Karl Urban on Dredd, and continuing Dredd sequel hopes

News Simon Brew 22 Jul 2013 - 06:56

Karl Urban keeps the faith where a Dredd 2 is concerned, but urges fans to continue to show their support...

Even though it was believed that the poor box office figures for last year's Dredd movie had killed any chance whatsoever of a follow-up movie, the slim chances of Dredd 2 refuse to fully go away.

At Comic-Con over the weekend, Karl Urban was chatting about the film, and reiterated that he wants to make more Dredd films. "The home video saleas just went through the roof. I think it sold 650,000 units in the first week", he recalled.

As for the sequel, "I think the more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter and write into Lionsgate and say 'we want to see more of this', then the more likelihood that we'll get to see that". He added that "we certainly are doing everything we can to ensure that happens".

Dredd 2 is still a long, long shot. But there are clearly still people fighting for it. There's a campaign to get a Dredd sequel made running over on Facebook, here. As we hear more, we'll let you know...

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Well, hello Kickstarter....

after snakes on a plane i think studios are cautious of online campaigns. the home dvd//blu sales do make a good case

I'd kickstart the hell out of another one

Loved the film, bring on 2!

Link to the FB page doesn't work (can find it myself #just sayin')

What happened to snakes on a plane? Did the movie itself bomb the box office?

Look on the bright side, The Raid 2 is well under way :)

Maybe if the sequel wasn't set in a block of flats it would entice more people to see it.

Unfortunately this studio seemed cautious of a marketing campaign too. A reasonably noble effort was put into marketing in the UK, but they just didn't bother with the US. Most Americans still think it a reboot of a Stallone film.

Rebellion already said Kickstarter wouldn't be an option as it simply wouldn't generate the volume of cash required. If they do venture on to Kickstarter it will be a PR move more than anything else..

I still maintain that if i got a share of the profits rather than a badge and a t-shirt i'd be much more willing to invest in a kickstarter movie.. suddenly a £15 pledge per person might turn to a £1500 one...

DREDD doesn't need Kickstarter. It's making money all on its own.

As long as it's a 2D film it'll do well. Or at least if they must try and milk the cow dry with 3D have BOTH available so people can choose this time.

Contrary to popular belief, some of us loved Dredd, but hated The Raid.

I liked both, but while The Raid had very entertaining (if slightly repetitive) action, Dredd had a far superior script and is far more rewatchable - and has a lot more potential for sequels....

Signed the 'official' petition, but not really sure what a petition will actually achieve. Think you could better support the film by buying or gifting the DVD and Blu Ray, and by telling your friends how good it is - I've probably convinced 10+ people to give the film a chance, and they all thought it was great.

While there's obviously no real possibility that a Kickstarter could raise the full $35-60m needed to fully fund a sequel, I'm sure they could at least raise a modest portion of it, enough to say fund preproduction or boost the visual effects budget.

And it could work well as a PR exercise.

The 3D imagery in Dredd was actually quite inventive. I can't stand 3D movies. All that pissing about with glasses that make you look like Princess Margaret circa 1998 and for what? A right load of expensive toss that was utterly needless generally. Dredd was awesome though and deserved better..

That's a stock option and there are far more legal complications in something like that than a kickstarter project. You might filnd it could scupper the chance of further films.

Yeah good point.

I bought three copies of the Blu Ray. I feel like I did my part.

It needs a studio to believe that a sequel (which will cost more) will make more, not less. Unfortunately, they almost always believe in the law of diminishing returns.

Didn't love it; enjoyed it enough to want to see a second one though, which is certainly a step in the right direction after the previous effort.

That was what annoyed me. I deliberately avoided all spoilers, so was quite happy with Dredd and Anderson...but one little baddie in a block? It wasn't an adventure, it was a training mission that got a bit rough.

So your vision of the first Dredd would've been where he save the world? Or saves the city? Or what? Hasn't that been done in a hundred movies already. I found it quite cool & entertaining that it was set in such a small environment and it worked quite well. Of course they need to branch out for a sequel but Dredd was very ver good. Its too bad you missed it.

... I really don't know why people liked The Raid so much. I went in with high expectations because of word-of-mouth but I found it dull and boring and acted terribly. But I guess that's just me...

... so people want more movies where the whole world is threatened with huge amounts of destruction and CGI boom... ok...

I can understand that complaint - though in effect I thought the 'day in the life' approach worked so much better than a contrived saving the city/world scenario. As Dredd himself says at the end of the movie - he considers the whole situation as a routine 'drug bust'. It let us get to know the characters and didn't try and cram in too much plot as most comic book movies do nowadays.

Setting all of the action in the one location also helped realise the concept of the Mega Blocks - something almost unique to Dredd, which was never properly explored in the previous film. There's also the issue of allowing them to make the movie on a budget - and make no mistake, Dredd was made on a practically shoestring budget for a 3D action/sci fi film featuring a lot of cgi and location shooting - $35m (not the widely reported inflated $50m). They did what they could with the money and didn't overreach themselves. The film looks ever so slightly creaky in places, but it doesn't look cheap.

I think there's little doubt that a sequel would do significantly better than the first one. So many more people have seen and loved the film on home video now that a second one would probably do fairly well - I would imagine worldwide box office of around $100m, maybe even more.

But as you say, whether the financiers would be willing to take that gamble is another thing.

How much money did Dredd actually make in the end what with Blu ray and DVD sales etc?

I would have been more inclined to buy the UK blu-ray if the reviews didn't slate the 2d picture quality so much. The film in the cinema absolutely rocked though. First class :)

I'l try and get my hands on one of the European releases that apparently have better 2d picture quality.

I actually think a kickstarter COULD do £40million. Ubuntu have just launched a £33m one. I know it's for a phone, but if that's successfull...

It all ready has a studio/production company, DNA. It needs an investor and if diminishing returns is the argument then why did DREDD's retail sales earn more than its initial box-office? Potential investors will be looking at that too.

Just how much as DREDD made in total (theatrical + ancillary sales combined), Joe dude? If it made around $42m at the worldwide box-office and has sold like gangbusters on home release these last seven months, it must be at or around the $90-plus mark at this point... and considering it's budget was $35m, it must be in the black by this time!

DREDD as a film definitely had flaws, but it was a worthy and sterling adaptation and one that definitely deserves a sequel... if they drop the unnecessary and costly 3-D and have much of the story take place in the Cursed Earth (as Alex Garland alluded to last year), you could pull off a helluva great DREDD sequel for about $40m.

Anyone got Megan Ellison's phone number...?

Oops, meant to write at or around the $90 MILLION mark... kinda makes a difference that one little word, haha...

Depending on who's doing the estimates; between $100-150 million with projections remaining strong.

Bloody hell, where'd you get that figure? If that's the case with DREDD's total revenue intake thus far (and still going), a sequel should be a relative no-brainer... besides, any excuse to see Olivia Thirlby in skintight leathers again is always a welcome development!

Well... Without me. I didn't like the first movie at all. But I'd be all for a sequel to the Stallone version !

I have the pretty wicked French 'Metropolitan' edition, which comes in a giant (bigger than a VHS case!!!) biscuit tin-style case and has three discs - DVD, 2D Blu Ray and 3D Blu Ray. It also comes with a booklet. Cost about £35 though so probably one for the hardcore fans only! Picture quality is phenomenal though. Strange that the French got this while the UK disc has inferior picture quality and bare bones features - it didn't even get a cinema release in France!

Dredd was one of the only worthwhile 3D movies I've seen. I don't mind if they made the hypothetical sequel in 3D or not, but I definitely think they should NOT have '3D' in the title. This was something insisted on by marketers, not the people who actually made the film - and backfired disastrously, making Dredd look like cheap genre trash along the lines of Drive Angry 3D.

Thanks ! That's EXACTLY what I didn't like about Dredd, and why I disliked it !

Yes !

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