Dredd 2 all but dead, possible short films happening

News Simon Brew 27 Mar 2013 - 06:36

The producer of Dredd suggests that Dredd 2 won't happen, but that Dredd short films might...

Part of this story, sadly, is going to come as no surprise. In spite of a groundswell of support for the movie, that has seen solid DVD and Blu-ray sales, Dredd has nonetheless performed well below what was needed to get a full cinematic sequel off the ground. The film's $35m worldwide cinema gross all but put an end to that, and if there were any doubts lingering, they seem to have just been extinguished.

The producer of Dredd, Adi Shankar, did a session on Reddit, and inevitably the question of Dredd 2 didn't take long to arrive. Will there be a sequel, he was asked? "Probably not". Why? Well, "it’s because the movie totally bombed & R-rated movies are a tough sell to begin with", he said. He went on to add that "if Dredd becomes a cult hit it will be awesome. Last September was a terrible month... Dredd bombed and then Looper became a massive hit a week later!"

Clarifying that he was aiming no slight against Looper (although he did aim a dig at one of its financiers), Shankar did at least offer an olive branch of sorts to Dredd fans. "I am working on a Dredd short in the vein of #DirtyLaundry", he revealed.

If you're not familiar with Dirty Laundry, this is the acclaimed The Punisher-inspired short, where Thomas Jane reprised the title role, in spite of there not being a cinematic sequel on the way. We wonder if Karl Urban can be persuaded to do the same?

Shankar, incidentally, also seemed to rule out a Kickstarter approach to funding Dredd 2, in the light of the successful Veronica Mars crowdfunding drive.

He said that "Truthfully, I feel really bad asking fans for money ... I understand that VERONICA MARS used KickStarter effectively to get a movie green lit, but I just feel bad about it ...", also noting that a science fiction movie would cost an awful lot more than Veronica Mars. Even taking into account the huge success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, it still stands at around $4m - a tenth of what would be needed for a new Dredd movie.

The full Reddit chat, and it's an interesting one, can be found here. And while it seems that Dredd on the big screen is dead, at least for some time now, that at least there's some way forward in there somewhere.

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Where is the justice?

As far as films In the Mega City universe there's Judge Minty (which features a cameo from Dredd) which is doing the festivals prior to a free download April/May and a Dredd fan film in production and seeking funds as we speak.

And let's not get hung up on Kickstarter as the only means of funding and producing a film. The hybrid Crowdfunding / crowdsourcing method used by Timo Vuorensola for Iron Sky wasn't just about cash input. It had investors (people who want a return for their pennies) and there was also the possibility of creatively contributing as a CG artist. Production design, Voice actor etc.

It's a slim possibility, but I wouldn't say dead just yet.

If they're going to be shooting shorts you could probably fund those via Kickstarter, and build up a film-length storyline over time. A bit like the Blood And Chrome Battlestar Galactica mini-episodes.

Such a brilliant film, criminally overlooked and ignored by everyone

Dang. And I just went out and bought the full price Blu-ray yesterday in order to give my support...

With all the talk of DVD / Blu-Rays selling out....I'd hoped we'd see a sequel. Doesn't have to be a huge budget, just a tight, gritty thriller. If Death Race can get two straight to DVD sequels then surely Dredd still has a chance...

This really ticks me off big time. DREDD was absolutely awesome, a real breath of fresh air amongst the yawn- fest, play safe, rated 12 superhero movies that are churned out every year now. It didnt insult my intelligence and gave me everything i wanted and expected from the source material, which i adore. The movie watching, cinema going public have really let this movie and themselves down here. HOWEVER.... a series of amazing shorts ala 'Dirty Laundry' sounds fantastic! Build up a picture of Mega City One with the shorts and lets all work as a community to share them with everybody. Build up a world wide following then there will be an audience for a potential DREDD 2.

Dredd had its flaws but was a solid piece of moderate-budget filmmaking that *should* have alerted financiers to the opportunities of a bigger-budget franchise. At the time, I have to say, I thought the level of violence was possibly a strategic mistake, as the consequent certification meant a lot of the potential audience weren't able to see it. Hopefully, the DVD release will rectify this.

Bad news indeed :(

OK so I just put up a rant that I dont think got posted for some reason, basically the bottom line being its getting harder and harder to get to see decent new film releases if you dont live near a good cinema in the first week of release, before they take it off for some other brainless rubbish. Dredd suffered in this way (moreso in the U.S. admittedly). Ultimately everythings going online so as much as I dont like the idea overall im all for a serialised set of short films that could get a later feature length Blu-Ray release, this is the way things are going sadly.

This may well be another Shawshank Redemption - did poorly at the cinema becuase no one really knew much about it or was waiting for the DVD, but really took off when the DVD was released.


Frankly I'd rather have no sequels at all than embarrassing straight to DVD ones.

This short would - like The Punisher one - effectively be a fan film, and crowdfunding a fan film is problematic from a copyright point of view. Someone tried to Kickstart a Dredd fan film a few weeks ago and it was pulled a couple of hours into funding (presumably for this reason).

And let's face it: while Dredd has done better than expected on DVD and Blu Ray, it tanked so catastrophically at the cinema that it would basically have to go on to be one of the best selling discs of all time to even open the possibility of a sequel. Sad but true.

It really is a crying shame - I feel for the makers of Dredd, who made a terrific, heartfelt and wonderfully entertaining film that stuck to it's guns, and was a respectful adaptation of the source material that was stuffed full of thoughtful little nods to the fans. Easily the standout film of last year for me, and one that genuinely improves with every viewing (how many films can you say that about these days..?).

I'm still quite bitter about the whole thing and honestly find it hard to comprehend the fact that people simply don't want films like this anymore and would rather go and see derivative, half-baked tripe like Resident Evil: Afterlife. It genuinely makes me feel a little old and out of touch with mainstream cinema.

It's absolutely gutting there won't be another as it could have been a truly incredible series, but hey - I'd rather a one-off cult classic than a trilogy of successful but compromised, Hollywoodised Dredd films as bad as the Stallone one!

The main reason why it tanked is that it was only released theatrically in 3D - a big mistake as this is a turn-off for many serious film fans - such a shame it was a great film

I enjoyed DREDD however through no fault of its own its set up and plot was far to similar to The Raid, which appeared earlier in the year. The Raid was if I'm being honest the better film of the two. I know this's not the main reason it bombed at the box office but the natural comparison between the two films certainly didn't help DREDD at all.

This could end up like Star Trek (the original series); which after being cancelled in it's third season was brought back into syndication, then into films mainly by the groundswell and very vocal support of the fans.

Personally, I think a new Dredd would work really well as hour longs on TV -that would allow for the proper world building and set up the villains... with classic story arcs set in the wilds of the Cursed Earth, with the politics of Judge Caligula, the Robot Revolution and the Dark Judges, the Apocalypse War... well that's five killer seasons already.

Somebody call STARZ... or HBO stat.


Of course it bombed and Looper was a hit ! Looper was much better !

In a way though because Dredd has found its market on Blu-ray/DVD perhaps, at least for the time being, that's the best place for it.

I'm certainly not a great fan of direct-to-video films, but done correctly and with respect this could be a good opportunity for Dredd to gain wider audience appreciation, to the point where we may end up with another theatrical film or maybe a TV series.
Keep in mind we're not talking about a big corporate giant like Disney and their direct-to-video sequels, but smaller independent filmmakers who care about the source material. So these shorts, direct-to-video follow-ups or whatever we may receive could be for the good and not bad. Hey if they can get Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby back then I'm in.

I have to say though I've come to accept that a sequel is extremely unlikely and to a degree I'm not so bothered anymore, but if these shorts come to light and they're a follow-up to Dredd then I'm not complaining.

Name five good direct to DVD sequels.

It would be nice if the UK could capitalise on its own comics characters, rather than seeing them produced abroad. V For Vendetta and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen were ruined by Hollywood. It would be great if we could finance our own genre TV series and make them as successful as Doctor Who. Dredd, Dan Dare, Rogue Trooper and such like have so much potential. We really let ourselves down in this country.

I wanted a Durham Red movie :(

Universal Soldier: Regeneration,

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning,

Undisputed 2,

Undisputed 3,

From Tusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter

Smokin' Aces 2 (actually better than the first film)

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (again, better than the first film)

Oh wait... That's seven. Sorry. My bad.

Yeah, I'm sure they're all amazing.

Why can't we get an animated Dredd movie straight to video, the DC animated films do pretty well

If you haven't seen them you'll just have to take my word for it. But really, any self-respecting action fan should do himself a favour and catch the last two Universal Soldier films and Undisputed 2 and 3. They really are fantastic and show what can be achieved within the budget and format (Day of Reckoning especially, which is a work of art).

Looper was a good film, but nothing amazing. Saw it at the cinema but wouldn't watch it again. The plot was wafer thin and immediately falls apart the moment you actually think about it.

Looper had better known actors, and had the marketing that only a big studio can bring.

Quality had nothing to do with it.

I like the Tremors sequels (though that's probably me). And the Death Race follow ups had some very good action / stuntwork...which is really all you want from those sort of films.

Well, I've already seen it thrice and I thought the plot was brilliant ! While in Dredd, there was almost no plot. Judge Dredd has a vast universe in the comics. In this movie, we see almost nothing of it, it's just Dredd killing bad guys all along. I much prefered the Stallone movie !

" I much prefered the Stallone movie!"

With it's muddled, convoluted plot.

Can't stand it when people say Dredd had 'no plot'. It had a SIMPLE plot, but to my mind that's a bonus in this day and age. Dredd's script is tight, self-contained and perfectly calibrated. It has a great flow to it and it sets things up and pays them off.

It doesn't totally overcomplicate and overreach itself in the way that Looper, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and countless other genre films do.

So we'll never agree ! Those are precisely the movies I liked the most from last year !

It was a B movie with a lot of flaws, but it was more epic, more futuristic, had a much better OST, and the action scenes were not always the same one like in the reboot. BUT I didn't dislike Dredd 2012 if I just watch it as a random futuristic action movies, it was some sort of futuristic remake of The Raid and was well executed. I just expected something more from a Dredd movie.

Well, I agree for the marketing part. But I watched Dredd and Looper with the same expectations (I love comic book movies, and I love time travel & Bruce Willis...) and I enjoyed Looper way more.

You're telling me we live in world where everything from Resident Evil to Step Up can manage to crank out sequel after sequel yet something fresh like Dredd is dead in the water? Good thing for Hollywood that Judges are only fiction...

Films like this will never be huge in the cinema. You can't take your girlfriend, you can't take your kids. How many blokes go to the cinema on their own?

Love this film and hope that something more will come from it. A TV series on HBO would make me cum in my pants.

Oh, and I'll add The Hobbit to that list too!

So we'll DEFINITELY never agree ! xD

Actually he gave very good examples ! They were very good movies, even though they went DTV !

Fair enough. I still think Dredd will stand the test of time better than any of them.

Maybe. It's not like I really care about it, we're just talking about a movie, people pretending to be characters, with some special effects added, whether it stands the test of time or not is way beyond me. I love movies that nobody likes and hate some others that everybody loves. There are also movies I love like anyone else. I don't really care. I just watched Dredd with high expectations and was under the impression I got a generic action movie with a vague SciFi subplot. While movies like The Avengers or The Dark Knight gave myself much more fun and I couldn't stop talking about it after I saw it. Looper, as a Doctor Who fan, I found it amazing. The Hobbit, while a bit too slow sometimes was epic and fun, as I expected... Dredd, I was like.... yeah cool. And that's it.

For the budget, I thought they did a fantastic job. Opening out the scope of the city could have happened if the first film had been a success.

The trouble is, as bad as they are, those films still make money.

There was an ABC Warriors animated show in the works, but that looks like it has fell by the wayside.

Yes, you're right about that I could have liked the sequels more ! :/

Are you out of your fricking mind? Any Universal Soldier movie that wasn't the original have been terrible!

You go with your mates - but fair point, it massively cuts the potential audience right down.

Unfortunately it's not about justice, it's the free market... other less worthy efforts get sequels because they made a tidy profit, 'Dredd' won't because it tanked harder than Rommel on a bender! It's a sad, sad outcome, and one that I desperately wish was not the case - the potential trilogy outline that Alex Garland mentioned last year was positively mouth-watering - but thems the breaks, some you win and some you lose.

On the bright side, I think 'Dredd' did an enormous amount of good in permanently washing away the foul aftertaste of the Stallone debacle, no longer will Judge Dredd be the butt of hoots of mirth and derision from Americans, they'll remember the ass-kickin' recent adaptation, and that has effectively redeemed the character in the eyes of many across the pond.

It still doesn't mean we'll get a sequel, we won't, that boat has sailed, but 'Dredd' is guaranteed cult classic status in the ensuing years, and under those circumstances, maybe a CG cartoon (like the recent 'Starship Troopers' effort) could be on the cards sometime in the future; Judge Dredd presented in a format that can show off the full expanse of his world and on a cost-effective budget too! Granted it's not Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby back in the leathers, but they could lend their voices, and that's at least something...

Sad news. The vistas of mega-city one, the thin black line of Judges prowling on their Lawmasters and the seedy claustrophobia of mama's building will stay with me.

The original is hardly a classic.

I don't even know where to start with that. Dredd '95 is a ridiculous movie - it's to Judge Dredd what Batman and Robin is to Batman. At best it's a guilty pleasure, and in terms of quality it's not even in the same universe as Dredd '12. The script is a complete mess and makes no sense whatsoever, everything looks like it's made of shiny plastic. The tone shifts all over the place from po-faced sci fi to cheesy and awkward buddy comedy - a clear sign of a production that was out of control. No serious film fan could argue it's a better film than Dredd.

And the soundtrack? Seriously? Dredd had the coolest movie soundtrack since Drive. Hollywood seems to agree with me and is now shoving it in every other trailer!

You say that, but an hard R rating didn't stop Kick-Ass, District 9 and Looper from finding an audience. I think Dredd did OK for an 18-cert film in the UK (IIRC it took £3-4m at the UKBO). If it had done the same sort of (relative) business elsewhere, we might be getting that sequel!

I bought 3 copies of the blu ray. Kept one, and gave two others away. I didn't see it in the Theatre though.

Huuu ? So some generic electro soundtrack sounds better to your ears than a wonderful Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack ? Ok, I respect that, but I cannot agree with it ! The Stallone Dredd movie was far from perfect, it's not my favorite Stallone movie, not even my fav SciFi Stallone movie. But I still like it much more than the 2012 version which had no ambition at all. It's just Dredd killing bad guys. Wow, what an improvement !

Enjoy crap like Red 2, you lowest common denominator f**ks!

It would have helped if they didn't force feed 3D down everybodies throats, none of the local cinemas were showing 2D prints - while I have no problem with 3D many people avoid it due to headaches.

Pompous, OTT orchestral music is really unsuitable for Dredd, always was. The electro/John Carpenter style suits it so much better.

Have you watched Dredd '95 recently? I have, and for a supposed action film, it's surprisingly boring and doesn't actually have much 'action' in it at all. There is a short action scene at the beginning, the Angel gang fight halfway through, then a really lame, tacked-on flying bike chase towards the end, and that's about it! Even the final showdown with Rico is a complete anticlimax. I was so bored during the courtroom scene - it seems to last for half the film!

As for Dredd being 'just Dredd killing bad guys', perhaps you need to go back and watch it again. Yes, it's a simple story, but has a really satisfying character arc for Anderson - especially concerning her interaction with the Clan Techie character (who symbolises the citizens of Mega-City One), and - if you're paying attention - quite a lot of subtle commentary on capital punishment and the cyclical nature of violence. There's a moral ambiguity to the whole thing that raises serious questions, and real thought has been put into the script.

The story of Judge Dredd '95 on the other hand, is a compromised, convoluted mess involving a coup detat and some clones. None of it makes any sense whatsoever, and it is very obviously a script that has been pulled in all different directions by various rewrites.

Well I found the script of Dredd 95 much more ambitious. The clone story, the "coup d'état"... Not just some drug dealers. Ok there was less action scenes, but... I don't know, I liked them more. But I'll be fair ! I'll watch Dredd 2012 again. Now that I know what I'm dealing with, it's very possible I'll like it better the second time ! ;)

Serves them right the idiots. I wanted to see this movie and all they were showing was the 3d version. Why the F--- did they need to make this in 3D!!??

The 95 film's reach exceeded its grasp and satisfied no one; neither the generally audience nor the fans.

The general consensus on the Stallone Dredd was that it tried to do way too much. It mashes together elements from nearly all the early Judge Dredd stories such as The Return of Rico, The Judge Child Quest and The Day the Law Died and so ends up an overblown mess. The director was trying to make a grand sci fi epic whereas Stallone was trying to turn it into a cheesy buddy action comedy, and neither approach is suitable for a Dredd film.

Worst of all, the Stallone movie forces Dredd to go on a 'hero's journey' and tries to get the audience to sympathise with him (seriously, how many Stallone films center around him being wrongfully convicted of a crime?), which just doesn't suit the character. It doesn't really take the time to establish anything, like the city or the justice system, so we have no reason to care about it all. It also pulls it's punches, and shies away from the thorny issue that the judges are essentially state-sanctioned executors for a fascist dictatorship, in favour of empty platitudes about 'democracy' and 'freedom'. Bleurgh!

Dredd '12 works so much better as an intro to the character and the
world because it just shows us an average day in the life of Judge
Dredd. He doesn't have to save the whole city, or lose faith in the system that created him - they were saving that kind of stuff for the sequels. What Dredd '12 did right was allow Anderson to be the main character -
she gets to grow and change, whereas Dredd starts the film a stern
badass, and ends the film a stern badass, which is just as it should be.

It's a stripped down, restrained take on the character, which is really bold. Compare it to the majority of other comic book movies these days that are so busy setting up sequels and spin-offs that they forget to tell a decent story in the first one!

It was at the insistence of the investors. The film only got made because it was in 3D.

We need a sequel it can't be a stand alone the first one is alsome

Ok ! So I just rewatched the 2 movies back to back. I still much prefer the Stallone one ! The story is just much better: there's the clone story, his lost brother, the betrayal, the scene with the cannibals, much better special effects, the flying motorbikes chase, the fight on the statue of liberty, the universe shown is diverse and very well done for a 1995 movie... Sorry, I just don't get what is better in the latest version ! Nothing happens, just Dredd killing dudes in gunfights, it could have made a good opening scene, but not a whole movie.

Don't feel bad - ask for money. I'll buy the DVD today. I loved Dredd.

I know, sad isn't it? I saw it in 2D and...wow. One of the most beautiful and violently beautiful films in decades. Reminded me strangely enough of A Clockwork Orange in some places.

You Sir, are a patriot.

I dragged a female friend to see Dredd. She wound up loving it as much as I did! But you are quite right. It's a tough sell for girls and families. Although in my case it vindicated itself nicely.

In the US the marketing campaign was nearly invisible. And unless you already knew who Dredd was (nerds - like me) you had no idea what Dredd was about. A simple groundswell ad campaign would have shown the film breaking even in the US alone.

Also, the weekend it opened was a dead weekend in the US - NOBODY made money that week. Dredd would have actually done better opening after Looper when those of us in the US were more willing to spend money.

Give me a simple story that MAKES SENSE over a more eventful one that doesn't. Just because more stuff happens in the Stallone film doesn't mean it is better. I don't even know why I'm arguing with you - you liked Prometheus, so that says it all really.

Ok ! End of discussion. We just do not enjoy the same kind of stuffs.

Don't forget about Fast and Furious 7. This is the world we live in... It's beyond pathetic.

I loved dredd so much I really wanted a second movie, this sucks! *Crappy twilight is a hit and dredd get's bombed on the first movie, where's the justice!!!*

GODDAMMIT. For me, the reason i bombed is there was NO PROMOTION and, ill state this repeatedly, just like the first dredd, THERE ARE NO DARK JUDGES.

and i loved DRedd. Hell, i even think( i iknow im in the minority but if you REALLY look at the original, its pretty damn spot on from a comic perspective) the first JD had its merits, since it followed the comic stories in quite a few ways. (aside from stallones ego and a flying lawmaster) A dark judge storyline would have, i believe,revived the movie, along with some friggin promotion. Hell, im a HUGE dredd fan and i didnt even know about the movie until it was almost released. and Karl Urban NAILED the character.

Sad more people didn't see it, it's tough to find good action flicks that aren't campy or just downright cheesy. Hell the female lead in it is a total badass. That's far to rare in it of itself. On the other hand I'm looking forward to Twilight 47, Bella gets a hang nail and only Edward can save her from a nasty blood infection, OR CAN HE?!

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