Dredd's last stand?

Feature Simon Brew 15 Jan 2013 - 06:14

As Dredd arrives on DVD and Blu-ray, here's our last chance to give the film the commercial success it deserves...

It remains, several months after the film was released in cinemas, one of the most horribly disappointing movie-related moments we experienced in 2012. We're talking about the time when the box office results for Dredd came in, and it became clear that a very ambitious, very accomplished project had, commercially at least, failed. Given that the talk before the film's US release was that a $50m take would kickstart a sequel, the movie's eventual $13.4m gross in America was a massive disappointment. 

Granted, there were contributory factors. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the US promotional push was poor (we're in the UK, so can't effectively judge that). Conversely, in the UK, the promotion was far better, and perhaps inevitably, its British box office money that made up a good chunk of Dredd's eventual $32m worldwide cinematic take. But, for the time being at least, there's no arguing with the numbers. The majority of people who saw Dredd seemed to really like it, but there simply weren't enough bums on seats.

Dredd isn't a perfect film. It has problems, and its coincidental parallels to the excellent The Raid have been well documented. But Dredd is nonetheless a respectful, quality, hard-edged comic book adaptation, boasting some excellent, non-showy performances. It deserved a far better fate.

And now, it has a chance to get one.

Dredd has now been released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK and the US, and this is the film's major chance to turn things around. It's a big ask, but there are still many examples of films that had non-notable box office runs and yet the home release went onto greater things. Take the first Austin Powers movie. It was the film's sizeable home video release that led to a cinematic sequel, not the initial box office run.

Dredd, then. We're pretty confident that over the next ten to 20 years, Dredd will continue to build up an audience, particularly as more and more comic book adaptations aggressively target the PG-13 audience. This is a film that's going to be talked about and enjoyed for a long time to come.

However, for those interested in seeing where the likes of Alex Garland and Karl Urban can take the character next, this is the big, final chance for this iteration of Dredd to get a second bite. Thus - and we're putting our money where our mouth is here - over the next few weeks, can we ask that if you're in any way interested in the film, to support it? To buy or rent the disc, or rent it using an on-demand service? Just something to show those who funded the film that there's life in the Dredd movie universe yet?

For those frustrated by the lack of 2D screenings of Dredd in the UK in particular (the 3D push was pretty much blanket over here), here's the chance to support the film.

We fear, if this doesn't happen, that a moment will have been lost, if it hasn't gone already. Dredd 2 was reportedly set to see Urban's Dredd traverse the Cursed Earth. Dredd 3 would have brought the Dark Judges. There was even talk of a Dredd television show. None of these things, as everything stands at the moment, are going to happen, and it's going to take a groundswell of support in the next few months to make people sit up and take notice.

Without that, this take on Dredd, and more than likely any chance of someone else having a go ten to 15 years down the line, will be gone. And that, surely, would be tragic.

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I bought my copy... now that HMV is down the swanny everyone should take advantage and snap up copies on the cheap. Win-win... except if you work at HMV.

I think its too late, there is no way this movie will get a sequel. Which is a shame. As is the rather lacklustre Bluray/DVD release. Where's the commentary track?

As for the UK promotional push being far better? Really? It was terribly marketed. I've been talking to my movie fan friends & 90% knew nothing about it!!

'Dredd' has taken around $37m worldwide to date at the box-office (give or take), which is just over it's $35m production budget... so i think it's fair to say the chances of a sequel are somewhere between slim and none, lamentably!

In saying that, stranger things have happened in filmdom, and if it has a consistently strong life on home release, and builds a considerable cult following in a short time, the powers-that-be might - just might - give it another shot with a sequel of roughly the same budget, only this time, hopefully WITHOUT the stereoscopic gimmickry... it's highly improbable but not necessarily impossible...

And if you can get the Region 1 DVD or Blu Ray, then get that instead of the Region 2 equivalent; it has a couple more featurettes, the trailer, and the motion comic prequel on it, all of which are not included on the U.K. version for some bizarre and unexplained reason...

They were unlucky with The Raid not only beating them to the cinema, but also being so brutally efficient at telling a very similar story.
That said, they shot themselves in the foot with their '3D only' approach and that's something they should have been able to predict.

If they are movie fans, they would've known about it as you clearly did. Dredd, is a fantastic movie and deserves the push for a sequel. People need to support this by grabbing the blu ray/dvd.

Gutted. Would love to have seen the dark judges.

Picked up the bluray yesterday. The uk disc is very poor regarding special features. Only 5 or 6 short featurettes each 5 minutes long and 2 or 3 of them share a lot of footage and interviews. Film is still great though. A real shame a sequel is unlikely.

Went to see this twice in the cinema and pre-ordered the DVD (i'm old school). I thought this was one of the few films I've seen where the 3D really added to the story. Karl Urban was great but Olivia Thurby really carried the heart of the film. Even my very much not-we wife really enjoyed it.

I have bought the Blu Ray, only my second to date. For precisely this reason, this sort of film needs a sequel, rather than someone making a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie. There are plenty of movies that make up the numbers on the home releases. Also sorry to sound a bit sexist and generalising (I'm really not) but the trouble with the takings on Dredd is I can't see many men taking their wives/girlfriends to see it and obviously no kids. It really only has a certain demographic – people who remember the source material fondly without letting the Stallone version put them off. On DVD/Blu Ray other types of people will give it a try, it might be slow burner but it'll get there.

Also I want to see the dark judges.

As promised, I got it on Blu Ray straight away yesterday. Voting with my pocket.

But it was an 18-rated film, released as 3D only. I would have gone to see it but I can't be bothered with the 3D glasses business. It would have done much better (Could still do better) as a normal release.

Hollywood is to worried about the opening weekend box office, so if it doesn't hit the ground running straight away it's considered a flop (and this probably explains a bit the current crop of throwaway films). Although just releasing it in 3D probably hurt it a bit too, as I didn't see any 2D showing locally.

Dredd is another of the films I've enjoyed that 'underperformed' last year - John Carter, Rise Of The Guardians amongst the others - and is definitely well worth getting the bluray/DVD.

Pre ordered it and it came yesterday. Ordering another copy today for my father. DREDD is absolutley fantastic. In my top 3 movies of last yr.

I never buy new releases these days but I have just bought the 3D Blu-ray off Amazon as it was a massive injustice that this film did not receive the success it deserved.

Bought it on Blu-ray yesterday. Best film of the year I thought. Urban and Thurby should have been award-nominated. Aching for a sequel...

I was working in Vancouver when Dredd was released in the cinema. No one I met, and I mean no one, even knew it was out. And these were people working in the VFX industry. It had no advertising in North America as far as I could tell, and the few people who had heard of it couldn't understand why someone was remaking an old Stallone movie. The poor thing was doomed with that kind of marketing.
For my part I bought the film on Blu Ray at HMV yesterday, and watched it last night. My only question is ... can anyone get me some SloMo?

£37 mil at the cinema. That's a good amount for a movie that i'd say half of it's audience was put off by its limited release. I'd say there is a good chance they will break that amount on DVD/BD with the amount of fans that didnt see it.

I get paid on friday and the first thing I will do is buy the bluray, come people tell your friends, tell your family. Quit whining about the 3d as you can get it in 2d now. So come on everyone and support a film that deserves a sequel.

While Dredd is a more than decent translation of a comic book property with good performances from it's cast and a sensible script,i think the sacrifice of tension and drama for the sake of artistic photography and gore in the action sequences was problematic,but is as much, a fault of the writer as the directors,in this case.I don't think slow motion sequences really work in action movies as Zack Snyder proved conclusively in his Watchmen adaptation.I do agree that it deserves a sequel as there are much worse movies that have been given second chances despite their lack of commercial success.

Love this article and totally agree. It seems to have been high up on the amazon and play pre-order charts and i've been telling all my like minded film-lover mates to get this. Urban was brilliant and Garland is a talent to follow for sure.

Got mine on DVD have not seen the film yet .....but dredd is a cool character and karl urban is an awesome actor so i got no worries anyway the film looks epic.....and sequels would be great, i really wanna see a film with the dark judges....judge death in a movie would be bad-assSSssSSSsss!

Never got around to it, but I shall pick up a copy tomorrow when I go for a raid of HMV

While Dredd undoubtedly failed very badly at the box office it wasn't quite the unmitigated disaster some are painting it as. The production budget was $35m - NOT $50m as has been widely reported. And it actually seems to be doing very well on home release - no.1 selling Blu Ray on Amazon UK and USA, no. 1 on US iTunes, no. 2 on UK iTunes. There are many reports of shops selling out of Dredd DVDs and Blu Rays on both sides of the Atlantic (though admittedly this is probably down to shops ordering very few copies because of the poor box office, but still).

I still don't think there's any hope for a sequel, but at least strong home video and rental numbers show the filmmakers that their efforts weren't in vain, and sends a message to the studios and distributors that there's still an audience for proper genre films in these depressing days of Prometheus, Taken 2 and Resident Evil 5. Unlike most genre/blockbuster movies these days, Dredd had a lot of heart, and it'd be a real shame if that goes completely unrewarded.

Without wanting to sound patronising or reductive, I think Dredd has a lot of appeal for a female audience - not least because it has strong, well-defined female characters - Anderson is arguably the lead character - and there is a nice reversal on the 'damsel in distress' scenario towards the end of the film where Anderson saves the day. My girlfriend absolutely LOVED the film, much to my delight.

That's the catch-22 isn't it though? To make it a success, they'd have had to spend significantly more than the film itself cost on marketing it, which somewhat negates the whole point of making a low(ish) budget film in the first place.

To me, Dredd and The Avengers were the real standouts of last year. Funnily enough, both films actually had finished, tight scripts, unlike several others I could mention. Funny that.

Good for you.

bought mine from play! fingers crossed

Yeah, and it looks like a work experience kid did the graphics and copywriting on the packaging. They've even somehow botched the poster artwork on the cover (compare it to the original poster). You can tell how little regard the distributors have for it.

I'm crossing my fingers for a special edition reissue - maybe a double disc steelbook - later on.

and not to sound patronising to you, I thought that Anderson being the lead was a given! Dredd in many ways is like Batman in the comics less the lead and more of a tool to move the story on

Got the Blu-Ray today. As mentioned in the article, it's not perfect but it definitely deserves to get as much support as possible from those who enjoyed it.

I meant not to sound patronising to women because of the assumption that they'd need identifiable female characters to enjoy a movie! I said 'arguable', because Anderson has less overall screentime than Dredd, and because her role in the film isn't made clear to the casual observer.

Man I'm totally buying a blu-ray of that awesome movie. Carl Urban kicks ass as a Dredd :D

If you're thinking of buying it, stop thinking and go and buy it. It's 90 minutes of glorious mayhem

I'm in the U.S. and can attest that there was absolutely no marketing for it. Then, again, the only thing most Americans know of Judge Dredd is the Stallone film. I ended up skipping it at theatres because of the 3D only showings, and because, for the most part I hate going to the cinema anymore. Havings said that, I did pick up my Blu-ray copy on Friday and saw that Best Buy was almost completely sold out. So, here's hoping this great film makes enough on home video to warrant a sequel.

That's $37 million.

I got the Blu-ray this week and watched it last night after missing it at the cinema. I won't go into a long-winded review, but suffice to say it's worth a watch.

Saw it nine times at the cinema. Have bought three copies on Blu, will also buy on DVD and import some of those tasty editions from other territories( particularly the Australian limited edition). That's the support I believe this film deserves.
It was the best movie of 2012 and it deserves a sequel.

I can only speak for one video store in Phoenix, Arizona but Dredd was SOLD OUT ... I have never seen a movie sold out at mega-chain store like Best Buy. So if that is replicated anywhere else, that is a good sign.

I begged my geek friends who grew up reading Dredd in the late 70's and some of them even loved the Stallone version. Subsequently I went to Dredd3d twice, alone.

i didnt saw it in theathers EXACTLY because of the 3D crap, ill get it on VOD tough

I teally wish movie reviewers would quit drawing on the simularaties between Dredd and the raid, the raid was a ripp off on the Peach Trees story line which surfaced 3 years ago on the web, it was then rushed through peoduction to hit the screens first, so lets get it right and get tge comparison reversed!!

Dredd made less than a third the amount of money Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter did at the box office, and around 1/7 of what Resident Evil 5 did. I despair for the future of entertainment, I really do (and I'm not even that old).

Regrettably, Judge Dredd is a property that the vast majority of we Americans are simply not familiar with. Serious comic fans know the character, but the mainstream movie audience only remembers the awful first film.

9 times!! Dude that's committed, or perhaps you should be? LOL

Bought the DVD yesterday, and will probably buy the Blu-ray in later months (don't have access to a blu-ray player while at uni!) Really hope the overall sales kickstart a sequel, or that the backers decide to take that risk and go for it regardless. Been telling everyone to buy it. While you say it may not be perfect, you rarely want perfect. Audience tested films that cater to all strive for perfection, this was just a definite approach. The music and style of the film were awesome as were the performances!

Austin Powers grossed 70 million world wide on a budget of 16 million. A huge success before it even hit the DVD shelves. Let's be real about the chances on a sequel to Dread. As a Browncoat I'm still waiting for a sequel to Serenity that grossed more than Dread on a lower budget. So I really can't see any amount of DVD sales green lighting a sequel to a flop of this caliber.

Look what happened with 'Kick-Ass': it didn't do much at the box office, but from what I've read it got a sequel pretty much off the back of its mad DVD sales, and I suspect a lot more people have heard of the Judge Dredd comic books than they have of the Kick-Ass ones.

Glad to see this article on DOG I loved Dredd and ill be gutted if they dont make a sequel even though i know its highly unlikely. I suppose all we can do is buy the the DVD and hope for the best. Got the Blu Ray through yesterday looks really good and Urban really suits the role but I agree Olivia Thurby held it together, also funny to see Avon Barksdale getting bet up from Dredd.

I'd have loved to have added to the money Dredd took at the cinema - but it didn't even come to my country! And like several others Stateside, I can attest to the zero visibility of any marketing for Dredd. I get US TV and radio here, not a jot anywhere promoting the movie. Some of Alex Garland's pre-release comments did nothing to further the excitement either - the whole process of selling the movie to the movie-going public was badly, badly bungled.

I've heard of it selling out in a lot of places all over the UK and US, especially the Blu Ray. Bear in mind that Dredd is regarded as a failure so the big chain stores probably only ordered a handful of copies each, but it's still pleasing to see that it at least appears to be selling better than anyone expected.

In the beginning of the film I thought Olivia Thurby was just there for eye candy but as the movie went on, I actually became very impressed with her performance. I will be keeping an eye out for any other movies she appears in.

Dredd was my favourite film of the year. Such a shame it was pushed like it was, but I urge all that have not seen it to buy on DVD or BR. The people involved in this film deserved more. I really want a sequel and I hope the producers take the view that the groundwork has been laid for a sequel. When I purchased my BR copy there was only 2 copies on the shelf in HMV and the shop assistant said its selling well. Lets hope!

for the first time in quite a while i have paid full price for a dvd in order to hopefully support dredd. stranger things have happened ... and hopefully without breaking DoG rules, can i mention the new-ish judge dredd skirmish war game from mongoose publishing, should any be interested?

Get in tonight, find the coveted package from Amazon waiting for me. I know what I'm watching tonight.

Ok fair enough, but I would argue the point that people dont know why she is there its made clear from the start ! its her assignment to complete her judges training

I saw it and was disappointed..script just just wasn't that good. Dialogue was weak and also the characters were very 1 dimensional. I love JD from the comics and Urban did a fine job but just didn't have enough to work with.

That's not exactly true. There is little proof of the Raid ripping off Dredd either and anything else is pure conjecture until someone says otherwise. Yes the script was leaked beforehand but there's still very little time in between - about a month or two - to write a new script for the Raid and get an entire production rolling.


Yep , bought a blu-ray specifically for Dredd , went over to Asda after work and they were all sold out , im gonna take that as a good sign

I am pleased to report I went out to do my part and buy a copy on blu-ray only to find out my local shop had sold out of the blu-ray edition and had to order more. Not wanting to wait having missed it in the cinema I drove further down the road to the next shop and bought two copies. I figured my brother would love a copy for his birthday and if he doesn't too bad because that's what he's going to get!

This is so odd! I had to fight to see a 3D viewing in AZ. I had to go at 10:30 am on a Sunday for the one showing. Otherwise it was all 2D. Just proves the point that this was not marketed or distributed well!

bought it on blu ray now im sending it back because the sound was poor i was quite enjoying it as well they aint gonna make money putting poor quality discs out i heard im not the only one who had this problem

I bought the bluray sight unseen based on the strength of some reviews. Hope it is a good movie.

I dragged anyone I could get along to the cinema to see this movie when it came out. However, I can attest to the terrible US marketing campaign. I saw one TV trailer in the run up to release, and, despite waiting avidly for this movie since I first heard it was in production, I only heard that it had been released after it had already been in cinemas for a week!

I took two of my friends who'd never even heard of the character to see it in 2D first, they loved it so much that the next week we got some more friends together and went to see it in 3D, the first time I've actually gone to see a 3D movie on purpose!

Went out and rented the DVD on the day it was released, and I've since bought a Blu Ray player and rented the Blu Ray today. I get paid on Friday, at which point I'll be buying the Blu Ray for myself. Might have to get it from Amazon, as my local Target was sold out. Also, one of my friends works at Blockbuster, and he said their shipment had been delayed, and that they'd been swarmed with angry customers wanting to know why they hadn't got their Dredd rentals yet!

Stop with the connections to The Raid for gods sake.

I swear I have only read a few reviews that do not mention that film.

There was virtually no Dredd push in the US. I wanted to see this film and even finding an actual RELEASE DATE was difficult. I dragged a few friends with me and they all came out saying "Hey...that was pretty good." We all claim not to buy the promo hype of new releases but it is amazing how lack of hype can kill a film.

I'm buying Dredd on DVD and copies for a few friends. Hey - $20, why not?

Not yet seen Dredd, but given the reviews it's picked up I'm quite keen to do so.
At the risk of sounding like the prophet of doom however, I really can't see any way that it'll make anywhere near enough off rentals/downloads/sales to get a sequel green-lit.
Of the films mentioned in the article and comments as getting sequels green-lit due to post-cinema taking - Austin Powers & Kick-Ass - both still made considerably more (at least twice their respective budgets) at the cinema box office to qualify as profitable (even taking into account Hollywood's famously 'creative' accounting) before the video/dvd sales kicked in. Even if Dredd didn't cost $50m it was a major loss-maker. Afraid it'll be some considerable time before anyone gets any 'profit' off this. Unfortunately I just don't think there's the cinema audience for this type of film any more.

With Dredd and other so-called failures that were loved by the people who actually went to go see them, I think it's apparent that Hollywood has not got a frickin' clue on how to market genre films! They certainly know how to churn out and market the dross of generic rom-coms and poor star-driven films though. It's sad as the badly marketed films tend to not do well because people know nothing about them and miss out on watching them on the big screen. But it is websites and blogs like this that helps with the awareness and spread the word of mouth helping the films become hits on the home entertainment market.

If the film doesnt hit the potential £50m target for a sequel, can the makers of DREDD simply not set up a kickstarter funding drive for the remaining amount? I know i would contribute in return for some cool merchandise.

To put it into perspective: Kick-Ass (a Indie film like Dredd that shared roughly the same budget and same US distributor) made nearly $100m at the worldwide box office and was considered a huge failure on release.

Dredd made less than $37m.

Dredd didn't 'underperform' like Kick-Ass did - it flopped, really badly. When you factor in marketing budgets and the percentage of the gross that cinemas take it didn't even come close to breaking even.

With DVD and ancillary sales it may eventually break even - it might even one day get into profit, but nowhere near enough to make a sequel viable. Dredd would basically have to be one of the the best-selling DVD/Blu Rays OF ALL TIME for it to get a sequel. I just can't see that happening.

At the end of the day, though, better that we got one great Dredd film that failed than another cinematic misfire like Stallone's Judge Dredd!

Yep, that's about the size of it. Sadly.

It was always going to struggle in the US. A British comic book character that was brutalised first time round by Stallone (not in a good way). Saw it at the cinema and waiting for DVD to hit our shores.

I'm hoping they will consider making a Sinister Dexter movie too.

That's because the guys that made 'The Raid' ripped the plot off from Dredd. The script [Dredd] had already been made and pushed through before 'The Raid' was even thought of.

that could be a possibility imo. Kickstarter funds for video games last year exceeded $80million (with the entirety of kickstarter funds being at $320million, which includes music, art and theatre to name a few.) so why wouldnt they be able to do the same with Dredd 2?

Yeah, the cover art is Dreddful (I'll get my coat) and to be honest so are the menus (In fact, all the UI in the movie itself are bad). Whoever made them clearly doesn't know much about design. I mean, come on, typography and colours are basic stuff!

Bought it, love it. Really hope it becomes a hit at retail. Riddick didn't exactly light the box office up, but we're getting a new one of those, thanks largely to a committed following... and Vin Diesel being awesome of course.

Strewth! Now, that's a proper fan. Hear that, the rest of you so-called geeks? This man has set the bar for real fanaticism.

Saw it last night. Thought it was good - but not brilliant. The budget was very small, which meant we didn't get to see Mega City 1 as it is in the 2000AD comic - in fact it barely felt like a sci-fi movie at all, more violent action thriller. It was entertaining but hardly the sort of movie to kick-start a franchise. Having said that it was much better than Danny Cannon's effort.

Really? You think The Raid's writers, producers, director actually stole the Dredd script? What an odd paranoid rant.

The copy on the back cover (written in nasty yellow font) is disgraceful - littered with factual and grammatical errors and strange vocabulary choices. It's like something you'd see on an old dodgy pirate DVD.

You think, it was bad? In Poland I don't think there even was a trailer in cinemas, I personally found out it was on only 'cause I felt like watching the old Dredd, completely out of the blue... ;-D. And, honestly, marketing is one thing, the other problem, IMO is the whole redo/makeoever/whatnot stuff that happened in 2012... I mean, Total Recall and all... I think, there were many people who simply didn't care to find out what the film is actually about, and thought it would be yet another microwaved hamburger. SHAME! I'm totally bankrupt these days, but the hell with it. My Judges will keep me safe from the shelf when I'm working... ;-> Anyhow, fight the good fight guys!

Missed this at the cinema, much to my shame, having been a 2000AD reader from issue 1 until I was way too old to be buying comics. Having now bought the DVD, I have only 2 words to say about it: That's Dredd!


Dredd was my favorite comic based film in the last five years right next to The Avengers. It is just a shame that certain films just do not appeal to movie goers. I really loved seeing it at the theater and was counting down the days until I could own it on blu-ray.

All true. I thought for a second about "if Dredd was marketed as a horror film, it would have had a bigger gross." Just imagine the commercials showing clips of Judge Death and the reactions from anyone who never read the comics.

It would be if it wasn't true. The script "Peach Tress" was available on Megaupload (remember that) and some other download sites before the raid went into production.

That's the sad part. Stallone's version made money, making about $113 mil on a $90 mil budget.

All my friends I tried to get to go see it when it was in theaters said the Stallone version is what kept them away :(

However, I have been able to share it on video to multiple people and it has been a success.

Update: So I have been to all my local retailers to buy a copy for the past 3 days. They all have it listed as number 1 in the charts and have all sold out, So I have to wait for my copy :(. On the bright side though If its selling that well maybe their is hope for a sequel. Internet Campaign anyone?

Dredd did not make aloss the cost of the film was 35million. The director said it needed to take 50 million for a sequel to be green lit and it only did 37 (I think).

I bought the Blu-Ray on impulse yesterday and I have to say I loved it! It completely deserves to have a sequel made! Let's all make it happen! :D

The U.S. push was non-existent. I didn't know the film was in theaters here until after it was already running. And then, by the time I had the $12 dollars, it was already dropped from the theaters near me. It deserved far better. If the Expendables films can make as much money as they did then Dredd surely could have done better with good marketing exposure and merchandizing. It was just sad.

Encouragingly, it sounds like it's doing very well in the US so far. Shifted about 650,000 units. So perhaps there may be a chance of a second go yet?

I like many others consider this the best film of 2012 hands down- a real labour of gritty love with excellent performances by Karl Urban and the lovely Olivia Thirlby and so deserving sequels! I really hope the DVD/Blu ray sales make a case for some- it would be beyond criminal for more not to be done with this take on Dredd- even a TV mini-series with the same actors and production values would be welcome!

Am really frustrated that this movie isn't getting the
acclaim it deserves.

Was also disappointed to hear it's chances of a sequel are looking

That's a mistake!

Maybe Dredd was held back by it's Stallone predecessor or
it's marketing didn't reach far enough for the audience... that is out there!
Who probably kicked themselves for not seeing it in the cinema.

But to not give it another chance to establish itself, after
reviews and critics BOTH agreeing that it had the makings of something Great.
Sounds like a shameful missed opportunity. The amount of tripe that hits the
screens these days that doesn't have an inch of the potential Dredd has.

If they'd lowered its certificate and made it more accessible
to younger ages, that would have felt like a cop out! The greatest aspect to
movie was it's 'Dredd' like, uncompromising and unflinching approach to the
violence. It was good to watch a movie that allowed that.

I'm going to try an convert as many people as I can, into
loving this film the way I do or at least appreciate it for the undiscovered
gem that it is.

The only good news I've seen really is that everywhere I've gone to look for it on Blu Ray, it's been sold out. Ended up buying on Amazon.

i was an avid 2000ad reader,was disappointed with stallones film,although it did have some good points,the angel gang in particular,this version,WOW it was everthing that the first film wasnt,gritty,violent,no nonsense,straight to the point conversion of the comic,its like a cinematic duplicate of the 2 to 3 page original comic strips that i loved,even for non dredd fans i think it stands alone as a good sci fi film and hope more films will follow

My copy arrived today! ^_^

I saw it twice at the cinemas!! It's not been released in Aus yet, but I'll be buying a 3D copy asap once it is!

Loved this film. Hate 3D movies but was converted by Dredd and so go see it in 3D if possible. Rented it twice since and certainly will be adding it to my collection soon. We must have sequels and make 'em R rated or you will be judged!

I am old enough to have been enthralled, by 2000AD from issue 1 (Bionic stickers'nall) loved Dredd then (Preferred Sam Slade, Robo Hunter!) I Hated the bonkers Stallone effort.... Loooved this version. I rented it tonight on my Apple TV.... It was so true to the original comic strip.... we want more!

in my opinion the film was very good but the story was more like that film called "the raid redemption" 2011

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