First trailer for Edge Of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise

Trailer Simon Brew
11 Dec 2013 - 18:00

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in sci-fi blockbuster Edge Of Tomorrow. Here's the first trailer...

Warner Bros seems to be having a week of releasing trailers, having debuted promos for Jupiter Ascending on Monday, and Godzilla yesterday. That Godzilla trailer, incidentally, was one of the most viewed trailers we've ever put on this site. It's fair to say it went down well.

Attention now turns to next year's Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle, Edge Of Tomorrow. This is the film previously known as All You Need Is Kill, and it's been directed by Doug Liman. Cruise stars alongside Emily Blunt, and the movie's about a soldier in an alien battle, who gets caught up in a time loop.

Cruise and sci-fi generally go well together, and Warner Bros has already shown some confidence in the film by moving it from the original release of March 2014 into the midst of summer. We now expect it in the UK on May 30th 2014, with the US release a week later. And we're got the debut trailer for you just below these words, so you can see how it's shaping up. See what you make of this...

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