Fantastic Four reboot scheduled for 2015

News Simon Brew 8 Dec 2012 - 22:46
Not fantastic enough, apparently.

The Josh Trank-directed reboot of Fantastic Four is set to arrive just ahead of The Avengers 2 and Star Wars...

Right then: how well are you following the collection of comic book and genre movies that are already lining up for release in 2015? The big tussle, as things stand, seems to be between Star Wars: Episode VII, Justice League and The Avengers 2, with Marvel also slotting the Edgar Wright-directed Ant-Man in there, too.

And now you can add another big movie: the reboot of Fantastic Four.

Fox is pressing ahead with a new big screen take on Marvel first family, with Chronicle's Josh Trank hired to direct. His cast is as yet unknown, but we do know that the film now has a release date. You can expect the all-new Fantastic Four to arrive on the big screen on March 6th 2015.

If you're interested too, Fox has also announced that The Wolverine, Percy Jackson 2, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be released in 3D.

More news on the new Fantastic Four movie as we get it.


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Now this I'm looking forward to. Trank seems like a promising director. The story and the cast have to be right and we could have a good Fantastic 4 film on our hands!

As for 2015, bring it on!

Although I would have preferred Marvel get the rights back, this is great news.

Trank's Chronicle is one of the year's best and with a little luck he ought to be able to whip us up a Fantastic Four movie that's actually, you know, fantastic.

Would've been better if it could be part of the MCU, but nonetheless I can't wait! This series needs doing justice and, if Chronicle is anything to go by, Trank is the man for the job!

Also, does anyone know anything about the rumours that Bruce Willis was in talks to play Ben/The Thing? Maybe he's getting a little old to suit the part, but (wherever I heard it) this news interests me.

I misread one of the films mentioned as Percy Jackson 2: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Thereafter entailed a moment of mighty confusion...

Meh. Chronicle was great, but when are Fox going to realise that FF just isn't cool. You can snazz up Avengers, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man etc, but FF was and is always a bit lame. Sure, it was a great comic, back in the day, but the characters just don't really work now and I can't see how anyone could make it work in the way that say Avengers worked. They couldn't even get it to work with by far their best trump card: Silver Surfer, so what chance does a reboot have?

The Incredibles showed that the FF concept is a popular one if handled right.

The FF should be about pushing the boundaries of the known world so it was big fail for the original movies to be based so much on Earth. They have a ton of concepts and characters tied to their corner of the universe so with a good writer there should be no reason for this to suck.

I would love Bruce Willis to play The Thing, he is a bit old but would spend most of the film as CG anyway!

Please God, let this be better than the previous two.

The last 5 words in the penultimate sentence made my heart sink.

This shows just how much faith Fox have in the reboot. Even if it was brilliant, it would be buried.

Totally enjoyed the two original FF movies, casting was amazing. The first one was the origin movie and was just fine, the second one was held back by the studio apparently losing confidence, hence only a shadow of Galactus in a cloud in space, budgetary constraints seem to abound...still fun though.

I think the new FF film needs to be more fantastical, the mole men, the negative zone, the anti matter gun that Reed had to use to kill Franklin Richards, and DAMN...The Inhumans? much dark stuff that they COULD use....

The thing looked terrible in the last two films.Am i alone in imaging him as an actual pile of rocks?Like when he moves they all move and grind together,like the rock creature in Galaxy quest,would have to be CGI

I did the same thing. Could have been a great film as well.

I sometimes wonder that the FF, like The Incredibles, might work better as an animated film rather than as a live action. I do agree that FF shouldn't spend so much time on Earth and maybe spend more time exploring different worlds or other dimensions. I also hope Trank gives us a Sue Storm that is a similar age to Reed Richards and comes across as an intelligent woman rather than a grumpy housewife. Jessica Alba was so horribly miscast.

Please, please, please do not do another origin story! We know who the FF are. Just do a superhero movie. With Krulls of course.

I didn't mind the previous thing. However, your idea is really cool and I'd love to see that!

I drive to a cinema two towns away just so I can watch a film in 2D. If people want to watch overhyped naff 3D, be my guest, but cinemas should at least put a 2D showing on for normal people that isn't either 2pm on a weekday or 2am on a Saturday!

X-Men: DOFP in 3D. Boo!

Thing should be able to go toe to toe with the Hulk (for a while at least), the previous two versions of the Thing wouldn't stand a chance. sue was also the worst blonde ever! Marvel characters never come across as being as powerful in film mode than they are in comic mode, take Spiderman for instance, he should be able to lift over 15 tons above his head. Still 2015 is going one hell of a year. start saving now for the £40 per family cinema tickets!

I know you meant to say Skrulls didn't ya? ;) Don't eat the hamburgers!

So will Chris Evans be in it or not? I imagine not, since he's Captain America now.

Annnnd cue up another crap FF picture for Sony to maintain the rights...

So when is Rise of the Dawn of the Planet of The Apes due out?

You clearly haven't read Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run. A Fantastic Four movie done right will be...well...FANTASTIC

Fox should bring back The X-Files too. A final colonisation story followed by a couple of scary horror films would be great.

Lets hope we don't get another origin movie. I'd prefer the origin to be shown in the titles only.

Of course. :-)

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