New trailer arrives for family sci-fi movie, Earth To Echo

Trailer Rob Leane 29 May 2014 - 07:05

Get a closer look at director Dave Green’s Amblin-style debut feature Earth To Echo here…

It’s been a while since JJ Abrams’ Super 8 harked back to Steven Spielberg’s kid-centric sci-fi spectacular E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, so this trailer for Dave Green’s debut feature Earth To Echo will be a welcome sight for many.

The loveable combination of wide-eyed kids and alien contact is given a tech-heavy modern twist here as mobile phones, tiny robots and snazzy special effects all feature heavily.

Relative newcomers Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt, Reese Hartwig and former X-Factor USA contestant Astro make up the central gang, and their chemistry looks to bring a lot of laughs to the film.

Earth To Echo reaches UK cinemas on July 25, 2014.

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Did I just watch the entire film cut down to just over 2 minutes? Who the hell is directing trailers these days?

Yup, looks liked they included then ending at the end of the trailer.
Looks like a remake of E.T anyway!

Was this film called "Super 8's Stand By ET Batteries not included* "?

Modern version of 1985`s Explorers, sponsored by iphone, not for me!

Or that's what they want you to think, I personally don't think they can pull a 90 minute movie out of all the events represented in this trailer, it would be atleast a short movie. And notice how the black kid who narrates the trailer sounds older, there's something to think about.

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