Warner Bros sets director for new DC Comics movie adaptation

News Simon Brew 5 Jun 2013 - 06:59

It's not Justice League yet, but Warner Bros is pushing ahead with a movie of DC and Vertigo's Fables...

Finally, there are signs that Warner Bros is pushing ahead with movie properties based around the fringes of its DC Comics catalogue. Thus far with DC, the main thrust has been on Superman and Batman, not least since Green Lantern struggled at the box office. And whilst numerous rumours circle about which other DC properties are on Warner Bros' slate, we now get news that Fables is making its way to the big screen.

Shepherded by Harry Potter producer David Heyman, the movie take on Fables, which follows fairytale characters who have been evicted from their own world and left to live in New York, will be directed by Nikolaj Arcel, helmer of the Danish movie A Royal Affair.

It's not the first time that Warner Bros has tried to get Fables to the screen, but things look a lot more concrete this time. Jeremy Slater has been hired to write the screenplay, and as we hear more on the project, we'll let you know...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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One of the best comics out there! A Scalped TV show would be great too

I'm all for it, but it does seem that DC are late to the party yet again, what with the glut of other fairy tale TV shows/movies that we've seen in the past few years.

Love the series! Would prefer a TV series on say HBO or AMC in the US, as the comics are on Vertigo, DC's mature audience imprint, for a reason. Hopefully creators Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham are involved in the big screen adaptation too.

Well Fables did start it all, Once Upon a Time felt like a little rip off. Granted I haven't watched it all.

The existence of programs such as true blood and banshee keep me hoping that Preacher will eventually get made. I wish all the classic vertigo stuff would hurry up and get made tbh before some of the current stuff.

There's a reason why I make my posts as Bigbywolf86 and it is because I'm a big Fables fan. I had high hopes that they'd make into a series in the same vain as Game of Thrones but with 'Once Upon a Time it might get accused of copying it even though it has been around for longer. I think they can get away with a three hour film so they can pack in as many as the characters as they can and keep much of the story arcs together.

Preacher is one of those comics that I wish they would make a TV show/Movie based on it, but hope that they never do.

I've not read Preacher but a lot of my friends love it. I'd also love to see Y: The Last Man.

Yes, I meant that DC were late to the TV/movie landscape...not the original comic.

Preacher is superb, would have loved a Hellblazer show as long as its dark and true

This seems to be warners big failing. If I was them I'd set up a smaller sub-studio that could move quickly on developing properties. It just seems that they spend ages deliberating on what to do without any actual movement.

If they just put a team of guys together similar to marvel's brain trust with various comic and movie professionals to guide the franchises and hire writers/directors who get the material they could make a lot more progress.

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