Disney pressing ahead with live action Dumbo movie

News Simon Brew 9 Jul 2014 - 06:56

The writer of the last three Transformers films is penning a live action take on Dumbo for Disney...

Maleficent has proven to be a roaring success for Disney, as it continues to turn classic fairy tales and animated movies into live action projects. The studio continues to strike gold too, with Maleficent following the hugely successful Alice In Wonderland and Oz: The Great And Powerful.

Disney already has live action movies of Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty And The Beast in development. But it looks like it's now added Dumbo to its slate.

The Wrap reports that a live action Dumbo is set to be penned by Ehren Kruger for the studio. Kruger has previously penned Scream 3, Arlington Road and the last three Transformers movies.

Kruger will also produce, alongside Justin Springer. There's no word on a director or timescales yet.

The Wrap.

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Makes me wonder if the jokes under the news story about Michael Bay's mysterious 'elephants' project were scarily accurate...

Whelp. Guess we're looking forward to a gritty re-imagining of Dumbo - with lots of explosions.

Pink Elephants on Parade re-imagined with significantly more Megan Fox's arse...

Transformers had a writer?!??

I hope for their sake no real elephants are used in the filming.

Don't forget the catapults!

# Ah seen a front porch swing, ah heard a diamond ring, ah seen a needle that TRANSFORMED INTO A GIANT AUTOBOT TO DEFEAT THE DECEPTICONS!!!"

"The writer of the last three Transformers films is penning a live action take on Dumbo for Disney..."

So...know any good cyanide salesman?

Why not just give it a sparkling new transfer and re release the original. Its a perfect movie, although a live action pink elephant sequence would bump it up to a 12 rating

haha, that's beautiful man!

Can't see it working since what looks magical animated will probably look downright silly as live action unless they want to strip away the premise of an elephant flying by flapping its ears (which will ironically require lots of GCI to depict on screen).

Um, does this mean that the crows singing the "I see an elephant fly" song will be a gritty urban rap group or Tiny Tempah etc.

I'm trying not to shout something down based on just advance publicity (especially after my personal "Elementary will be shit...oh actually it's quite good" fiasco) but FFS LEAVE THIS ALONE as it is a classic of all time. It doesn't need rebooting, reimagining, reviewing or adapting to modern sensibilities.

Sorry, rant over.

This is not needed at all, went to see Malificent the other week cos' it was someones birthday (not my choice) and all that was going through my head was why remake something that isn't as good as the original.

i think they had several writers who then used the David Bowie random cut n' stick together scenes.

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