Edge Of Tomorrow director remaking Escape To Victory

News Simon Brew
27 Jun 2014 - 06:33

The marriage of World War II and football, Escape To Victory, is getting a big screen remake...

Well, that's a headline we never expected to write.

With Edge Of Tomorrow earning lots of audience love, even if it's not had quite as much audience money as it warrants, director Doug Liman is heading off in a different direction for his next venture. For you remember Escape To Victory, starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, Pele, Ossie Ardiles and Russell Osman, formerly of Ipswich Town Football Club? He's remaking that.

Known as Victory in the US, Escape To Victory is the only film to date where Sylvester Stallone plays a goalkeeper. The new take on it is being scripted by Gavin O'Connor, who directed the film Warrior, and it will once more be set during World War II.

Liman is now in talks to direct the film for Warner Bros. We would appreciate it if he could keep Vinnie Jones clear of the project.


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