Enchanted 2 comes back to life, writers hired

News Simon Brew 2 Jul 2014 - 06:41

The writers of The Smurfs movies have been hired to script Enchanted 2...

We figured this one was long dead, but it seems as though Disney has just decided to breathe fresh life into the sequel to the wonderful Enchanted.

The first movie was released back in 2007, and starred Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden. Which of those will be returning is unclear, but we at least now know that a pair of writers have been assigned the long-mooted Enchanted 2 job. The writers concerned are J David Stern and David N Weiss, the pair who wrote the scripts to the two Smurfs movies so far. They also wrote, er, Daddy Day Camp (that'd be the sequel, with Cuba Gooding Jr). On the upside, they also penned the excellent Rugrats In Paris.

Anne Fletcher, who helmed The Guilt Trip and The Proposal, was linked some time ago with directing Enchanted 2, and it seems as though she's still attached to the project.

More on Enchanted 2 as we receive updates...


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I never saw the first one but Amy Adams is still as cute as button and with the popularity of Once Upon a Time, I'd expect it to do well.

I would imagine the thought of being able to feature a song performed by Idina Menzel could have pushed it out of dev hell

I enjoyed this film far more than I anticipated, and my wife loved it enough to have Giselle and Edward as the middle names of our daughter and son. And it's hard to resist Amy Adam's charm in this film...

So long as it involves the same characters and isn't the type of sequel where they just do the same basic premise with new characters... sounds good.

That is, if she does it again. But she's not exactly struggling for roles, and based on everything she's done since then, I don't know if she would even want to do a sequel.

I love the first movie, I'll watch this one for sure... But I somehow don't think a sequel was needed.

Sequels may have been stipulated in her contract, who knows...

I think this sums up how we feel about it.

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