First trailer for Edge Of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise

Trailer Simon Brew 11 Dec 2013 - 18:00

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in sci-fi blockbuster Edge Of Tomorrow. Here's the first trailer...

Warner Bros seems to be having a week of releasing trailers, having debuted promos for Jupiter Ascending on Monday, and Godzilla yesterday. That Godzilla trailer, incidentally, was one of the most viewed trailers we've ever put on this site. It's fair to say it went down well.

Attention now turns to next year's Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle, Edge Of Tomorrow. This is the film previously known as All You Need Is Kill, and it's been directed by Doug Liman. Cruise stars alongside Emily Blunt, and the movie's about a soldier in an alien battle, who gets caught up in a time loop.

Cruise and sci-fi generally go well together, and Warner Bros has already shown some confidence in the film by moving it from the original release of March 2014 into the midst of summer. We now expect it in the UK on May 30th 2014, with the US release a week later. And we're got the debut trailer for you just below these words, so you can see how it's shaping up. See what you make of this...

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Groundhog D-Aliens.

Absolutely no idea what that film is about, other than folk funning around in exo-skeletons.

(scratches head) erm well ok that happened. Might need to watch that again a couple of times.

It's wartime Groundhogs day with Daft punk like soundtrack... SOLD!!!

wowowowow godzilla, this one and dawn of the apes coming next week. geting pumped up maaan some nice movies coming soon!

So the marketing guys watched the Battle: Los Angeles trailer and just thought 'let's do that!'

This is surely a riff on Source Code?

This looks... crappy...

Looks good.

much like oblivion it seems to borrow from lots of over scifis, but looks tidy and looks like it will be a good film.

Groovy. Big Bill Paxton at 38s.
I like The Cruiser, he obviously loves a good sci-fi script and he's got the money to option anything he wants, but he's really getting too old for these parts.
He needs to Eastwood things up a bit and start directing. Get some more appropriate leading men and take the directors chair for stuff like this. He doesn't need to keep proving himself as an action star. When he bothers, he's got the chops for some serious roles. 4th of July, Magnolia, Rain Man; he' a decent actor. Time to hand over the reins and concentrate on the mature stuff. No shame in that.

Looks good. I was quite a fan of Oblivion, and Cruise obviously likes doing his sci-fi. The Groundhog Day meets Big Alien Explosions movie format looks like it could be done very well, though Liman does have a tendency to do decent but not spectacular movies (The Bourne Identity, Jumper).

Not quite. It may seem that way, but it's based on a Japanese SF novel that was published several years before THE SOURCE CODE hit theaters.

I'm loving all the conjecture with everyone knowing next to nothing about the film! The Cruiser tows a caravan with a Renault Espace, what more could you want?

"Cruise and sci-fi generally go well together" - Simon

I've heard his passion for sci-fi is almost religious.


Whilst some part of me loves the fact that Warner Bros. is willing to throw money at any Sci-Fi project going this seems way too generic, plus it seems like they've given away large chunks of plot already.
I think the writers may well have been fans of the SG1 episode Full Circle (but then, who isn't?).

or fans of the Japanese book it was based on...

Hey, it's a sci-fi movie trailer without Inception Horns. Bizzare.

I think thats actually a pretty fair statement considering Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, and Oblivion. The only real bummer so far has been War of the Worlds, and even that wasn't terrible.

Bravo sir..

I tip my hat to you sir.

I'll pass.

...A fact that seems to slip past a few people, it seems.

Seriously, is it that hard to run a search and find out more?

the suit makes me think we are getting closer and closer to either a space marines movie or a halo movie.

A few years ago, i thought he was transitioning into drama, but Lions for Lambs didn't do so it was back to the action fare...

IMHO The Bourne Identity was the best of the trilogy (quartet?).

Looks pretty good. I'll check it out when it's released

Except the book came out 4 years after the SG1 episode so the point still stands.

My first thought was: "Forver War"! Not quite there yet, but this is getting close.

War of the worlds wasn't any fault of Cruise, the problem is that the book is so popular that you cannot make drastic changes and not annoy a lot of people. As you say, it wasn't terrible but I thought he did rather well with what he was given, can't fault him for it. Seems like this will be another hit.

Yay it's Source Code (which actually was a pretty good movie) meets Pacific Rim (which wasn't) can't wait to avoid this!

Hmmm, looks rather different from the book. I wonder if they will change the ending?

Can someone identify the music playing? Is it M83?

but, the SGI episode was based around the Groundhog Day concept, which was based on the Ken Grimwood's excellent 1987 novel 'Reply'.

It's not the repeat concept but the use of training to escape their death. In replay he cannot escape the heart attack and uses it for other thing. In both Window of Opportunity and All You Need is Kill the attempted solution is through the retention of memory to improve training to try to escape a deadly event.

I've been looking myself and can find nothing concrete, it was possibly a part remix, part cover created specifically for the trailer.

That actually looks pretty good.

You win this comment section.

But. But. But.... Emily Blunt is in it!

no way, sounds more like Johan Johannsson, sun's gone dim...

i bett its him, just a song that is not puplished yet...

Yay! More Cruise-fi!! Can't wait :D

imdb: That's Johnny McDaid, who plays bass for Snow Patrol, as the voice in the song “This is Not The End” from the "Edge Of Tomorrow" trailer. It was custom made for the trailer when it played at Comic-Con.

Great artist Johan is.

Nice to see a bit of imagination in the score/music of a trailer for a change.


You have won this weeks internet!

I see what you did there! ;)

The Forever War is doing quite well in development. They pretty much have a final script.

Haha - thought the exact same thing and then googled battle Los Angeles Edge of Darkness Trailer. It brought me here to your comment.


found the track!!!

this is not the end - fieldwork

Can't believe it, that's how I got here too, only I googled edge of tomorrow instead of darkness ;).

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