Girls' Allison Williams linked to Fantastic Four reboot

News Glen Chapman 2 May 2013 - 06:54
Not fantastic enough, apparently.

One of the stars of the acclaimed HBO show Girls is reportedly in the running to play Sue Storm in the new Fantastic Four...

Thanks to her work in the critically acclaimed HBO show Girls, Alison Williams is being coveted for some interesting movie roles. For instance, she is reportedly close to signing on for the lead role in Shawn Levy's When You Were Mine for Fox, which is based on the Rebecca Serle book rather than the Prince song apparently.

Another role of note that she's being linked to is is another Fox production: Josh Trank's reboot of The Fantastic Four. It would appear she's being considered for the role of Sue Storm, a role previously played by Jessica Alba.

She's not officially signed on the dotted line yet, we understand. But this is the first solid casting rumour we've heard for the new Fantastic Four, and with production starting this year, we expect the identity of the new take on Marvel's first family to fall into place sooner rather than later.

More news on The Fantastic Four reboot when it's available.


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Not sure about that. She seems far too young. Always imagined sue storm to be in her 30s. Cant we just have michelle williams?

She'd be in her thirties in current continuity, but assuming they're going back to the origins of the team (and assuming they don't want Reed Richards to be too old), they'd be looking for the character to be mid-20s.


There was a lot wrong with the first attempts at Fantastic Four, but I always thought that casting (and score) were the only things done OK. All four of the heroes, and Doctor Doom, were cast fairly well. Everything else just fell apart around them.

Aye suppose that would be right then. Reboot will mean yet another origin film. I would much rather have a Hickman based storyline as unlikely as that would be....

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