The latest on the new Fantastic Four movie

News Simon Brew 22 Jan 2014 - 06:31

The screenplay to the Fantastic Four reboot is done, and more names are linked with roles in Josh Trank's film...

Last week, it was revealed that Fantastic Four's shoot was set to kick off at the end of March, with Louisana hosting a large chunk of the filming. Josh Trank is directing the movie, and it seems as though casting details are close.

Thus far, Michael B Jordan has been the one name associated with the film, with the actor set to take on the role of Johnny Storm. Variety now reports that both Kate Mara and Saoirse Ronan are in the running for the part of Sue Storm, whilst the shortlist for Reed Richards currently features Miles Teller, Kit Harrington and Richard Madden.

Furthermore, Simon Kinberg has now completed the rewrite work on the screenplay (Kinberg is overseeing the Fantastic Four and X-Men universes for Fox), and the script is apparently pretty much ready to go.

Fantastic Four is set for release on June 19th 2015.


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When you're only familiar with two of the actors that's listed.. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Fantastic Four (3,or reboot) is a good idea..I won't mind the actors if the script and storyline are top notch!

Erm...So "Johnny Storm" is likely going to be played by a black man? That's totally fine with me, Michael. B Jordon is a great actor.

But "Sue Storm", his SISTER, is rumoured to be two different white girls? Don't get me wrong; Kate Mara is great and I wish Soairse Ronan was in every movie, but if you're going to make Johnny Storm black at least go all the way and make his sister black as well. Nothing says that every team can only have ONE minority character in it.

I wouldn't worry - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito don't look alike and that didn't stop Twins being a smash hit.

I doubt Ronan will be cast if she's already playing a mutant elsewhere. And again I say, do we really need a reboot this close to the previous two FF films?? Which, despite a few odd steps, were pretty damn good (imho).

Totally agree with you, it's just ridiculous.

And all the 'he could be adopted' bullshit people keep trying to use as an excuse is what it is, bullshit!

The real question is when will this take place in relation to the timeline(s) of the X-Men films...

Have to say. Jessica Alba while a good actress, wasn't a great fit for Sue Storm for me, when they had to make a Latina girl, look white... it looked fake. (I know ironic in a comic book film adaptation) So to hear that they are planning on going one step further with making the brother black and the sister white... just infuriates me. If they are rebooting this the Fantastic four, do it right... keep it consistent. And also don't cast a person who can't fake an American accent very well, as an American. I am not being racist here, I just like consistency and keeping things original, the comics are successful as they are... And that is what I am saying. Maybe I hold these comics a little too dear to my heart! LOL

Please explain why you think Johnny being adopted is "bullshit". It seems like a perfectly logical solution to me. Unless, of course, you don't want Johnny Storm to be black at any cost.

I guess Johnny Storm and Sue can be half-brother and half-sister. While I would prefer the casting to reflect the comic, I'm interested to see how this pans out.

I don't care if Johnny storm is black... But a young Mr. Fantastic? Uh uh

No the point I think is why not just make Sue Storm black! Why do they need a bullshit adoption story to justify just one of the FF ticking the so-called 'minority' box. It shouldn't matter - either make both of them black or both white and be done with it.

White looking Spanish girl with blonde hair? Get outta here! Now Beyoncé!... In fact, Michael B's sure to be expensive by now. What's Sisqo up to lately? And once he's out of rehab for his addiction to Korean radioactive waste, boom, Mr. Fantastic. And a CGI Thing of course.

Agreed, forget the whole race thing, it's the ageist crap that Reed needs to be in his 20's! And even though i'm a Brit, can they not find ANY US actors for Reed Richards? Really? (Miles Teller really doesn't count as he looks fecking 12!)

The first one I could happily leave (although I always thought Chris Evans was spot on as Johnny), but the sequel was actually pretty good. I thought they treated Silver Surfer in an effective way - and for all the fanboy whining, lets be honest they really could not have portrayed Galactus as a humungous humanoid - the whole space cloud bit was a better idea imho.
But they still screwed up Doctor Doom though.

No joke. If there's no gravitas, then I just can't see him against the likes of macavoy and fassbender. I don't like it.

But at least a humanoid space cloud. But anyway I agree.

Well, that would work too. But if one sibling is black then adoption seems a reasonable narrative solution. Wouldn't bother me. I can't see why it would. It might even add some (much needed) depth to the character.

Fair enough, but if they're going to go down that route then they should make it a major plot point rather than a throw away explanation to justify his skin colour (because then it becomes more of a race issue again).

Plus, Eddie Murphy is going to be the third brother in the sequel... If that ever actually happens!

No, it's a totally stupid and lazy solution to a simple problem, explained pretty much in full by yosafbridge in the comment above.
I never even hinted at the fact that Michael B Jordan (who is a brilliant and charismatic actor, I might add!) should not play the part because he is black!
Why are you trying to pull out a racism card on me when all I did was agree with yosafbridge on the fact that either BOTH should be black or BOTH should be white.

Stop being so self-righteous, it makes you look rather silly.

Not as silly as throwing a fit in the comments section of a website.

George Clooney for Reed Richards!

Why would you even make such an accusation?

Don't feed the trolls...

They are going to tie FF into X-Men. A reboot is needed to put FF in the X-Men universe. Bring it on!

Casting someone so young seems like a marketing ploy - a Fantastic Four for the Twilight generation, perhaps?

Well, Chris Evans did play both Johnny AND Captain America, so it wouldn't be anything new in terms of casting... But I don't have very high hopes for this :'(

That's all down to the rights reverting to Disney / Marvel rather than the need or audience desire for a new F4 film (see also Spiderman until Sony grind him into the dust).

Yep apparently cosmic rays can now turn you orange or African American.

I thought it but I didn't suggest it because if people flipped out over batfleck, this would start a race riot, forest fires, the straightening of the leaning tower, who knows what else

Yeesh, r pats as stretch, what's her face as sue, and the born-in-America fella as Johnny and Ben... I think I'll skip this one

Quite right, my apologies.

Who's playing Ben Grimm? Andrew Scott?

Bringing out the sock puppets now? What an honour.

I have a really bad feeling about this movie. But then I thought Chronicle was very mediocre...

Oh right, yeah, I forgot about that. Well in that case, I'm all for it! Any time we can bring another Marvel character back to Marvel Studios is a Very Good Thing. :)

What if one of the Storm siblings are adopted in this continuity or what if their parents are an interacial couple? It can happen. Although you are certainly right that there can be more than one minority per team

One of the siblings was born, parents split up and father meets another partner, second sibling is born. Doesn't have to be adoption.

Now you've just wrote the "storyline" for the next "Scary Movie" style spin-off!

I seriously do not understand why people cannot get the fact that they are BROTHER & SISTER.
They're not half siblings.
They're not step siblings.
Neither of them was friggin adopted.

Why can't everyone just rally behind the idea of having a black Sue Storm next to Michael B Jordan?
WHAT is with all these crazy, lame excuses that she should be white?

(P.S. B.C, that was not aimed directly at you, just wrote on your comment.)

Ben's the easiest as he's already cast... CGI. (;

That's cool man. I'm actually with you in saying they can be black, I'm just stating that if they do chose to do mixed race brother and sister they don't have to adopt one of them. Everyone seems to be freaking out over casting rumours... I wonder if the Nick Fury or King Pin debate will pop up again :D

(P.S. It's cool, I'm not mad, I'm not really Bennett Campbell, he would cut your head off!) :D

The rumor used to be Bruce Willis mo-cap. All I know is with marvel getting cooper and diesel, fox better get someone really good. I know this isn't an Irish guy, but what about Sly S.? I liked him in Antz. That voice was perfect

The problem here for me isn't that it couldn't be explained away. It's perfectly legitimate to have an adopted brother/sister pairing or a half/step-sibling pairing.

The problem I have is that it doesn't have to be. This isn't a story about adoption or the siblings themselves. It's a superhero story. Their backstory will get no more thought or explanation than a throwaway "Oh, Johnny was adopted" and multiple "wait, HE'S your brother?" jokes.

So why do it? It seems like the most obvious reason is that Johnny fits the "token minority" trope the best. They want a minority on the team and it CAN'T be the lead actor, it CAN'T be the lead actors girlfriend and they'd rather stunt cast the "older" member of the team with another big name. So they just pull the "funny" member of the team, make him black to keep away charges of racism and make his sister white because they don't want TOO many minority characters...half your leads being black could give the impression that this is a 'black" movie.

ya saoirse ronans cool, i cant place her in fantastic four though, she was good in byzanthium which was underrated this year i think, theres a lot of irish thriller/horror movies coming out recently,saw a new zombie short on io9 and twitch had it too called The First Wave, which looks kinda cool..going back to fantastic four though i wonder would they try out having new completely obscure actors to bring something different to the whole scene

They had a young Mr. Fantastic in the Ultimate line

If it works it works, it just isn't the Reed I picture, that's for sure

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