New Fantastic Four cast for upcoming movie reboot

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20 Feb 2014 - 06:02

Want to know who's been cast as the Fantastic Four in director Josh Trank's movie reboot? Step this way...

Now, the way things tend to have gone with regards rumours and stories surrounding the upcoming movie reboot of the Fantastic Four movie series is that a story breaks, and then either director Josh Trank debunks it on Twitter, or director Josh Trank debunks it on Twitter, and then we get a legal letter. We suspect, though, that's not going to be the case here.

For The Hollywood Reporter now reckons that the purported line-up for the new Fantastic Four is in place, and deals are being made between Fox and the new cast to lock them down (presumably to more than one movie).

So who's in? Well, Michael B Jordan has long since been locked down to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch. Miles Teller has been linked for a while too, and he's taking on the role of Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic.

Kate Mara is now reportedly the choice to play Sue Storm meanwhile, and a name that hadn't really been mentioned much before, Jamie Bell, has landed the role of Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Deals haven't yet been signed, and there is a problem with regards finding a sufficient space in Miles Teller's schedule for one. But all things being equal, it looks like the new Fantastic Four have been found.

The new Fantastic Four film starts shooting in the next few months, ahead of its release on June 19th 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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