Full trailer lands for Dracula Untold, starring Luke Evans

Trailer Simon Brew 30 Jun 2014 - 06:32

The origins of Dracula are explored in the upcoming movie, Dracula Untold. Here's the trailer...

We were in the throes of infectious diseases at the back end of last week, and thus missed the launch of the first full trailer for this October's Dracula Untold. Let us right that wrong here.

The movie, which arrives in cinemas in October, stars Luke Evans, and has been directed by Gary Shore. It'll be telling the Dracula origin story, and the cast is rounded out by the likes of Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon, Diarmaid Murtagh and Samanatha Barks.

Dracula Untold hits UK cinemas on October 3rd. And here's that trailer for you...

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spoilerific trailer but looks good enough to see when the bluray is out.

Yes please. Luke Evans is great and Ive been a fan ever since The Immortal's. I'll see anything with this guy in it!!!

very nice! I thought that it will be CaptnMurica Evans, but now I feel better

Batnado makes Batman jealous!

Looks like Castlevania combined with 300. I'm in. At least it will be a brainless couple of hours of over dramatic yelling and CGI if nothing else.

Colour me interested but I would have preferred a more historical based Vlad Tepes story without the supernatural overtones. A movie documenting his life, rule and military conquests like they did with Ghengis Khan in MONGOL would have been much more fascinating IMO.

300: Dracula

I was looking forward to seeing the origins of such an iconic character. Now? Not so much. I looks like every other modern "retelling" of old legends - chiselled hero fighting for his wife/child, a huge battle featuring hundreds of CGI goons, big magical special FX and straplines like "How far...Would you go...To save...The One you love?"

I think I'd prefer to miss it than watch another disappointing and frustrating adaptation of a book that deserves better.

Makes a great 2.41 short. Not convinced I want to see the extended director's cut.

That is kind of what I was expecting and how the trailer started out. I was more interested in that, too. Then it turned supernatural, and while it still looks interesting, I liked the way it seemed to be headed originally better.

That one line sounded a lot like something from The Dark Knight. Ah well, it's Legendary so they get away with it. (It's the same production company.)

But! Bathands!?

300 Dracula's? ARRRGHH! RUN!

Did anyone else mistake the voice of Charles Dance for Benedict Cummberbatch? I was convinced it was him for 20 seconds.

If I was 13 years old I might be impressed by giant CGI bat hands, but as such, I've seen it all before in The Mummy.

'Game of Fangs'

The only thing missing from that trailer is the end credits!

Sometimes...the world doesn't need another hero..."

Cue Tina Turner.

"Sometimes...the world doesn't need another hero..."

Cue Tina Turner.

Looking forward to the sequel DRACULA UNANNOUNCED where Vlad turns up unexpectedly at a neighbours dinner party.... with hilarious results!

Seems quite similar in some ways to Marvel Comics take on the origins of Dracula. There, Varnae the vampire is looking for a successor and chooses Dracula. Here, Dracula goes looking for help and ends up in the clutches of Charles Dance as, presumably, a much older and more powerful vampire. I doubt this will be any good, but I hope it's at least watchable. I'll keep my eye out for the reviews before I decide whether or not to see it.

Yeeeeah! Dracula has finisher moves! The one thing Bram Stoker's book was missing.

Vlad Tepes is turning over in his grave now supposing he's actually in it and not sucking the blood out of Gary Shore and Luke Evans.

Btw someone give Charles Dance a ring and tell him crappy vampire movies are not the best choice if you're an actor if his stature.

Also: Gary Oldman called. He wants his Dracula armour back.


Same here. Historical drama would have been nice, instead of this. Like you though, it does look at least worth a go. We can always fall back on Wikipedia, just play the Game of Thrones soundtrack while reading...

What a load of bat-shit!

"Our arrows will blot out the Sun"
"Really? Nice one. Sunlight doesn't really agree with me to be honest."

I can't wait for Dracula: Generic Subtitle

LoL! That would be Apocalypse, End of the World.

I think this movie will be quite interesting. Several characters havent been revealed yet based on this trailer alone. But I think I read there's a roman emperor, gypsies, witches, I think Van Helsing will appear too. Not sure if Charles Dance is the Devil. Fyi, Dracula's time was a fascinating part of history, I think it's the Dark Ages, where Romania is in Eastern Europe, it's like in the center of 'tug of war' between Christianity&Muslim. So I guess that war gave birth to Dracula then! And maybe his song is 'Losing My Religion by REM'.

"Well... Dracula... Wherrrrrrre arrrrrrrrrre you.... I sssssssssssmell you... I heeear your airrrrrr..."

Alucard in this?

Well said, Dennis !
It's the first forum where I found "thinking heads" and not only "fangurls" of Luke Evans who are interested in the film just because he's the lead actor.
I'm tired of these movies with a lot of 'effects' and zero script or performances.
For those who really like movies, will be another blockbuster made only for profit.

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