Dumb And Dumber sequel back on track, title revealed

News Simon Brew
26 Sep 2012 - 06:31

The Farrelly brothers are almost done with the script for a Dumb And Dumber sequel. And they've revealed its name...

We though this one had died, truth be told. Earlier this year, it certainly seemed to have done. After all, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, around the time of the US unveiling of The Three Stooges, had suggested that a Dumb And Dumber sequel was in the offing, and that Jim Carrey was set to return. Then, back in June, Carrey seemingly walked away, with the lack of interest from Warner Bros/New Line cited as the reason.

But it seems things have come back together. And now, the Farrelly brothers have confirmed on their Twitter feed that they're "almost done" with the script to the film, with the title of the sequel being Dumb And Dumber To (sic). We're assuming that New Line is interested again, then.

Production won't start until 2013, due to Jeff Daniels' commitments elsewhere. And we presume Jim Carrey is back on board, even though we don't think that's confirmed yet.

More news on Dumb And Dumber To as we get it.


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