Producer Adi Shankar gives Dredd 2 update

News Simon Brew 2 May 2014 - 07:34

Karl Urban's recent words about Dredd 2 have been "blown way out of proportion" says Dredd producer Adi Shankar...

Over at Dweebcast, they've been talking to producer Adi Shankar, who was one of the driving forces behind the much-loved Dredd movie. A week or two back, Dredd star Karl Urban revealed that there may be some behind the scenes progress happening on the project, but Shankar has injected a note of caution.

"I'm going to tread lightly here", he said. "I feel like Karl made a small statement and it got blown way out of proportion by news sites. Yeah, there are conversations going on", but crucially, "there's no fucking script".

Shankar says he's "leading the charge" for a new Dredd film, but has explained the difficulties he's up against. "The movie, it wasn't a studio movie, it was an independent movie. That changes the dynamic immensely, because every country has a different distributor who bought the movie, Every one of those distributors has to sign off".

So can we expect to see Dredd 2 anytime soon? "Big question mark. Dredd has built an audience over time", Shankar said, adding that "I'm a fan... I'm not like a douchebag in a suit who thought they could make a lot of money doing this. If anything, the movie business is in a state of decline, not an upswing".

Still a long shot, it seems, but as Shankar then notes, "The Mega City One universe, the 2000AD universe, it's so rich and so deep. Yes. I would obviously love to see a Dredd 2, or a Dredd TV series. There are so many avenues to go with this". Here's hoping he gets to explore them.


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A TV show would be cool. Especially now that Almost Human has been canned.

I've got a second hand bolier suit and a few VW vans in my backyard if you need any help for props? It will fit right in with the 'production values' of the first film.
Give me Sly anytime baby! "I.......AM........THE LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

The TV version WOULD be Almost Human - with a black bowl on his head. Were the production values not low enough for you on the first film?
This has to be done well which means full cinema roll out, which in turn means lots of rounds of financing.
It will take LOTS of time to put together properly.


1/10 for trolling

Good luck Shankar you done a very good job, with Dredd also the Punisher all you need is descent investment. Would like to see a sequel more gritty yet showing more of mega city, with differences between very rich and poor people. With the structure of law and order Urban is perfectly cast, also show more judges, just like the first movie.
On a cosmetic note: Change the bike, prefer Stallone's helmet, the gun needs to be a little bigger didn't like the boots. Great cinema photography.

It's funny because Urbans mug is right at the top promoting the now canned "hit" new TV series Almost Human.......Fuck you Fox!!!

C U Next Tuesday.

I don't think he was bud.

"Were the production values not low enough for you on the first film?This has to be done well which means full cinema roll out"
Hmmmmm, go tell that to the Game of Thrones folks then. I wouldn't imagine there was much more of a GoT fanbase before the TV series as there is for Dredd now.

Noooo, my bad, sounded better in my head, but it doesn't translate well on here. I was telling TV and Hollywood to stop hating on him, not Chris_1975 :-)

Dredd was amazing and out of all the dross getting sequels. This is the one that should be getting greenlighted.

Trolll alert.

I can promise you that it would be more expensive to make a Dredd series than it would be to make GoT. Unless you do it on the cheap, then you get something that looks like Almost Human.
And I reckon there were more people buying ASoIaF books before the show was announced than there are currently waiting on a Dredd tv series.

I second that.
Filming in Milton Keynes will do that for a film...

Urban seems to be stuck in 'almost there!' mode - permanently one or two steps away from really making it. He either has rotten luck or needs a new agent. Or a combination of both. Dredd was a good movie with bad luck, Priest and Pathfinder were just bad movies. Terrible movies. Steaming turds of movies.

Okay, sweetums.

if i win a substantial amount of money on the lottery, I'm paying for this!!!!

There are no words for how much I agree with you. That would be undeniably awesome.

Why not jam your cock in a door?

It wouldn't be more expensive than GoT; GoT is shot in various locations around the world. Dredd could be done in one location and green-screen.

Why not slam your cock with a door?

I'm blaming the lack of box-office success of Dredd on the current dominance of the PG-13 blockbuster. I'm pretty sure if Dredd was PG-13 and not R, it would have been more successful, and it would've gotten a sequel by now. It also probably wouldn't have been such a good movie.

It's a sad truth of the world we live in that, for movies to be successful commercially, they are forced to pull in the teen demographic, and that means compromises from the studios that decide what teen-appropriate means.

Marvel have the Punisher back now so fingers crossed for something good from them with the character :) One of those Netflix series would be nice :D

"It will fit right in with the 'production values' of the first film."

Starring Sylvester Stallone. Dredd is the second movie.

"Were the production values not low enough for you on the first film?"

Again, Sylvester Stallone was in the first film. Dredd is the second.

-100/10 more like.

Another issue is that there are so many movies being made these days, which together with the rise of cinema-quality television has made the competition so intense that the studios are afraid of taking too many risks. There is too much money at stake and so much content for the viewers to choose from, so smaller movies and other stuff that goes against the trends will very often suffer the consequences.

Maybe Dredd and other stuff in 200AD could have a future as an ongoing TV-show?

Well Urban is in need of an ongoing TV series, and frankly Hollywood is WAY behind the quality series on TV these days. Dredd TV I say

Studios give the people what they want. The people frequently say (by paying money) that they want Transformers, Twilight and Marvel films.

I can understand the reasons why a Dredd sequel hasn't happened(yet, fingers crossed!) as it didn't make money and it is a business at the end of the day, but seeing moronic crud like 'Olpympus has fallen' get a sequel green lit is a real kick in the teeth for real movie fans, It says more about the general cinema going public/drones than it does about the movie business.

A vision by an individual seems to be better than a compromise made by a committee! Less impressive CGI and no studio backbone but you have more creative freedom and more flexibility with narrative, I think.

I've been watching Almost Human again this week, and have just noticed that the cops refer to prison as "the cubes". As in, "keep that up and you'll get 2 weeks in the cubes". Wonder where they lifted that from? :-)

i want dredd 2 to introduce judge death ... now that would be FECKING AWESOME ... and also expands on the already popular 2000ad story

also karl urban has had success .. look at his work in jj abrams startrek where he plays dr lenard (bones) macoy

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