Trailer for new Doctor Who fan documentary launches

Trailer Simon Brew
17 Jan 2014 - 08:33

See the trailer for An Adventure In Time With Fans, a Doctor Who fan documentary, right here...

Arriving on DVD at the end of the month is a brand new Doctor Who fan documentary, by the name of Who's Changing: An Adventure In Time With Fans.

The documentary will take a look at how Doctor Who fandom has evolved over the years, and there's a sizeable collection of talking heads offering their opinions.. Amongst those featured are Louise Jameson, Sophie Aldred, Jane Espenson, Catrin Stewart, James Moran and Gary Russell.

The film is the work of Cameron K McEwan, who does a bit of writing for us, but is primarily known for his excellent website, Blogtor Who. And there's a trailer for it that he's now released.

The DVD is up for pre-order, and by shopping around, it'll come in comfortably under a tenner.

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