Josh Trank on the debunked Fantastic Four synopsis

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5 Feb 2014 - 06:45
Josh Trank

Director Josh Trank confirms that the purported synopsis for his Fantastic Four movie is false...

Yesterday, this site - and it seems several others - received a letter from anti-piracy lawyers purportedly representing 20th Century Fox, telling us to take down a plot synopsis for the studio's Fantastic Four reboot that had already been debunked by its director, Josh Trank. You can read about that letter - and our response to it - right here.

As a consequence of the legal letters, a synopsis that previously had been dismissed suddenly looked like the real deal.

Well, the plot thickens. Over at Bad Ass Digest, the site caught up with the film's director, Josh Trank himself, to find out what was going on. And he's adamant that the synopsis - which, er, if we run again will presumably attract another letter from lawyers purportedly representing 20th Century Fox - was wide of the mark.

"The only truth in that plot description is that there are four characters named Reed, Ben, Sue and Johnny", Trank said. And whilst inevitably he didn't want to go into more detail - heck, the lawyers purportedly representing 20th Century Fox might send him a letter too - he was insistent that the rest of the synopsis was false. "You'll see in June of 2015", he added.

More on the Fantastic Four reboot was we get it. Legal threats notwithstanding.

Bad Ass Digest.

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