Trailer for Drew: The Man Behind The Poster

Trailer Simon Brew 4 Jul 2013 - 06:12

Nerd gold. We've got the trailer for the upcoming documentary about legendary poster creator, Drew Struzan...

Heading to Comic-Con, and set for release in the US in August, is a documentary that we're utterly dying to see. It's called Drew: The Man Behind The Poster, and it's looking at the life and work of legendary poster creator Drew Struzan.

Featuring interviews with the likes of Guillermo del Toro, George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and Struzan himself, the film will talk about the man who painted posters for films as icon as Back To The Future, Star Wars and, as this trailer demonstrates, Masters Of The Universe too.

Take a look at this trailer, and feel free to get as excited about the film as we are...

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omg... legend! :D

Have his 'Ouevre' art book and well worth getting! Awesome.The man is a legend!

Great artist, nowhere near even the top 10 most important illustrator of the last 100 years, but i understand they have to sell it. Still a very talented artist.

I'm happy I've got a couple of his movie artworks on my wall.. Outstanding his Indian Jones posters!!!

About damn time. The man is a legend. Those who don't think so, just take a look at the generic photoshop posters we get now as to why he's so good. That poster for Back to the Future is one of my fave pieces of art and was the thing that got me to see that film.

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