First trailer for Evil Dead remake

Trailer Simon Brew
25 Oct 2012 - 07:10

Ready for the first proper look at the new Evil Dead? The red band trailer is right here…

Earlier this week, a trailer for the trailer for the new Evil Dead film popped up online. We should explain that we’ve opted to give up posting trailers for trailers, after consulting with some of our fine readers on Twitter. The general consensus? Most of you seem to think the trailer for a trailer idea is as insane as we think it is.

But we do like full trailers, and finally – after the bootleg did the rounds a week or two back – there’s a chance to properly get a flavour as to how the new Evil Dead film is shaping up. Both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have been involved with this one, which bodes well.

Do note: this is a red band trailer, and so if you’re of a sensitive disposition, or too young to watch stuff like this, then don’t click on the video below. If you’re of age? Help yourself…

Evil Dead arrives in cinemas next April.

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