New trailer emerges for Tom Cruise's Edge Of Tomorrow

Trailer Ryan Lambie 25 Mar 2014 - 17:57

Tom Cruise returns to the sci-fi genre in the forthcoming Edge Of Tomorrow. Here's the latest trailer...

Commonly described as a sci-fi action take on Groundhog Day, Edge Of Tomorrow - based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill - is due out in May. About future soldier forced to live through the same battle over and over again, it stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, while The Bourne Identity's Doug Liman directs.

Although the movie has a lot of competition in multiplexes this year, the trailer below certainly has us interested - there are some intriguing-looking creatures and futuristic weapon designs, and it's good to see Emily Blunt fight alongside Cruise rather than serve as a starry-eyed love interest. See what you make of it:

Edge Of Tomorrow is out in UK cinemas on the 30th May.

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Looks great!

And thanks, Ryan, for mentioning that it's based on a science fiction novel--one that came out before some of the films this movie has been accused of ripping off (SOURCE CODE, ELYSIUM)--that fact is usually left out in most coverage of this film.

Puzzled why you would invade from the sky, but choose to drop into water on the edge of a beach. Anyway, looks good. A nice bit of circle strafing at the end.

Full Metal Bitch, yo!

(sorry, just watched the Top Gear with Aaron Paul)

This looks very very good.

One other site (whose name I won't mention here) said it was from a graphic novel. Half-true: the original novel is being adapted, but the movie cuts right to the source.

Yep--the graphic novel adaptation is from Haikasoru, while there's the ongoing manga adaptation that's running now in Japan.

I've got an even better one--someone on another site (whose name I will not mention either) claimed that this film was adapted from the manga adaptation that started this past January.

I've said it before, and I'll say it it that difficult for people to type in a word into a search engine? This is the Internet, and we're supposed to be in an "information age"--so why is it that people get the information wrong so many times?

ZoomyAround Pictures
comes a
Can'tReallyGetAGoodLook Production...

they gave it all away in the trailer. why do they do that? now there are no surprises. i could tell you the whole movie right now, lol...

I hope they change the ending of the book as I wasn;t a massive fan of it.


I will give this a go on Blu-Ray, this whole eat, sleep, rave, repeat thing makes me a bit nervous.

This movie is crying out for a Bill Murray cameo.

looks good. wish they hadn't changed the title. "Edge of Tomorrow" is such a crap name

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