Dredd sequel coming, but not as film

News Simon Brew 12 Apr 2013 - 07:02

There's definitely a follow-up coming to the movie Dredd. But it won't be in movie form...

We've discussed many times on this site now the fact that the impressive Dredd movie sadly didn't make the returns required to trigger a sequel. That's in spite of an impressive performance from the disc release of the film. However, the numbers simply didn't stack up, and Dredd The Movie 2 simply isn't going to happen. Unless some random billionaire wants to pay for it. Do you know any?

In an attempt to someone fill the gap though, 2000AD has released a teaser for what it has in store this coming September. It looks as if a special comic book release will pick up the story, and carry it forward. It's not ideal, certainly, but at least it's something.

The comic book is set for release in September, as you can see from this following teaser that was unveiled over at IGN. We'll keep you posted on it...


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I don't want to sound like a sour puss but I don't really see the point in this. Dredd is already in comic form and the movie was intending to cover tales that have already been told (Dark Judges etc.).

Also if they publish what was going to be the sequel story that pretty much means that tale will never be told on screen (I know it was slim anyway but I liked having that glimmer of hope).

It seems rather fast to be doing this, is it really the sequel story? (perhaps a tie in with the planned sequel that was already in the making) or just selected older tales that would have been covered

I thought the same thing. The movie is based on the comic so doing a comic sequel seems... redundant? Cyclical? I'm not sure what word would exactly describe this.

How about an animated sequel?

It's like the opposite of Marvel's Ultimates. They cast Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury in the book, THEN cast him in the Avengers movie. This is probably gonna be a direct sequel to the events of the movie, based on all the designs of the movie. (Duh, I know, but they're probably gonna pretend there aren't any other comics and try to launch a parallel line.)

That said, has anyone seen the new Tomb Raider game? Why isn't anyone turning out movies with that, or the new Unreal engine?!!! Why does it NEEEEEED to be live action, when you could do more with software? Do the damn sequel with a tweaked version of the Tomb Raider game engine, and it'll look very nice, indeed.

Quite like the idea. Obviously not as much as a proper sequel, but still...
The movie had a different flavour to the comics. Grittier...more realistic (despite the sci-fi setting). There's plenty of room for multiple retellings / alternate versions of other comic book worlds, so why not Dredd's?

Kind of a nonsense statement, as if retelling classic stories is a new concept in the world of comics?

Fact is, movie Dredd - while faithful to the spirit of the comics - has a tone, aesthetic and overall sensibility of it's own. It's harder, grittier, a bit bleaker and more adult. Judge Death and the Dark Judges, apart from a couple of appearances, are mostly portrayed as campy comic relief in the comics. I would have loved to have seen what they would have been like in this movie universe. Alex Garland said if they had ended up getting those movie sequels, the Dark Judges would have been film three, and they would have been played totally straight - terrifying and lethal.

Dredd was a great film, and to me this is the next best thing to getting those as films (and trust me, regarding your other point, the movie sequels are NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN).

Quite right. There is also presumably a pretty large audience out there that loved the movie and would like to see a continuation of it, but aren't particularly interested in the existing Dredd comics.

It remains to be seen whether this series will be standalone or ongoing, whether it will be short tales set within movie continuity or 'true' sequels based on Alex Garland's abandoned plans for the movie trilogy.

Presumably neither John Wagner nor Garland will be writing the series (Garland has stated in the past that he finds comic writing very hard - he had to hand the movie prequel comic over to 2000ad editor Matt Smith to finish - and he's also presumably going to be busy with his directorial debut), but I'd hope that he will at least have some sort of advisory role, or be in charge of the overall plot, if not the actual scripting.

Unless Alex Garland is writing the script, I find it hard to see this as anything but just another Dredd comic.

If only it were that easy....

You'd still need to hire a hell of a lot of talent - artists, animators, motion capture technicians, a writer, producers, a director... not to mention actors, sound designers etc etc. You're still looking at an investment of hundreds of thousands - if not millions of pounds if you want it to be anything more than a crude fan film.

And even then, you'd essentially end up with what amounts to subpar visuals compared to most cg animated movies, and something that would probably struggle to make any money.

I suppose funding for some kind of animated sequel could possibly be raised by going the crowdfunding route.

Look I can kind of see your point but if you want another retelling of Dredd wouldn't it make sense to just reboot the universe Like the Ultimate chain or New 52 for comic readers as movie fan I don't really care for the comic book form as much (I do read them though)

That said to call what I said a nonsense statement is a bit harsh. What I said was pretty fair I (as it is my opinion) do not see the point. I love the movie universe and don't really want to read a comic follow up.I actually hate all that expanded universe stuff that is tagged onto movies.

I also am pretty aware there isnt going to be a sequel........yet. Dredd will return to the screen one day and once the sequel story is published in comic book form its elements will probably never be used in any future scripts

Now this is something I would love to see rather than a comic adaptation

I liked the film because I like reading Judge Dredd comics. Look! A new Judge Dredd comic. How can it be a bad thingk

Thing, even!

So why is a comic sequel bad, but an animated sequel good? Sounds like you're just being snobby about comics.

And trust me, there is NEVER going to be another Dredd film, and only a very dim chance of an animated film. Even if this weren't the case, the 'sequel' comics wouldn't affect the chances of the same story being retold on film one bit.

Look at the forthcoming Disney Star Wars films - I suspect that they will cherry-pick bits and pieces from the various spin-off novels/games/comics etc, but otherwise will disregard established continuity that only the hardcore nerds care about.

Yeah, cyclical is fair enough - but doesn't that apply to pretty much everything these days? Endless retellings, sequels, prequels and reboots.

I for one would love to see a fresh take on great stories that were published over thirty years ago and are very much of their time. They're hardly going to be strict retellings anyway - Alex Garland mentioned that Dredd 2 would have combined elements from the classic Dredd stories America, The Cursed Earth, Origins and The Midnight Surfer/Oz, while Dredd 3 would have been a blend of Judge Death, Judge Death Lives! and The Day the Law Died.

Well, we don't really need a 'comic' sequel do we? There is no story to tie up, we just want a live action Dredd film!

Worst news of the year so far!

Perhaps there will be a fan-made movie based on the comic. I doubt Urban will volunteer or work for sandwiches and Gatorade though, but you don't see much of his face anyway!

I'm not gonna lie I don't want to read a comic. I've got nothing against them but it's not my medium of choice. I'm hardly being snobby just because something is not to my personal taste.

You seem to want to start an argument by using negative terms and I just don't have time for it

Didn't the director mention he wanted to make a short with Urban as Dredd like the recent Punisher one with Thomas Jane. It's a decent idea but it'd make me want to see a full feature even more. A fan-made version could be interesting through

This can be funded by the fans via kick starter. Would not be the first film to be funded by the fans:-)

Heh, is that THE eriktricity? Not seen you on here before bud. If it's not the same one, disregard this comment and have a nice day :-)

Sorry, like a lot of others here I have no interest in this. Pointless idea. Just read the existing comics!!!

Some people are just never satisfied. For me, a Dredd sequel movie is just never going to happen. I want to explore this "Ultimate" Dredd-style universe some more. I want to know what Anderson read in Dredd's mind that freaked out the Chief Judge. I want to know if Rico Dredd exists in this new universe. If it is happening in a four colour funny book, so be it.

Fans of the film from the general audience and comic fans will buy the Megazine, or even a comic, who have never bought it before - a good thing.

It's being made by people who love Dredd and have worked on the real thing; it's not impinging on 2000AD, but is telling an alternative Dredd story while freeing it up to do other things with the style and content but yet will still be' Dredd'.

It's a 'special', a 'feature'; it's not in competition with old comic Dredd.

It's nothing that hasn't been done before. There have been several alternate reality Judge Dredd specials published by 2000AD over the last 20 years.

No one said it's 'the' sequel that was planned by DNA, it's 'a' sequel, just like the Ma Ma comic, all ready published in the Megazine, is 'a' prequel.

It's fun and interesting, like comics should be.

Reality would be the best word for it; Rebellion know now there won't be a 'Dredd' sequel so they're catering to the fanbase that would love to see the world presented in that film continued on with a follow-up story or two. It's good marketing on their part... something the actual film had a serious deficit of, leading directly to it's crashing and burning at the box-office!

That teaser poster is soooo much better than the film's actual poster, pity that wasn't the actual one-sheet for 'Dredd'...

I think the makers of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within got their fingers burnt, so everyone's been reticent to do serious, photorealistic animated movies (apart from Zemeckis and Spielberg).

I wonder how many people that watch comic book movies end up reading comic books, not many I bet. Comics are dying on their arse. Fans of the Dredd movie are NOT going to want to read a comic book sequel. This will only cater to pre-existing comic book fans. A pointless endeavour.

"in an attempt to someone fill the gap though..."
D.O.G maintaining it's usual high editorial standards.

A real shame if you ask me. As a reader of the original 2000AD I was so excited when we saw a re-boot after the awful Stallone version (although there was some small merit there) kudos to Urban for keeping the helmet on too.

Never say never Guys - would oh so love to see Judge Death tho.

We can fund the film through kick starter.

I thought it was gonna be a game :(

If any movie of 2012 deserved to have a sequel it's this one. C'mon guys. With the power of the net we can kickstart this!

We can fund close to a 50 million dollar sequel on Kickstarter? Really?

God, some people will moan about anything! Yeah, film audiences outnumber comic readers. A lot of people who saw Dredd won't bother with this comic. Comics have been 'dying' for 20+ years. So what?

There is a sizable audience who want to see a sequel to Dredd and WILL want to read this comic, even if just for a glimpse of what might have been. Just because you are not interested personally does not make it 'pointless'.

They just need to make a sequel movie. That is all.

I enjoyed reading 2000AD from it's launch [i am that old] an found Dredd to be nearly the best story that could be made into a film [would like Rogue Trooper] an now to find out that there will be no more is upsetting. Instead the powers that be will continue to fill our screens with bunkum versions of Marvel [which i also read] getting all the major stories wrong an Star Wars [5 new films] which are poor imitations of the original. Please soeone with brains take up the cause, we need more Dredd, any Dredd, The Dark Judges [cert 18], Chopper [cert 15] Block Wars [cert 15] an on, an on......

There WILL BE other movies. director and prod said that.
You can read it in the dvd booklet.

Like many have said this is a bit on the nose.. It's nice they want to extend the new 'dredd 3d' universe created by the film into the same format that it was influenced by, but I would not classify this this as a 'sequel.' The text is in a completely different format, it would be more accurate to compare this 'sequel' to the original film storyboards used in the pre-production phase rather than say a comic is a direct sequel to the movie format. Animated films can however be accepted as sequels in the sense, that while not live action they are still part of the same media format and so therefore can be categorised as the equivalent. The new comic though is probably served better being marketed as a 'continuation' of the dredd 3d universe/storyline. Still, given that we won't have a new film this will have to do, until someone wises up and makes a series of kickstarter funded web based films or a series.

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