Michael B Jordan being considered for Fantastic Four reboot

News Glen Chapman 3 May 2013 - 06:55
Not fantastic enough, apparently.

Another piece of potential casting news for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot would see him reunited with his Chronicle star.

Following on from yesterday's rumour regarding the potential casting of Allison Williams as Sue Storm in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot, a fresh rumour has suggested the identity of the man set to play the Human Torch in the movie. And it's someone who has worked with Trank previously on the rather excellent Chronicle. The actor in question is Michael B Jordan.

Jordan was fantastic in Chronicle, The Wire and Friday Night Lights, and he's also currently getting rave reviews for his portrayal of an unarmed man who was shot to death by police in Fruitvale Station.

If and when the casting news is confirmed, we'll let you know. And the new Fantastic Four film is due in cinemas in March 2015.

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This is awesome,if only for the fan boy blow ups. All of whom swear they aren't racist, but Johnny Strom isn't black!

Neither's Spider-Man's Electro and

Star Trek Spoilers!!

khan ain't white.

It's certainly a twist to have a black and white brother and sister.

Yeah this is great and all but I can't help but wonder... where's Wallace?

The reaction seems far tamer, far more rational over here than on Screen Rant. Over there, the die-hards have been priming their best "I'm not racist, but..." arguments all of yesterday. The best part is how they can't grasp the possibility of bi-racial siblings, which are actually a possible and common occurrence when bi-racial couples have children.. Apparently, it's "too unrealistic" for a film about giant men made of rock and women who can turn invisible.
Jordan would be an awesome Johnny Storm. His performance in Chronicle shows he's got a knack for the loveable hot-head (no pun intended) type.

Aah, this is gonna be good... Both for the "I'm not racist, but..." comments, and the "maybe he just got burned" jokes. #donald4humantorch?

No it's not that they can't grasp the bi-racial siblings it's that if you have the girl that they're supposedly casting and jordan that's incredibly unlikely. One white girl and one black guy, they'd be mixed race from a bi-racial marriage. So either you have two different fathers or one is adopted that's where people are getting a little "intrigued." But they aren't usually racists they are comic book purists.
However I see you're point Jordan would be an awesome Johnny Storm and from what I read before they've completely changed the origin story anyway so why the hell not :)

I would rather have had Aaron Paul. Just imagine it.
Reed: It looks like we've been bathed in cosmic rays and they've given us superpowers.
Johnny: Yeah! Science, bitch!

Dear Den of Geek, I love your articles, I really do, I read them every day and am forever excited to see new early morning rumours that you post up...however...when mentioning a piece of casting news would it be possible if you could include a picture of said person who is linked with the role? I am constantly having to Google the names of the actors mentioned and it would save me (and others I presume) a great deal of time if you handily placed a picture of them alongside the picture relating to the article (i.e both pieces of casting news from Fantastic Four the past 2 days).

Thank you very much, keep up the great work.

Really? In this conversation, on a post relating the FF4 reboot?

It has nothing to do with "racism", but since that is the crutch used by most nowadays everytime something like this comes up, I don't care. Use whatever lazy "argument" you want when you can't understand that a lot of people have a different opinion than you. I have been reading the FF for over forty years, and the Johnny Storm I know is white, blonde, and blue eyed, just like his sister (NOT like Jessica Alba - another HORRIBLE piece of casting). So, although I may like Jordan in other movies, he is a Completely wrong for the FF. Even if the critics came out and said it is the best superhero movie EVER, they would not get my money and I would not be interested in watching a movie that changes a character for no other reason than pandering and/or to show they are "all inclusive". I would love to see them make a movie out of "The Jeffersons" and cast Jim Carrey as Mr. Jefferson, just to see the same idiots who are calling everyone that hates this choice scream bloody murder, racism, and cry as their heads exploded.

Really, regarding Jamie Dickinson's comment, yes.

And how does ruining Star Trek into Darkness for others fit into that comment exactly?

My dad's a black Cuban and my mom's an Indian Honduran. They're both dark but my mom's father was a white Spanish Honduran, and my father's grandfather was a white Spanish Cuban. both of those countries have black, white, and Indian, and i dont mean from India, and every combination thereof. So, I'm black and my third youngest sister is black. My second youngest sister is mulata, which is to say light skinned. But my sister that was born right after me, is white. Straight up white, but the vampire in Brooklyn hair suggests something different. She married a dark black guy and has one very dark son, one a little lighter, and one way lighter, though they all have black people hair. My wife's a white Cuban, and you can tell our sons are mixed, particularly because of my 3 year olds afro, but my daughter is as white as her mom, straight hair and all. You can tell she's Spanish, but not black looking at all. So it happens and in the U.S. it happens alot.

I put spoilers...

Unfortunately for all those Comic fans out there the FF reboot has to make a heck a lot more money than they can shell out, which means world-wide audiences lapping it up. The nearest they can come to a multi-ethnic ensemble is to cast someone like Michael B Jordan

On the other hand.... couldn't one of the others been a black person?

I really disagree with this change. I dont wanna see the personality of johnny storm so well portrayed by Chris Evans swapped out for a "playa". Its not the color of the skin I have a problem with. Its the distinct and drastic change in attitude and humor that will inevitably follow. this will ruin the fantastic four. regardless of Michael B Jordans talent as an actor. I happen to think he's great. loved him in chronicle. but what Im really looking forward to in this movie is seeing the real johnny storm again.

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