DNA Films chief on Dredd 2 and Dredd 3

News Simon Brew 10 Sep 2012 - 06:53

What's the plan for Karl Urban as Dredd if the first film makes the required amount of cash?

From what we've gleamed thus far, the reaction to Dredd's release in UK cinemas last Friday has been positive. Rightly so, too: the film isn't a perfect beast, but its comparably low budget affords it the room to be a genuinely hard-edged, faithful interpretation of the character on the big screen.

Writer Alex Garland has been talking of late about plans for Dredd to be a trilogy of films, even if he isn't able to be involved with them himself to quite the same degree. And now, Andrew Macdonald of DNA Films, has been chatted to Screen Daily about the plans for the Dredd trilogy.

"Alex has a very good idea for Dredd's journey", he admitted. Iterating his belief that the Dredd movie "nailed a style" and that Karl Urban is "an absolutely magic Judge Dredd", Macdonald said that "I am sure that, if it works, it's something that all the distributors will want to do again". DNA Films partnered with IM Global on the first movie.

The plan for Dredd 2 and Dredd 3 would be, once more, to shoot them in South Africa, and presumably keep costs as tightly under control as had been achieved with Dredd. Furthermore, the piece suggests that the Cursed Earth will indeed form the basis of Dredd 2. Alex Garland has voiced the plan to bring the Dark Judges in for Dredd 3, but that's some way away yet.

The immediate hope, then, is that Dredd returns the sum required to trigger the next film. Even those not keen on what's been put on screen this time around would surely suggest it's been a far better venture than the last effort...

Screen Daily.

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Considering it's relatively modest $45m budget, 'Dredd' has a better-than-average chance of making a tidy profit and getting a sequel greenlit, if it makes at least $100m worldwide (which I believe to be both totally realistic and achievable) at the box-office, plus likely strong sales on home release formats early next year, I would say we'll know by next spring at latest (if not before) whether a 'Dredd' sequel is a go... and if it is, I would say we'll probably have to wait until 2016 to see it!

I think 2016 is a bit excessive, I would say more likely 2015 considering Garland has already planned how the trilogy will play out. It's not as though they'll have to scramble together a outline for the sequel(s) if Dredd is a success. Granted we don't know if Garland will be involved with Dredd 2 and 3, but even so they'd want to get the sequel quickly enough that audiences don't forget about it and 4 years is along time in cinema for a film like Dredd. I see confirmation on whether a sequel will be grennlit or not by the end of the year.

Maybe I'm being over ambitious here, but I see Dredd becoming the unofficial replacement for Resident Evil, seeing as it seems that series is coming to an end soon.

I've not seen the movie yet, but I've always been keen on the idea of turning Dredd into a hard-edged grown up CG TV series. It will be great if they get to make three movies, but there's so much more to that 'Universe' and a TV series could do go much further!

The bigger the budget the more pressure there will be for any sequels to appeal to a mass audience. Personally I'd rather it retain some edginess, even if Megacity One does look a bit rubbish.

I really want to see dredd. And i do hope it does well enough to warrant a franchise. But i am somewhat quite angry with the way the film had been distributed. I live in manchester and we have 2 major cinema chains in the city centre and others a short distance away. Not one is playing the film in 2d. I for one cannot stand 3d. I gave it a chance with avatar, tron, hugo and clash of the titans. Avatar was impressive and hugo was interesting for the way it utilised it. But i am done with 3d and i think its unfair that i am not able to make that choice with dredd. Has anyone else had this problem in seeing dredd? Or am i just being difficult and petty?

Put me down for a sequel please! Dredd was superb and well deserving of more!

Saw it yesterday. It was good, but not great. Dredd's character was excellant (although I'm not sure how Dredd in the comic would react to movie Dredd's stubble). The story was rather thin, if I'm brutally honest. MaMa was one dimensional and there wasn't enough of a story to interest me about Anderson. Essentially, it was just a big shoot-em-up.

Well all it is is a simple 'day in the life of Dredd' film, its' not meant to be a complex, thought-provoking action film like James Bond, so in that sense I thought it succeeded beautifully.

If we get a sequel I'm sure we'll get a more developed film now that the character has been introduced.

I want a Durham Red movie.

The 3D isn't that intrusive at all really and far more subtle. Personally, I can't stand it either, but in this instance it really wasn't noticeable. I would encourage you to see it. I saw it at the AMC of Deansgate

I'll be there for dredd 2. It was Dark, in keeping with the comic and violent. The 18 certificate was a good choice.

It's 3d was restrained and worked. I didn't like 3d, but it added something to this

Bring the Mean Machine to life in Dredd 2 please!

replacement for Resident Evil? WTF? That's an awful 'franchise', how would Dredd be a replacement for that?

My point is that that franchise has been the 'big, post-Summer R-rated film' every September since the second film. But now that that series is coming to an end, probably with the 6th film, Dredd could be the next 'big, post-Summer R-rated film'.

I wasn't determining the quality of the films, because Dredd is a million times better than RE, but simply a way of filming that void that RE may leave for a big September hit, even if RE are terrible films.

I'm know I'm being a bit vague, but it's a little difficult to put it into words. All I'm saying is Dredd could be a consistent post-Summer success if they all come out in September.:)

this film deserves a sequel, all involved respected the source material instead of bastardising it like other film companies like to do.Karl Urban IS DREDD

I meant to say EARLY 2016, Jezza, but you're probably right, if - and it's a big IF at this point - a sequel is given the greenlight and work begins early next year, it's likely that production would take place entirely in the first half of 2014, leaving them more than a year to work on the visual effects and the 3-D rendering... it's tight but absolutely doable, and if that's the way it happens, then roll on September 2015, I say!

havent seen Dredd yet, and evidently wont until the blu-ray release due to 3D films giving me migraines. The limited 2D release is despicable.

I know it didn't have a huge budget, might be being petty here but I was disappointed in the bikes and how the judges looked on them, they looked crap not cool at all.

Try Cineworld in Bolton. I saw it there tonight as I too aren't a fan of 3D (Just a gimicky reason to increase ticket costs IMO) . They have one 2D showing a day (7pm)

Agreed. It was one of the major let downs. I would have been happier if they used a bike similar to the batpod but with kitting.

i can't believe i didnt see this movie in theaters! i wanted to, but the disapointing numbers made me wait. now im kicking myself for it. what an awesome awesome movie. im hoping for a few sequels. dredd left me wanting more. a lot more!

Best sci-fi movie since Bladerunner.This will become a classic.

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