Michael Jackson was once suggested for a Doctor Who movie

News Simon Brew 4 Jul 2013 - 10:03

Had Paramount Pictures had its way in the late 80s, Michael Jackson or Bill Cosby might have become a Time Lord...

With the latest Doctor Who movie plans seemingly going quiet for the time being (there's been no word from Harry Potter director David Yates, who was said to be working on the film), a bizarre story has popped up over a potential previous attempt to bring the Time Lord to the big screen.

Back in the 1980s, reports The Times, Paramount Pictures was interested in making a Doctor Who movie, and proposed doing so. Its casting masterstroke? Er, it seems that it wanted Michael Jackson to take on the lead role. This was off the back of the success of the movie Moonwalker. A quality Venn diagram is just waiting to be drawn there.

Furthermore, there was a back-up plan in place, too. Had Paramount not got Jackson, then Bill Cosby - then at the height of his powers with The Cosby Show - was reportedly next in line.

The Times picked up the story from Charles Norton's new book Now On The Big Screen: The Unofficial And Unauthorised Guide To Doctor Who At The Cinema, and the Paramount project was mooted around 1988.

At a point when Doctor Who casting is under the microscope, you'd at least have to say that Paramount would have been ahead of its time...

The Times.
Telos (book details).

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Oh, sweet Jesus.

This would have been as...interesting as Eddie Murphy in Star Trek 4.

Every time a Doctor change is on the card the tabloids speculate on the possibility of a black doctor or a woman doctor. Michael Jackson would have made a great woman doctor.

I suggested it elsewhere but at that point in time Jeff Goldblum would've been a brilliant choice for a (yank) Doctor, someone else commented adding Michael Keaton as The Master. (see no Andrew Scott comme.. oh damn, can't help myself).

Though probably not as interesting as how they'll explain Eddie Murphy in Triplets (sequel to Twiins) lol!

That just made me spit out my coffee lol!

Oh dear, Michael Jackson....
At least he'd have no problems making the character seem suitably alien (I don't mean his physical appearance either - at that point the vitiligo* wasn't that bad yet - but the guy always sounded like a particularly nervous alien from Invasion of the Bodysnatchers).

Bill Cosby might have been interesting though:-). Not my pick, but the classic series had a lot less self-consciousness, let alone fan-consciousness, about how the Doctor should be played/written, and it wouldn't have seemed particularly bizarre to put a comedian in the role. Not a fan of the Cosby show, but it's not like the guy was a bad actor - he'd have been better than Colin Baker in any event.

(* vitiligo is a condition where you lose the pigment from your skin over time. There's a few other conditions that do it, so I'm only guessing vitiligo, but I'm yet to encounter any explanation of what 'skin-bleaching' is, or how you could carry it out deliberately (using bleach on your skin certainly wouldn't have the right effect, though you'd get some nasty burn scarring; there's no documented cosmetic surgical procedure that does it, not to mention that head-to-toe cosmetic surgery would leave you in a similar physical condition to a 3rd degree burn victim - let alone having it done multiple times in order to match the way the guy's skin got gradually whiter over time). Given that, and the way the pigment loss seemed to keep progressing over time at a fairly steady rate once it started, genetic condition seems more likely).

Bill Cosby is cool.

You might want to look up "skin whitening" on Wikipedia.

Yay!!! That was well done. This is your first step towards recovery!!

You don't wannna be bad mouthing big Colin Baker, he'll come round and sit on ya.

Thanks for making me laugh, Eddie.

Colin Baker is the man! For shame!

I would have burned Hollywood down had this happened.

I, for one, am really happy this abomination never happened.

Really further evidence as to why an american should never ever be given any sort of control with doctor who, the network and studio execs over their just do not get it. Regardless of how many good ideas a yank writer or producer may have when big yank networks and studios get involved they veto far to much and try to update it for everyday audiences in america. NO, NO, NO. That being said there are many talented american writers who do have a clue with who I know the massive fan made doctor who 2.0 fan film is an example of a clued in whovian working with other clued in whovians both in the UK and US and it looks very promising.

Jackson would have been able to regenerate into himself in every sequel. From a black DR to a white one without changing actor!! Genius..

I hear Justin Bieber is still available - and he comes with a monkey!

He dumped it in Germany.

Did the vitiligo also effect his nose?

I would like to see Bill Cosby as the doctor..... Quick to the tardis, The daleks have taken over the pudding pop factory. (catch phrase: Hey,Hey,Hey)

The monkey dumped Bieber...

That would have been awful!

Michael Jackson was also in line to play The Goblin King in Labyrinth. I guess at the time no one could picture him as a child snatching menace in skin tight clothing.

Likewise, OJ Simpson wasn't cast in The Terminator because the studio couldn't picture him as a murderer.

I can't even make this crap up.

With his trusty assistant Gary Glitter travelling time and space protecting kiddies of all species from the evil Master played by Jimmy Saville.

Hahahahaha That is priceless, Arnie as the Doctor would be Awsome.

Micheal Jackson would have been good,Doctor Who would have a gothic themed Tardis and Directed by tim burton.

Jeff Goldum would have been the best doctor Ever, Dark, Quirky and moody.

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