Female Doctor Doom hinted for Fantastic Four

News Simon Brew 6 Feb 2014 - 08:25

The latest round of casting rumours for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot hint at a bit of a change for Doctor Doom...

The latest round of purported casting rumours for Fox's upcoming big screen reboot of Fantastic Four has thrown something of a surprise. The Hollywood Reporter has run a story that says screen tests are ongoing for the new film, which is being directed by Josh Trank, and it's dropped some names into the mix.

Miles Teller, the purported front runner for Reed Richards, has apparently now tested for the role. Christian Cook may be up for some clobbering as Ben Grimm, too. 

It's the casting of Doctor Doom, set to be the villain in the film, that's raised the most eyebrows though. The Hollywood Reporter is suggesting that the studio "isn't ruling out switching genders for the role", as it looks for a suitable big name candidate to fill it. We'd be surprised if that happened, in truth, but there's some eagerness to land someone akin to a star name for the part.

The article also notes that Michael B Jordan is indeed a lock for the role of the Human Torch. Purportedly.

Names ruled out include Saorise Ronan, Elizabeth Olsen and Kit Harington, but the cast should fall into place shortly, as the start date for the movie is but a few months away.

More on the Fantastic Four reboot as we hear it...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Mr Brew, I represent Fox, I have a court order demanding the immefiate halt of this unauthorised reporting of unsubstanciated rumour. Boys?

Mr of Geek, I also represent the estate of Jimmy Durante. I have a court order demanding an immediate halt of this unauthorized imitation. Boys?

Sir, I also represent the estate of Charles Chaplin. I have a court order demanding an immediate halt to this unauthorized imitation. Boys?

Is this a joke?

Why stop there? Why not just randomly genderswap the whole cast for no reason? I can't wait to see the adventures of Mrs Fantastic, Invisible Boy, Thingette and the Woman Torch

See what happens when you start talking about a female Doctor for Doctor Who? It starts spreading to other media properties ...

As much as I laughed at your comment, are you insinuating that women are not human? ;-)

Got to love Hollywood..."I know, lets take a successful comic book and then turn it into a film only we'll change everything so its nothing like the original and successful (for nearly 5 decades) source material, that makes sense doesn't it???"

just go and watch the Avengers, you know that little movie from a couple of years ago...

...or try using your imagination an coming up with an original idea!

I'm gonna put this out there, Lucy Lu as Watson.

It worked.

It shouldn't have, but it did.

Every time a new superhero/comic book film comes out, the same argument is made that there are not enough women portrayed in these films as anything but a damsel in distress.

Maybe it could be a good thing to have Dr Doom be a woman? Can't be any worse than the last Dr Doom we saw.

Although I have to add, the villain in Dredd was a woman and she was a badass. How has this film not been green lit for a sequel!!!!??? It was violent and yet simultaneously politically correct.

Also, I thought Faora was a much better villain than Zod in Man of Steel. I remember thinking, why is this Zod not as good as I had hoped for? Because Faora stole the show!

I don't think that making the bad guy a bad woman would change things too much, unless his motivations are related to his gender (I am not into FF, so I honestly have no idea about how DOom was in the books).

I mean, if the Joker was a woman, what would change besides him having boobs? He could remain exactly the same character as a she.

I don't think it's such a big deal.

It does work, although it serves no particular purpose whatsoever. But she does good. I still like Martin Freeman's Watson better, but Elementary turned up surprisingly good after a rough start! It took me a while to get into it, but the characters evolved so beautifully, I could just ignore the easy cases.

Why not film it using a cast of sock puppets?

Well, would it be alright with you if I just laid down in the street and died?

All they need is a transsexual Thing. Just call em Thing.

And now for the laughter at homes yet stoning online.

I suppose it depends how long they are on fire for......so, I guess I'm not insinuating it, I'm incinerating it

Kudos on that comment

I'm taking this with a big grain of salt, but I think Fantastic Four fans have suffered enough already with the Tim Story films and their terrible Dr Doom. They really should just give fans the proper Dr Victor Von Doom. Surely the Marvel studios films have taught other studios a valuable lesson about having respect for the source material. Adapt but don't destroy.

Sooo, Victoria Von Doom then?

But there are female F4 villains! Why not do Frightful Four and bring Medusa in? Or how about Lucia von Bardas? In fact, she would be perfect. There's no need to gender or race swap established characters when there are enough other characters that could be used.
Of course, we don't know who Fox own the rights to, so that could be the issue here.

Let's face it, whoever they announce for any of these roles, people are gonna be angry. We might as well get a headstart on the rage now.

I sort of like the idea of Michael B. Jordan for the Torch though.

A female human torch would be hot!

To be honest, once they're wearing a metal mask and a costume that isn't exactly figure hugging, the character's gender probably won't even be noticeable unless they're speaking...

That is something I could get behind!

Nah, the Joker's cool because he's crazy.
I don't even think Hollywood has the cajones to make the Joker character a woman.

If the Joker character was a woman it'd just be a woman with clown make-up on her face... (;

But seriously, this stuff matters, the source material for many comics have many female villains, why not just use one of those if you want a female villain?

Well, that's another matter entirely. As I said, I am not into FF, so I don't know much about it. Maybe the female villains are less known, or maybe they don't have the rights of the characters, that could be an issue too. However, since there's a female lead there if they write her well, I don't think it's so necessary to gender swap a character as it could be in other franchises.

I have absolutely not idea about F4. In fact here I haven't even agreed with the gender swapping, I just commented on the one in Elementary.
But as you say, it may be a legal matter, or maybe the female villains are less known? I have no clue! I think it is not my place to say too much about it, since I Haven't read the comics, though I don't think that it's such a big deal if they do gender swap Doom. Unnecessary, maybe, but not damaging. Unless they suddenly dress Doctor Doom in a revealing costume, ofc.

Anybody remember that episode of "Battle of the Planets" where they thought Zoltar might be female?

Gender swapping characters, for me, is a funny thing. On the one hand I can see how creating new roles for women ( and indeed non white principals) can create new roles for those people who have a less roles than white males (under a certain age) and indeed create new character dynamics, Then, on the other hand, I think why mess with a character who has clearly worked for five decades, with a dedicated fanbase, just to provide a little difference. If a production has to resort to stunt-casting it can start ringing alarm bells for a lot of people.
And then I think to myself "whatever"; with the right actor/actress and right story anything can work but that's something we won't know about till release.
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the FF for a market that was dominated by teen boys; hell, comics today are still mostly catered to a young male market, so I suppose I can forgive Hollywood for seeking to redress the balance (for whatever reason). Doesn't mean I'm particularly interested in this movie. Or that they could've provided leading female roles by using other characters.

coming this summer FF: Quest to piss off fanboys
Watch as a young mister fantastic two differently raced family members and the thing who so far has avoided it come face to face with the deadliest enemy yet; Fox The must team up with the greatest enemy female doctor doom to try and get any off the original source material in there will the succeed........... no

But Hollywood loves crazy women. Portman, Kidman, Bates all won Oscars for played crazed characters...

It was a joke, hence the wink.

If the female villains are less known then why don't they make them known by putting them in the friggin movie?! Instead of taking the FF's arch-nemesis, who also battles the Avengers, and turn HE into a SHE?! I think it's more than a big deal!
The same with your point on Joker with boobs, it's ridiculous and would ignite a lot of hate amongst the fans.
There are female characters somewhere in the rights, use them and build renown for them.

Personally I don't think it necessary to gender swap any character, because all of their traits are linked to their gender.

Yes, race swapping never works. See: Nick Fury.

Absolutely no way on Gods green earth should they EVER consider making Doctor Doom a woman. I'm all for ethnic superhero changes if they make sense and no issues with women taking male roles but Doctor Doom is ICONIC and arguably Marvel's greatest villain so deserves the purest treatment of the character on screen. That includes keeping him male. I will be gutted if they make a Dr Diana Doom.

They don't make a villain known in the first movie of a franchise because the villain is usually a point in attracting attention to the movie. Villains have as many fans as the superheroes they go against.

Personally I wouldn't care at all if they made the Joker a she, in fact I think I would be intrigued by the idea,

I find it unnecessary too, but I don't think that all the traits of a character are linked to gender at all. In fact that's my only issue with it. If it changes nothing in the character, why would they bother, and if it does change it, why would they change it instead of being faithful to the originals? But all in all, I don't think I'd care a lot. It'd be a minor detail for me, I emphasize, FOR ME. I can see that you have a different view, and that's ok too ;)

Happened not long ago with Elementary, as a Sherlock Holmes fan, I was a bit pissed because I thought they had gender-swapped Watson in order to make her a romantic interest, but once I saw they wouldn't go there, I actually liked the idea of a female Watson and I sat back to watch what she added to the mix. ALl in all, I find it unnecessary because it doesn't change anything significant, but at the same time it feels refreshing in a way I can't quite explain, to see a character I like so much as a woman and see that it actually works. So I have actually been here for a character I loved.

Maybe being a woman is what makes my opinion on this matter different, but I respect your take on it. As I say, I do agree with the fact that it is quite unnecessary, particularly in F4. There's a female leading role already. Get her right first.

Berg is actually both.

they'll squeeze she-doom into a metal bikini to get the woman part across!

Fox is gonna Fox I guess. they still cant get xmen right...

I don't care as i won't be watching the film. I am bored to death with Comic book movie after movie coming out, its all CGI and no substance. Its like every scriptwriter in Hollywood as run out of original idea's.

Have you seen the dark knight?

Come to think of it would interesting to see the joker as a woman.

Yes and i loved the trilogy, i love Christopher Nolan's work. But I turned off Ironman 3. It justs seems that everything lately is comic book based.

It didn't work for me, I thought it was ridicules. But it was set in the U.S and modern day. But lets be honest, it really wasn't Conan Doyle's Holmes in any, way except name. So if your going to base the new Fantastic Four in (lets say) Mumbai, and set it in 1870, yep I recon it could work.

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