DNA Films chief on Dredd 2 and Dredd 3

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10 Sep 2012 - 06:53

What's the plan for Karl Urban as Dredd if the first film makes the required amount of cash?

From what we've gleamed thus far, the reaction to Dredd's release in UK cinemas last Friday has been positive. Rightly so, too: the film isn't a perfect beast, but its comparably low budget affords it the room to be a genuinely hard-edged, faithful interpretation of the character on the big screen.

Writer Alex Garland has been talking of late about plans for Dredd to be a trilogy of films, even if he isn't able to be involved with them himself to quite the same degree. And now, Andrew Macdonald of DNA Films, has been chatted to Screen Daily about the plans for the Dredd trilogy.

"Alex has a very good idea for Dredd's journey", he admitted. Iterating his belief that the Dredd movie "nailed a style" and that Karl Urban is "an absolutely magic Judge Dredd", Macdonald said that "I am sure that, if it works, it's something that all the distributors will want to do again". DNA Films partnered with IM Global on the first movie.

The plan for Dredd 2 and Dredd 3 would be, once more, to shoot them in South Africa, and presumably keep costs as tightly under control as had been achieved with Dredd. Furthermore, the piece suggests that the Cursed Earth will indeed form the basis of Dredd 2. Alex Garland has voiced the plan to bring the Dark Judges in for Dredd 3, but that's some way away yet.

The immediate hope, then, is that Dredd returns the sum required to trigger the next film. Even those not keen on what's been put on screen this time around would surely suggest it's been a far better venture than the last effort...

Screen Daily.

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