You could have just Googled Kate Mara and saved us all the pain of your self-contradictory 'outrage'.

Couldn't agree more, I've no problem with them making Jonny Storm black but if your going to do that then go all in and have a black actress cast in the sister role.

I really like the other two recent FF films - they have their flaws, but they've got their hearts in the right place. And if the Trank film stinks, it'll only serve to make its much-maligned predecessors look that much better. Will it stink though? I'm keeping an open mind, and I do have a suspicion it might actually be really good.

I didn't really like Michael Chilkis in the role. In my opinion, Thing's can only get better

I am Four-closing this less than Fantastic thread!

There is no need to Storm off. Its not that Grimm.

Anyway, Baxter the puns....

My big issue with it is that there will need to be time taken out of the movie to cover this. I like Jordan as an actor and I think he could do well in the role, but the way they are handling it seems awful so far. There will probably be some relationship drama between the pair as one or both of them come to terms with the fact that one or both of them was adopted. I fully expect the whole "just because we aren't blood doesn't mean we can't be family" thing to play out.

Unfortunately we'll still be lumped in with the racists for having an opinion on this that isn't "yay, black character!"

Come on guys. Let's be happy this is getting made. It's going to bomb so spectacularly that Marvel will get the rights back to FF from Fox after this, and we'll finally get a decent FF movie!

I'm betting it's a sub-plot. Unresolved tensions between the pair that get worked out for the third act "we need to come together to defeat [insert bad guy]... as a family" type of job.

I upvoted this, and then downvoted it just so I could upvote it again.

I marvel that it took so long


Maybe they'll give him "white chicks" style make-up (like they did with Jessica Alba in FF2).

I think this thread is fantastic.

DoG. Please. Put pictures in such articles.

I could see Herbieing pretty good if she was playing the robot.

I hope she doesn't Sue

She's whiter than a box of Kleenex, so I guess Johnny's going to be either adopted, or a step-brother. Actually, with the idea of a female Doom as well, this is shaping up to be quite an interesting concept!

meddling and not called for changes in dynamics no wonder so many studios get it wrong .....

Who's to say that Johnny and Sue will even be related? This is obviously a complete reboot due to the age of the (mis)cast. Just because it says 'Storm' on here we don't know if Trank has the same idea. They might not even have the same powers as their comic book counterparts...

Wow Jamie Bell as Grimm, didn't see that one coming

So many fantastic puns!

Casting a black man for an originally white character is already a huge step in bringing some diversity in the over dominantly white superhero genre or movies in general.
And I think we should applaud the filmmakers for their courage to take this step. Of course it makes more sense to have gone all way and have Sue be played by a black woman, but unfortunately the current film making climate (studio execs) does not allow that.(yet)
And yes one could easily call this "token" casting but I like to think they have just casted the best man for the role. Which is how they also should approach it in the movie ; namely by not even mentioning or alluding to the difference in skin color between the siblings, because it does not matter.
So they have my support.

I found Reed such a major wuss in those films...bah. I blame the writing and direction too.

Bring on the reboot, let's see what they can pull off. I think Trank can do it - he did just fine with Chronicle.

I liked the original 2 - okay, budget wasn't great and they had flaws, but overall I enjoyed them as popcorn movies. Not sure how I feel about this line-up, I'm certainly not excited by it, but hopefully they'll churn out something dcent. Fingers crossed anyway.

who?, who?, who? and wtf Billy Elliott!

This is the worst casting news since.... Halle Berry as Catwoman. It is just awful. Fox have no chance of making this reboot a hit.

so they want to go with a younger experienced FF, so they cast Kate Mara, aged 30 to replace Jessica Alba who is 32 now, and was 22 when the first fantastic four was filmed?

Exactly. I don't know who any of these people are by name with the exception of Billy Elliot and I watch a lot of film and TV.

It points to him wearing a suit, rather than being CGI. Surely that's the only reason you'd cast a skinny guy in that role...

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm? If he pulls that off he better get a f#*king Oscar.

what??? seriously, what???

what does the age of the actors/characters have to do with the number of them???

The number of them? What are you talking about? I siad that if you're going to change the characters to such a degree from the source material that mr Fantastic and Johnny Storm are now the same age ( as the actors playing them are) then it shows that they're calling it the fantastic four more for name recognition than any loyalty to the comic

If Jordan was nailed down as playing Johnny for as long as people are saying then why cast a white actress?

You're right, it seems they have bottled it when it comes to making a definite change to a well established comic history. It is going to be odd but most families nowadays are diverse.

I hope its good but I don't think it will be.

hahahahaha! At least the Thing will be able to dance!

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