Tom Hardy & Jason Statham on Escape From New York shortlist

News Simon Brew 27 Mar 2013 - 06:44

The new Snake Plissken? That might just be Tom Hardy or Jason Statham, if a new report is to be believed...

If you're looking for a pair of actors who combine a reduced need for hair on their head, with an enhanced ability to put across that they could beat the living shit out of you, then Jason Statham and Tom Hardy would surely top your list.

The two of them appear, also, to have bubbled to the top of the shortlist to take on the mantle of Snake Plissken in the planned remake of Escape From New York. This is speculation at this stage, of course. But much though we love both Statham and Hardy, this one does seem to have 'poisoned chalice' written all over it, given that Kurt Russell utterly owns the character in our eyes.

According to the New York Daily News, which broke the story, "Studio Canal wants to make sure they get one of the two men before the summer" as it looks to press ahead with the Escape From New York remake (which is planned, so suggests the rumour mill, as a trilogy).

Joel Silver remains involved, but it's still unknown as of yet who will be directing the new Escape From New York. More news as we get it.

New York Daily News.

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Snake Plissken?......I heard he was dead :)

Moneywood stop stop stop !!!!!

Swear to God Snake, I thought you were dead...

ooh sorry wrong franchise

KHAN!!! O, wait that's something else too.

Hardy. Statham can't sound American to save his life. Literally if there was a movie called Speak American, Jerk! he would either die at the beginning or kill whatever director dared to force him to sound like anything other than the transporter, as all directors know its against the Geneva Convention and considered a crime against humanity. So yeah Hardy, and no, no remake

They wont stop as long as idiots keep paying to go and see it. Moneywood is right, but it becomes a circular self defeating act in of itself.

I always found it odd that Snake's alias was Iroquois Pliskin in MGS2

agreed not statham

How novel.

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