Karl Urban calls for Dredd 2 Kickstarter

News Simon Brew 20 May 2014 - 06:57

After Dredd 2? Karl Urban suggests crowdfunding may be the way forward...

It's the project that's not going away, and we're very glad to hear it. In spite of initially poor box office numbers for 2012's Dredd movie, the film has continued to do well on home formats, and talk of a sequel continues. It's been helped by the fact that the big screen's Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban, has been backing the idea too.

There's still a proverbial mountain to climb to get the project off the ground, although Urban was at the Motor City Comic Con over the weekend, and was talking about the project again.

As ComicBook reports, Urban was always insistent that Dredd's mask would stay on, and the man clearly enjoyed making the film. But as for a sequel? Nothing has thus far been written (although Alex Garland has suggested that he'll be turning his attention to Dredd 2 before the year is out), but Urban confirmed he'd take the role again if it was offered. He then "urged the panel attendees to create a Kickstarter for it".

In principle, this is a fine plan. However, a new Dredd movie is likely to need $30-40m for physical production, and that's way beyond what any movie crowdfunding project has managed before. Still, we, and we suspect many others, would gladly put our hands in our pockets if it meant Dredd 2 would happen. We can't say we have a few million lying around under the bed, though.

We wait and see if the Dredd team takes the crowdfunding route...


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Can we instead have an Almost Human kickstarter, please?

If I was to ever give to a kickstarter it would be this one but I can't imagine how I would explain it to my wife!

After the snooze fest of the first one,my wallets staying firmly in my pocket.

Can't we have both? I know I'd kick in for both given the chance.

if i were to ever win a substantial amount of money i know what the first thing id be putting my money into!

I know a guy who works for Rebellion and believe me they would love to see another film for commercial an sentimental reasons. However the money men at the top are just not interested. The fact is it didn't make enough money on its initial run. DVD and blu ray sales don't really mean a great deal to the powers that be apparently. We could be waiting a very long time!

Watch the Urban one, not the Stallone one. ;)

I have some sweaty old leathers, a few old volkswagen vans. All you have to do is book Croydon Flyover for a couple of months and wahey we are go Karl!

Easy there's a small box in the divorce papers you could write it in.

I would not object. :)

To be fair, I also liked the Stallone one. But I'm very alone with this notion, I know. :P

I was pretty lucky actually. My first exposure to the Judge Dredd universe was seeing the Stallone movie on TV years back. I enjoyed it, and it inspired me to look into the character more. In doing that, yes, I found out what that movie did wrong, but I also was introduced to the whole of the rest of the Judge Dredd world, and having that to enjoy.

Now that Almost Human has been cancelled can we get a Dredd TV show? As long as it is not on FOX!

Dredd would be perfect for TV in the style of shows like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I think 10 episodes of about 45 mins to an hour each would serve it best... plus if the show is popular enough it can easily switch back to doing another film as a standalone adventure but with enough hints/cameos from the show to keep us geeks happy.

... well then 2000 AD can give the rights to someone who wants to do the movie

He then "urged the panel attendees to create a Kickstarter for it".

or should that be:

He then urged the panel attendees to "create a Kickstarter for it".

Here's a question, how much cheaper would it be to make a sequel in some kind of partially animated style, like Sin City or 300? Not sure why they didn't go that way to begin with because you have nearly 40 years of comic panels to use as backgrounds and there would never be an issue with scale or extras (like the way the first film simply didn't have the budget for flying Judge bikes).

If they would want to make Dredd show then it surely has to be on AMC, FX, HBO, Showtime or Starz. The last one might be nice, because Starz is apparantly fan of genre stuff going with Black Sails, Da Vinci's Demons. I also hope they are coming through with Incursion.

I still don't get the love for a movie that was like watching someone else play on the xbox.

Crowd sourced movies... yeah, that's a real con. You pay before and after it gets made, someone else gets any profits.

Maybe there ought to be an Crowd Investment site instead, give people real money back rather than cheap trinkets.

He said 'by god I want another pay day! If all you poorer people can arrange it.'

Hookers and blackjack?

Well they raised almost $2m for a Blue Mountain State movie, so I assume they'd have no problem reaching that target.

Me too. It's not very Dreddy, but it's a decent action film

I don't get movie execs at all. Why should they care if the money comes from box office or DVD sales? It's like the Pacific Rim sequel. The movie bombed in the states, but then went on to be the biggest opening ever in China. For some reason, only American dollars are counted, and this is still counted as a flop.

Money is money isn't it?

Maybe, My knowledge on the subject was exhausted in my original post. DNA might still have the film rights and if they do they couldn't sell to another studio. Who would buy it anyway? One naff Stallone action film and a box office bomb! I wouldnt be writing any cheques not with that track record.

God knows, I like both of them! Apparently the studio cut of profits on DVD is a lot less than its cinema run. Money is money but if it isn't in vast quantities I get the impression they dont care.

This is clearly a big(ish) thing and given the amount of press time this gets I don't understand why it hasn't been re-released at cinemas for another go at boosting the pot. I wish a major chain of cinemas would get behind it, they'd earn some kudos from film fans and get extra cash plus if nothing else I'd get to see it in cinemas for a third time and drag people along with me. COME ON CINEWORLD...get on with it!!

Tell her it's a charitable contribution to an independent arts movement. Not really lying. Just like a speeding ticket is actually a charitable contribution to the local constabulary's christmas fund.

I've just finished 'Sleepless in Hollywood : Tales From The New Abnormal' by Lynda Obst, and it's VERY interesting reading. It seems that DVD revenue has tanked, online revenue is growing but still hard to figure out, and overseas revenue is now a massive part of the equation, to the point where marketing guys influence casting decisions because actor X has a big presence in China / Russia / India / wherever, but actor Y doesn't.

The book also describes why feature films are slowly going into the toilet, but TV is going from strength to strength. I highly recommend it.

I get the feeling he didn't earn very much from playing Dredd - certainly not millions. In a radio interview he gave in Auckland, when he was asked about the salary, he would only say "it was a passion project" which is generally actor-speak for "I got twice union minimum".

I'd give them a tenner, definitely.

Lots of the art design for the first film was fantastic, if you can get past the awful judge costumes. Both the ABC Warrior and Mean Machine were perfect.

I think I even enjoy the story for about thirty seconds of the block war ...

Or Amazon, or Netflix. The times are a changing.

Pacific Rim didn't make enough money because they spent too much making it.

Kickstarter is not a fine plan; it was an offhand joke made to fans. He didn't actually mean it.

No kickstarter has ever raised more than $6 million for a feature film and DNA all ready stated over a year ago that even if they wanted to they couldn't use kickstarter for funding because of the way their financing is structured.

Because they'd need to spend more money on marketing and distribution for another cinema release and then split ticket sales with the theatres. A niche film that's all ready just a click away on anyone's computer is not going to do much business in theatres unless it's something that attracts a broad audience like Star Wars. They'd end up losing money, again.

They'd earn more money releasing new versions of the blu-ray.

DNA own the film rights for another few years before it goes back to 2000AD.

I honestly don't understand the desire for a sequel, the first one was nothing special. It was a poor sci-fi version of the much superior 'The Raid'.

Dredd was written and shot before The Raid; the similarities between the two are also superficial.

Ah, I get it. You have just woken up from a coma after head trauma.

Try watching the film, then you would know.

I love the film, but even I know the sequel will never happen.
Money talks, bullshit perambulates.

I've bought the Blu Ray already, but would buy again if they released a version that had full commentaries from Garland and Urban. It's disappointing that the current release doesn't have them (but understandable, given that it bombed).

I think the only way this happens is if in the next six months, Urban marries Angelina Jolie, wins an Oscar and has the lead role in a billion dollar earning movie. Then the powers that be might let him do it to keep him sweet :-)

I think it's an okay if somewhat silly movie, as long as you let go of the idea of it actually being 'proper' Judge Dredd. And fast forward through the Rob Schneider 'comedy' moments.

People need to wake up. THERE WILL NEVER BE A DREDD 2!

How about LIVE TV? In between the Topless Weather and Capital City

You negative Nelly.

Don't forget the midget on a trampoline.

Nice comeback,but you're so wrong lol.

No you're not Mike,“My name is Legion, for we are many.”

Frackin' ace. Where can I change my user handle? :D

Way back in 1980 my English teacher introduced me to Bill the Galactic Hero. Finally, thanks to Kickstarter, Alex Cox is making the film version. Personally, I can't wait.

I'd buy in. Without question.

This would be the ONLY kickstarted I'd buy into. Make this happen

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