Dredd 2: can fans make the sequel happen?

Feature Simon Brew 18 Sep 2013 - 06:24

The Make a Dredd Sequel campaign's working hard to get a Dredd follow-up going. And fans can help, too, Simon writes...

It's more than likely that you know the story so far. It was a year ago that a new take on Judge Dredd made it to cinema screens, in the shape of Dredd. With Karl Urban taking on the title role. And with a production that stretched every cent of its circa-$40m production budget, it felt like an uncompromised labour of love from top to bottom. The kind of comic book movie that many of us have been crying out for.

Granted, Dredd is far from a perfect beast, but it's a raw, occasionally brilliant and authentic take on a comic book character with a rich back catalogue to dig into. A trilogy of films had been talked about, with the possibility of Judge Death even making it to the last one. But the box office takings dealt what at the time looked like a fatal blow to the chances of Dredd 2, and left us staring down the barrel of a future where huge PG-13-rated comic book movies were the only way forward. See also: Watchmen.

Dredd's worldwide box office total settled at $35m, with just $13m in the US. It struggled, if we're being honest, in most countries in the world, proving to be a solid hit in the UK but not in many other places (and in the UK, many avoided it at the cinema due to the lack of 2D screenings).

But then it got to DVD, Blu-ray and streaming services. And whilst there's not been a massive about turn in the film's fortunes, there's been enough to make at least one or two people sit up and take notice. That, in turn, has lit a flickering flame of hope for a Dredd 2. In the US, Dredd has done around $10m in disc sales so far, and in the UK, the film has constantly stuck around the top 100 discs at Amazon. Today marks its 272nd day in the Amazon top 100, and the discs keep selling.

Now, just to ground things a little. Dredd isn't going to and hasn't made anyone rich. Yet with continued home interest in the film, there remains the possibility that a sequel could yet press ahead. Yep, it's a really, really long shot. Yep, we fully expect a couple of comments telling us that there's no chance of it happening, and that everyone is wasting their time. Yet tell that to the folks running the Dredd sequel campaign. They've attracted over 80,000 signatures to their petition, which is now backed by 2000AD, and they've continually pushed for and pointed out sales spikes for the film. And we're standing firmly next to them.

Which brings us today. For the Dredd sequel campaign has anointed today as the day of action to get a new film going. And to stand any chance of this working, it needs the help of lots and lots of people. What they're asking is for a concerted effort to drive the film back up as many charts as they can. So, if you've got the DVD or Blu-ray already, perhaps consider buying another copy for somebody else today, maybe as an early Christmas present. The Blu-ray is widely selling for just £6 in the UK.

If you don't want to buy a disc, then maybe consider watching or buying the film via a (legal) streaming service. Watch it on Netflix maybe. Basically - anything you can do to get the film noticed, and to give it a bit of revenue somehow.

It's a bit of an ask certainly, but the idea is that if the film spikes again, it gives it just another push, and hopefully gets its plight noticed once more by those with the power and cash to get Dredd 2 moving.

As we said, a long shot. But it's got to be worth a try...

Dredd Sequel campaign

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'And we're standing firmly next to them'. Which is exactly why you should have a banner on the homepage advertising the fact. The support for that suggestion by the DoG community was unanimous, so let's really make a difference and really get behind the campaign!

Are there not other ways of supporting? Emailing the director, emailing the company, emailing Urban, emailing the President?!


If you go to the 2000 AD campaign page, it gives you the email contact at Lionsgate. I did try posting it on the previous piece on here but the DoG police wouldn't let me!

It's the autofilter on Disqus - sorry. We very, very rarely delete posts.

Its after midnight, so it's Wednesday for me now. Time to fire up Netflix!

I would have bought more disks for people, but they picked two days before pay day as the Day of Action. XD

EXACTLY. Great point sir, and I hope Den of Geek can do more than just talk the talk. If ever there was a movie deserving of a sequel, it's Dredd.

As much as I enjoyed it, I do wish it had had a story of its own and hadn't simply been a remake of the first Die Hard.

"What do we want?"
"A sequel to Dredd!"
"When do we want it?"
"After an appropriate period for script development and at a convenient juncture within the returning actors' schedules "

You're off the hook then... now, about this banner...

Although it does irk me to give those tax-dodging b*stards at Amazon any of my hard-earned readies, they're selling it for a fiver, so just got mine. And yeah, DoG where's the banner???

I bought it on dvd and when i recently got a blu ray player i bought it on blu ray. I'm doing my part!

I don't control the banners, but will see if there is something else I can do. *Very* keen to support this campaign, hence given it one of the three headline slots on the site today - Simon

Simon - you are a dude and I think that goes for all the Dredd Heads too!

Just ordered the Blu ray :) already got he dvd from tescos last month for a £5 so I guess I spend a bit more.

Don't forget to buy a DVD or Blu-ray today to support the cause creeps! ;-)

Not like it really matters that much when almost all of us probably run ad blockers...

I signed the petition, loved it, and it looks like Granny / Aunty / toddler nephew are all getting a copy for Christmas then....

Amazon sold out of the blu ray already, it's looking good :)

i'd love to see a Dredd tv show

Seems that at least three of the Dredd production team frequent DoG...
But seriously, it's the same film!

Just bought two more. One for the cause and one for my well meaning but memory challenged friend who will no doubt forget and then hate himself for it.

It seems that I, alone, found it very mediocre, Nevertheless, I already bought the DVD and I'm happy for the proceeds to go towards a sequel.
Before anyone gets angry, and in the interests of balance, many people find me to be very mediocre too, but they don't give me £7 like I did for the DVD, so I guess justice is served.

This would make a good kickstarter project would it not..........

It's an action thriller set in a tower block, and that's where the similarity ends. Tonally and story-wise it has much more in common with the films of Verhoeven and Carpenter than it does with Die Hard.

You might as well say Saving Private Ryan and Inglorious Basterds are 'the exact same film' because they share a setting.

At $40-50 million, not a chance.

I looked but couldn't find the dispensers of instant sentencing and incarceration in Die Hard.

true but better than just buying from amazon...
part funded with kickstarter

I doubt they'd make too much: the petition has about 90,000 people which is about the same amount of people who donated to Veronica Mars (which had the safety net of FOX distribution) and Dredd needs 10 times that amount. There are hidden costs to Kickstarter campaigns that rack-up the more money you make. It's really only worth it for indie films under $5 million that can't find investment elsewhere. How bigger films like Dredd are structured in terms of insurance etc. are not suited for crowd-funding.

Buying from amazon is far, far better because it shows there's actual sales to match the budget which encourages people who do have the money to fund films like Dredd and invest what's needed to get the film made.

I have been saying this since 1995! Bring back Stallone as DREDD.

Otherwise find some Volkswagens, An empty warehouse and keep shooting against bare walls and they're go a sequel to DREDD 2012 can happen.

"I Knew you'd say that!"

Forget buying more DVD's, since the money from it is divvied up so many different ways.

The best way to get a sequel is to crowd fund it, that way every dollar pledged goes into making a sequel, and people only get charged if they raise enough.

Fans will get the movie they want and deserve then.

And you expect to make $40-50 million in 30 days? No 30 day crowd-fund has gone beyond $10 million and that's for video games which sell more copies than films; have a dedicate audience and don't need to rely solely on distributors.

I keep reading that Dredd is available to view on Netflix, but it isn't(not in the UK anyway), although Slys Terrible Judge dredd is available!

No the film wasn't great and I think it was unlucky to come out around the same time as 'The Raid' that had an almost identical plot!
but I think the world that was created, the style, tone and the actors in Dredd(Urban in particular) where excellent so all the ingredients are there to make a far better sequel if a good plot can be found and ideally a bigger budget(although that is most unlikely of all...)

I loved the movie, but do we really need to mess with a sequel? A sequel that will most likely suck?

Only US.

Or equally as likely not.

Or psychics, drugs, gangs, corrupt law enforcement etc.

Last I checked, the president was too busy telling the Avengers to stop the Phoenix 5 from stopping crime, poverty, hunger, and violence! Now I'm back on foofies (term of endearment for food stamps)! That's right! Got my little yellow "B E T" card to prove it! I voted for Doctor Doom!

I bought my second copy today. And I got one of the "Make a Dredd Sequel" t-shirts too.

I like this game. 8 mile and robocop? ocean's 11 and Casino? and ocean's 13? Clue and Billy Madison?

Erm.... I'm not entirely sure what's going on here....

Whoops, thought this was Socio/Political Ramifiactions of Avengers vs Xmen on the Proletariat. Well hopefully my professor, Zombie Xavier, will now be persuaded by my 350 word essay on how I still haven't watched Dredd but really really want to, persuaded not to eat my thoughts that is.

Haven't seen Dredd yet. Question: was it a mistake to watch the Raid first? That movie smashed my brain to little balls of rolled up dry glue!

Download hola unblocker

I saw The Raid first and still preferred Dredd...

That's quite the endorsement. I will look our for it.

You're not alone Bunter, no-one followed the progress nor looked forward more to DREDD than yours truly... but when I finally saw it, it was... well, decidedly meh! Don't get me wrong, the idea of setting the story in the enclosed Mega-Block was absolutely the right idea (they should have done that for the 1995 film), the Judge outfits were perfectly and convincingly designed, and Karl Urban did the titular character great service in his portrayal... but other than that, I found it a clunky, highly derivative, often repetitive, sometimes genuinely unpleasant (the mental rape scene), unrelentingly bleak, and depressing slice of nastiness that left a sour taste in the mouth in a way that the comics NEVER did!

I love Judge Dredd but this was more of a snuff movie than a rip-roarin' satire set in a futuristic megalopolis... I bought both the Region 1 and Region 2 DVD's, watched them a couple times each, but have no stomach to watch 'em again, 'nuff said.

Um. Ok. Thanks?

Doing my part. Christmas gifts. All Dredd.

I would turn off my Adblocker for this :)

I would wait for years if that's what it'd take for Thirlby and Urban to return. I also think Urban would do it for little cash, because he is awesome.

I've always believed a Dredd movie is a waste of time and that the world is better suited to a series. The dream has long been to see 'Block Mania' and 'Apocalypse War' in that format. Screw making another film, make it a series so the universe can be fully realised on screen.

Even though I watched The Raid first too (I still wince thinking about the fight scenes i.e. all of the film!), there is more narrative in Dredd. And the bang they produced for their buck is fantastic.
On a side note on the 3D version, if like me you're lucky enough to have a 3D telly, get it in that format. I found the 3D really great on my telly - especially during the Slo-Mo scenes.

If you have Netflix on a PS3 there are ..... ways in which to watch the US version. Of course I would NEVER endorse or advise that you Google such things and that I have not done that on my PS3 ............. that would be silly *cough*

They have floated that idea, but due to so many people having their hooks in the property, there are too many rules and regulations standing in the way of being able to Kickstart it.

It pains me seeing films like Grown Ups get a sequel but Dredd won't...

Watching The Raid can never be a mistake! Watch both, back to back, your brain will be dust from the sheer level of awesomeness

Urban > Stallone... at least in regards to Dredd.

I saw Dredd first, thought the raid was fantastic but found it a little odd that the bad guys sportingly stopped using guns when the good guys ran out. Obviously it was because it was kung foo o'clock but it still irked. Also gritty sci fi beats gritty cop drama.
I feel the raid was also limited to being a very well executed martial arts action film. Dredd had a bit more depth to it. More than enough for me to desperately want more. I don't get that from the raid.

I must now work "Kung Fu o' clock" into all of my conversations from this point on.

I thought Dredd was very good indeed much better than the Stallone "effort" Jeeze I put it on after watching Urban's and took it off after 10 minutes it is awful!
Having seen the Raid and not really impressed but it was ok ish.
Dredd was good got DVD and Blue Ray 3D bought 28th.Will buy some more for gifts with Xmas coming up.

Sure beats karate chop 30

That sounds like a plan!

Um, happy to oblige?

Dont want Dredd TV show !!! Been done before but never the real deal !

Signing petitions on the Internet does not get things made.

Buying things get things made.

Well, good for you I guess, but it's not like it would do any good since you're clearly in favour of the campaign anyway.

PS. I dare you to try browsing DoG for more than 10 minutes without an ad blocker, it's a horrible experience....


"Hi son!"

So many movies that dont deserve sequels get sequels. I think this one definetely deserves one

I was making a funny, I'm not using adblockers. I don't mind supporting websites like DoG. They need to make money somehow.

I think it would work well as a gritty weekly procedural show.

The film was well done, would love to see a sequel.

Ah, I missed the humour there, my bad.

thanks, but I watch Netflix through my bluray player and laptop, I don't have any console(gaming has never done it far me!)

i was shockingly surprised at how well the movie turned out to be. I feel the storyline was actually rather good and Urban played Dredd so well. IF there were another Dredd movie, I feel it would be lacking without him. Better yet, it would be lacking without a good of a storyline as the first. Yea, it was mostly explosions, guns firing, and blood spewing everywhere, but the whole premise of these 2 judges having to fight off an entire gang, in what was basically a metal cage, to end up living after the onslaught got me hooked throughout the film...It's funny. You get s*** films like the Resident Evil series that will continue to produce crap after crap every year and still make another despite what the box office numbers say, and yet we can't get movies like Dredd that deserved a sequel, to get it started on another film. Perhaps there are plans for a sequel and it's just too early to tell, or we will never see Urban play Dredd again as we kind of all are suspecting. Shame to be honest...

I blame the original judge dredd movie on why this one struggled. They did a poor job on the first one and well it made most of us cringe at the thought of watching this movie when it was redone. If they would have done this level of acting and script on it the first time it would have more than doubled its box office revenue that what it did churn out. So doing a Dredd 2 with around the same revenue they should see a return on it making it well worth doing.

I blame the original judge dredd movie on why this one struggled. They did a poor job on the first one and well it made most of us cringe at the thought of watching this movie when it was redone. I also agree with John Wagners statement on the 1995 movie that : the story had nothing to do with Judge Dredd, and Judge Dredd wasn’t really Judge Dredd. If they would have done this level of acting and script on it the first time it would have more than doubled its box office revenue that it did churn out. So doing a Dredd 2 with around the same revenue they should see a return on it making it well worth doing.

I hate The Raid. Watching a Silat demonstration would be more pleasing. But I guess Westerners don't get to see that everyday.

I say make a Dredd 2 with Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby in it because they were awesome in the movie and this part should be about either Judge Death or the Apocalypse War between the Russian Judges. So yeah you guys should definitely make a Dredd 2.

Needs a sequel everyone I know who has seen it rates it! The reasons it did not take off at the cinema have been well documented.Don't make the same mistake and get on with it!


I love it. Karl was awesome as Dredd and as innocent as Olivia looks at times, she shows def some edginess.
And their guns...those where awesome. BRING US DREDD 2!!!

They could introduce judge reed from brit city one and judge mortis that would leave the doors open to bring judge death just my thoughts on a story line.

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