First trailer for Evil Dead remake

Trailer Simon Brew 25 Oct 2012 - 07:10

Ready for the first proper look at the new Evil Dead? The red band trailer is right here…

Earlier this week, a trailer for the trailer for the new Evil Dead film popped up online. We should explain that we’ve opted to give up posting trailers for trailers, after consulting with some of our fine readers on Twitter. The general consensus? Most of you seem to think the trailer for a trailer idea is as insane as we think it is.

But we do like full trailers, and finally – after the bootleg did the rounds a week or two back – there’s a chance to properly get a flavour as to how the new Evil Dead film is shaping up. Both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have been involved with this one, which bodes well.

Do note: this is a red band trailer, and so if you’re of a sensitive disposition, or too young to watch stuff like this, then don’t click on the video below. If you’re of age? Help yourself…

Evil Dead arrives in cinemas next April.

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Putting the Horror back into Horror. Yikes. Classic movies balanced the tension with humour, pressure relief valuves if you will. The original, whilst not scary by today's standard, didn't focus on the torture despite the tree scene and the hand scene, but this one seems to be going down the squirm/cringe/torture path. Interesting? maybe. Classic? judgement reserved.

my god. what a terrible trailer. whom whom whom whom. epic scariness! shite

All I can think of is The Cabin in the Woods...

Evil Dead IS the cabin in the woods.

What I mean is that I'm watching the trailer thinking "hold on, I thought The Cabin in the Woods was pretty much the final word on this excellent-but-now-overdone genre. Have the people producing this not seen The Cabin in the Woods? Have they missed the memo? Is anyone going to be able to sit through this without thinking of either Bruce Campbell's Ash or stoned Fran Kranz whispering 'puppeteers...'?"

I feel as if i just watched the movie in its entireity

This looks oddly intense... I think the tree rape scene might be more akin to the weird barb-wire climax in Silent Hill than the original Evil Dead. Overall, it looks as updatedly gory as i expected (as gory now as the 1980's was for the 1980's). Just hope it's as darkly comic and scary.

This film is for children who can't watch/listen to anything older than 6 months as its "old". e.g. Fame, Footloose, Freddy. If this is crap then they get what they deserve. Evil Dead 2 cannot be bettered. Deliberately hokey sure, but still terrific. One of the best endings ever. I'm hoping this good, I've not written it off, but I fear it will be generic horror yet again.

Why so serious? Looks like, despite Raimi and Campbell's involvement, they totally missed the point.

One complaint. Why is it that nearly every American Horror film today is shot in a greyish palette with what appears to be a dirty rag covering the lens?

actually...cabin in the woods IS evil dead

So it looks a little like the remake of Texas Chainsaw which is not much of a compliment, however, this trailer has made me curious. I am a little more hopeful for something decent. As for the random tourture violence I think the deadites are a suitable fit for this type of gore, makes more sense than it did in the TCM or Saw movies.

I really wanted to be excited about this, but the trailer does absolutely nothing to pique my interest. Obviously can't judge the entire film based on the trailer, but it sure looks like any of the sense of humor and camp in the original is nowhere to be found.


I am MAJORLY excited for this. As a fan of the original films this looks pretty damn good for a re-make plue... THEY ARE KEEPING THE TREE RAPE! yes!!

Though all I could think of Cabin In The Woods which means Whedon and co did their job right in what they were aiming to achive!

Loooks fantastic and somewhat true to the original, but lets hope its not a mishmash of "Silent Hill" (ref.James), Cabin In The Woods and "The Ring".


I agree that Evil Dead II can't be bettered but I think that remaking the first one is a good idea. If done well (and in my opinion the trailer is great) then it could be a terrific remake.

But they're remaking the first film, which was mostly serious. Evil Dead II is a prefect horror/comedy so I'm pleased they're leaving that alone and taking on the first one. Looks very promising to me.

I can't help but find this trailer a bit too obvious. It seems to have robbed all the tension from the original and just stacked gorier and gorier scenes on top of each other. I'll pass.

Well looks like they're taking elements from them both with that shot of a woman with a hand that looks like "it went bad" and she lops it off... just looks like it's playing it too gritty and serious to go for the chainsaw arm route...

I love the original's and I was extremely skeptical of this remake at first but after the trailers I've seen this looks to be a fantastic horror movie and an amazing update to the original. Seriously that last scene with the girl singing out of the basement was absolutely terrifying and if the whole movie is like that than I think we are in for one of the best real horror movies in years.

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