Where next for Doctor Who series 7?

Feature James Peaty 29 Sep 2012 - 20:05

We're at the first break in Doctor Who's seventh series since it returned. So where next for Doctor Who?

This contains spoilers. Don't read it if you've not seen Doctor Who series 7 up to The Angels Take Manhattan.

Despite the departure of the Eleventh Doctor’s long time companions Amy and Rory at the end of The Angels Take Manhattan, series 7 of Doctor Who is still very much an ongoing concern for everyone’s favourite Time Lord. With the Christmas episode, eight more one-off adventures and probably at least one 50th anniversary special to come, let’s take a look at quick look at what’s potentially in store for the Doctor as 2012 gives way to 2013…

Christmas And Companions
(Spoiler-y discussion of the Christmas special in this bit, in terms of which characters are in it)

As it currently stands, very little is known about the 2012 Christmas special other than it ‘officially’ introduces new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman to the show.

Having already graced our screens in the form of Oswin Oswald in Asylum Of The Daleks, Coleman’s ongoing role is said to be a different character to the one she played previously. How this fits together with her appearance as Oswinis a mystery, although it’s worth remembering that Who has previous at reusing actors in leading roles further down the line (although not when they'd already been cast in a companion role). Does Steven Moffat have something typically somethingy-wumthingy up his sleeve to connect with these two characters? Or is he simply pulling his own out-version of Russell T Davies’ patented ‘spatial genetic multiplicity’ routine? Time will tell, as the Seventh Doctor once sagely said.

Away from Coleman’s reappearance, it’s been confirmed that the episode is a Victorian set tale, featuring both Richard E Grant and Silent Witness star Tom Ward in significant guest roles. Alongside these new faces, the episode will also apparently feature the returning characters, Madame Vastra (Neve Mackintosh), her ‘special friend’ Jenny (Catrin Stewart) and Sontaran Nurse, Commander Strax (Dan Starkey).

After their memorable turns in the series six episode A Good Man Goes To War, it seemed inevitable that Steven Moffat would reuse the Silurian Vastra and her sidekick at some point, but the return of seemingly dead Strax is a surprise.

But all of these other mysteries and returns are merely window dressing to the real story at the heart of this special: the debut of the show's new companion. Always a good stepping-on point for new or lapsed viewers, it’s reasonable to assume that this episode may well end up being one of the highest rated of the Matt Smith era so far.

Into 2013
(Again, slight spoilers, as we talk about known casting and character news).

With Christmas out of the way and a new companion in place, the show then moves into its anniversary year with a run of eight episodes currently slated to air in the spring.

Keeping the ‘movie of the week’ format that’s served the 2012 series so well, the upcoming spring season will see a writer new to Doctor Who, the creator/showrunner of Luther Neil Cross. He's writing two episodes.

The first of these, guest starring Dougray Scott is seemingly set in the 1950s, while little is known about his second script other than it’s due to be helmed by returning director, Farren Blackburn (The Fades, The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe).

Despite Cross’ addition to the writing team, the remainder of the 2013 writing line-up has a rather familiar air to it. In addition to Moffat scripting both the opening and presumably the losing episode, with his first episode rumored to feature action on ‘a worldwide scale’, there will also be a pair of scripts from series stalwart, Mark Gatiss.

His first story, directed by Douglas Mackinnon and guest starring two actors previously linked to the role of the Doctor himself, Liam Cunningham and David Warner, is rumoured to be set aboard a submarine and may or may not feature the return of classic series monsters, The Ice Warriors. Directed by Saul Metzstein, Gatiss’ second episode is another Victorian set story, rumoured to be titled The Crimson Horror, and features a major casting coup in the form of Dame Diana Rigg (The Avengers, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service).

Appearing alongside and her real-life daughter, Rachel Stirling (Tipping The Velvet), Dame Diana will also share the screen with the returning Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax. Promising fun, colour and gothic scares, this episode promises to be the kind of ghoulish romp that Gatiss does so well.  

Of course, the highlight of Gatiss’ Who output next year may not turn out to be either of his episodes of the main show, but instead his recently commissioned drama about the genesis of Doctor Who. Scheduled to air on BBC 2 later in 2013, this passion project entitled An Adventure In Space And Time, promises to be a highlight of the show's anniversary.

Back with the show proper, the spring run will also feature an episode from writer Steve Thompson (Sherlock) which reportedly features a journey into the heart of the TARDIS and a rumoured reappearance for the Eye of Harmony. Directed by newcomer Mat King and guest starring Ashley Waters (Hustle, Top Boy) fans will be hoping that Thompson hits the creative heights of his Sherlock work. His previous Who adventure, The Curse Of The Black Spot episode, was arguably the weakest of series six.

Aside from Moffat’s finale, probably the most anticipated episode of the upcoming series will be the return of fantasy legend, Neil Gaiman to the writing team. Winner of a Hugo award for his 2011 episode, The Doctor’s Wife, Gaiman has already been elevated into the top rank of Who writers and news of his next episode was announced after he collected his prize earlier this month.

There’s already been some chatter that Gaiman’s episode will feature a revamp of the Cybermen, but as it stands nothing is really known about this script other than it looks like being one of the last episodes to go into production for series seven.

As for what’s in store beyond those next eight episodes, Matt Smith’s recent quotes about the 50th anniversary special seem to indicate that Moffat’s script should be ready around Christmas and that plans exist for it to film sometime in the spring. Will this be the only anniversary special? No one’s saying for sure, although the current execs have mentioned "anniversary specials" in various interviews on more than one occasion.

The future beyond November 2013 is equally unclear. Recent interviews with the key cast and crew suggest that Steven Moffat is on board for a potential series eight, while Matt Smith’s involvement seems somewhat less secure. Could it be that when the show returns in 2014 a new Doctor will be occupying the TARDIS? At this stage nothing appears set in stone, but it seems clear that Smith’s time in the TARDIS is closer its end than its beginning.

What is certain is that Doctor Who as a show still has plenty of life left in it and that it heads into 2013 refreshed by its recent break, renewed by the imminent arrival of a new companion and ready for life beyond its 50th anniversary.

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This article seems awfully familiar...

I really hope Matt Smith stays for four years in total. I adore his Doctor. And if he doesn't, could we at least see him, River and Captain Jack in an episode together please?

New Tardis set, that's what's in store.

And Neil Gaiman's Cyberman story.

Am I the only one to notice that a certain Mr Tennants position on whether he will be appearing as the tenth Doctor in the thirtieth anniversary year has changed from 'I haven't been asked, if I had I would shout it from the rooftops' to 'I can neither confirm or deny that I will be returning'. This tells me that he is back in 'Doctor Who secrecy mode' and that at least negotiations are under way. As I imagine that he would probably do a special for nothing I would be very surprised if we didn't see Doctor number ten return to our screens next year. ALLON-SY!

I hope they get sneaky and slip the next Doctor in early on the actual show before anyone even realises Matt is leaving, imagine the Doctor bumping into his future self before we see his regeneration! Quite possibly that would be impossible in this day and age but I bet the Moff would be bold enough to try it!

I would love to see an updated telos cyberman

Oh if Matt Smith is leaving then do something timey-wimey and bring back David Tennant as the next Doctor. He's been the most entertaining doctor so far.

Oh Christ, the very idea of River and Jack in the same room...

Is it actually known for certain that Dan Starkey is playing Strax? He could easily be playing a completely new Sontaran. (He has played 3 different Sontarans so far)

Nerd news is as exciting as it is frustrating, isn't it?

'Fraid that's not how it works. Sorry.

The flirting would cause the God of Paradoxes!

Human Nature (the book, not the ep) started doing that, before things got Complicated (not a typo). Would be fun to see, actually. Be nice to hear someone other than River saying "spoilers".

Yeah, haters are going to hate and alot of people are going to hate me for saying this but the problem that I have with Stephen Moffat tenure as Showrunner on Doctor Who is that he's way too concerned in trying to make show look cool than do anything it with that it is cool and that's why it's so crap now ! Like dude, you don't need The Statue Of Liberty as a Weeping Angel, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship or Awesome Sums Of Daleks In Space to make Doctor Who cool ! It's Doctor Who ! It's cool enough ! To put this sort of stuff in episodes like he does, week after week, is unnecessary and don't understand it. You've got to let stories write themselves and he's not doing that and that dude is what gets to me ! I give up :-(

I can't wait to see how the Doctor is going to appear in the Christmas episode. Now begins the long wait!!!

Matt Smith is a quite memorable Doctor. Like him or hate him,you won't forget him. Maybe that's true of each incarnation,all different,all quite strong characters. I still want to see the eighth Doctor again and am hoping that Paul McGann can be coaxed to join the fray in the 50th anniversary episode.

For the fiftieth anniversairy, in a way it would be great to have amultiple Doctors story featuring the likes of Mcgann and Tennant (maybe ecclestone but unlikely) but i worry that it would just lead to a renewal of comparisons between the tenth and eleventh Doctors. It would undermine Matt Smith a little to pair him with DT who was such an enormous part of it for 5 years.

Again, Moffatt said last year that 2013 would have more episodes of Doctor Who than ever before. As it stands now there is only 8 for series 7b and a 50th special. Potentially 8-9 months between episodes. Not exactly a good way to celebrate or get the public interested, and not exactly 'more episodes than ever'. I hope series 8 starts in the fall leading into the anniversary (maybe have the 50th special on Nov 23rd as the midway point, then an Xmas special then series 8b in early 2014. That is what I would do and then we WOULD have more episodes than ever.

Unfortunately that would be too close to the storyline of The Next Doctor (even if that ended up being a fake-out).

I love you disrespective! You are one of the only people apart from myself who is honest about the state of Who under moffat!

"it’s worth remembering that Who has previous at reusing actors in leading roles further down the line (although not when they'd already been cast in a companion role)."
Not entirely true...Jacqueline Hill came back as Preistess Lexa in MEGLOS long after playing Barbara Wright. Take that as you will.

Where next for series 7? Well I don't mind anywhere as long as it isn't under Steven Moff-hat and wooden block impersonator Matt Smith! Since this dynamic duo have taken the helm of the Tardis I have found I couldn't care less what happens any more. And now, should I be lucky enough to miss an episode, then I'm only to happy, tbh. Whilst the return of the Ice Warriors gives me the slightest tingle of excitement the rest of this current era of Who under the Grande chump Moff, as filled me with dread! When I used to watch Doctor Who it filled me with wonder and joy, now all it fills me with is empty shallow boredom. And it has become a tedious chore to watch. I gave my opinion of last night's episode and all the Moff fanboi's turned up en mass to roast me alive. They suffer from selective thinking. They flayed RTD alive for the mistakes he made yet when the Moff does it, they kiss his backside and applaud him as a genius, which he is anything but. For the past two days I have been called OCD sufferer and thick because I just don't dig the groovy massive plot holes and abandoned threads that the Grande Moff has inflicted upon us. It isn't too much to ask for some intelligent though provoking T.V, which the Doctor, even under RTD used to provide. Now it's an empty hollow of it's former self. Sure the Moff fanbois love to bleat on and on about how smart they are because they got the poorly written plot twists and dead end characters that have no development whatsoever, but if it wasn't for them screaming this is the best Who ever, I would't even know it was Doctor Who!. Moffat as turned the Doctor into a brand name with a generic cliché ridden, Sci-Fi light, FB generation, no thought required TV show tacked onto it to keep sales receipts ticking over in America. The show as become a travesty under Moffat. I've spent all day saying this over on your Angels review page and for the most part, everybody can't see what is wrong with current Gen Who, and when you try to point it out to them they tell you not to watch and not to post your opinions, because the Grande chump can't do any wrong in their eyes! They are terrified of the fact that my post's are cementing their own worst fears which they try desperately to deny, that Moff era Who is the worst ever. There are so many things wrong with Who under Moff's tenure it makes the mistakes committed by RTD seem like the golden age of Who! don't care if viewing figures are good. This does not mean that the overall quality of the show is good. It's just become mindless pap churned out for the unthinking generation who have to be told what is good and what is not rather than engaging their brains and figuring it out for themselves. I doubt I'll be watching the Christmas special because if the last two are anything to go by I will be left severely depressed and wishing, like Rory, after being married to Pond, I could launch myself off the top of a skyscraper so I don't have to suffer the indignities of watching my all time fave show be massacred by somebody who classes himself a fan yet completely dismisses the entire classic era! The sooner people see this dreck for what it is instead of following the crowd and claiming it's the best thing since sliced bread, and start switching off, the sooner the Beeb will be forced to re-evaluate who the show runner is and hopefully make some much needed drastic changes for the better. I won't hold my breath. For three years I have sat back and watched the Moff fanbois endlessly bleat on about how great it is when anybody with half a brain cell can see it is just plain awful. And yes I am a long time fan of Who, That's why I'm so upset about it's current state. I await the Pro Moff Lobbyist's turning up round mine to hang me from the nearest lampost for even thinking about disagreeing with the direction the holy Moff as taken our show!

Undermine Smith? There is no comparison to make, DT can act, Smith as the personality and acting ability of a frozen asda sausage.

I beg to differ, every episode I have watched with him in, as been instantly forgettable I'm afraid. And I sincerely hope an actor as good as Paul think's twice about committing himself to current Who. once all the Moff fanboi-ism as died off, this will be surely remembered as the worst era of Who ever. It makes the Mccoy years seem sublime in comparison. Up until now my least fave Doctor was Colin Baker, but I am willing to forgive him every trespass after seeing Matt Smith in action. The guy may look the part with his foppy hair and bowtie, but he certainly can't portray the part as he has proven time after time. He is a cbbc actor at best.

Whoever the replacement is can't be any worse than Matt who?

No thanks, I've had about all I can stomach from Smith.

Again I am advertising my theory -and hope- that Oswin is the Doctor's Daughter Genny. Although it might be a futile one. Anyway it could be an answer on how she servived Asylum of the Daleks, and because we have seen the Doctor losing some emotional baggage after regeneration. Although he changes 'face' when he does. But what I really hope is that we haven't seen the ultimate death of the charater of Oswin already. We have River Song for that.

This has to be the most badly written criticism I have ever read. I am not under the impression that Steven Moffat's era is perfect... There are some things which are not to my taste. Still, I was prepared to defend his good points. However, I found I couldn't. Not because there aren't any but because your paragraph of diatribe didn't actually contain any specifics. Apart from delivering cheap shots by calling Steven Moffat funny names (a very weak form of argument) all you did was bleat on about how you didn't care anymore and how the 'fanboi's" think Moffat was perfect.

So Underclass Underdog, how about you write a grown up review of Steven Moffat's era, detailing what you don't like and allow people to agree or disagree with you in a mature manner. From your style of writing I only get the impression that you don't like current Doctor Who because it is aimed at an older demographic then you... As it is aimed at intelligent 8-100 years old, you can make of that what you will...

... One thing I can say from your 'piece'. You stated that you hope that people stop watching so that the BBC review their showrunner, what is more likely to happen if viewers drop off is the BBC will cancel the show. It is one of the most expensive shows the BBC make and if people are not watching or buying the merchandise they will cancel it.

A Doctor Who fan can dislike the current era of Doctor Who but a true fan would also be pleased that so many people are enjoying the show (and millions do, just because you don't like it doesn't mean those that do are idiots, their point of view is just as valid as yours) and that the viewing figures remain healthy. That way you can be sure that somebody will eventually replace the showrunner you dislike and maybe you'll get somebody who you enjoy. The alternative is cancellation. We've been there and I, for one, don't want to go back!

Personally I think Matt Smith's one of the best Doctors. Why people rave about David Tennant is beyond me. OK he was good in the part - but I found his Doctor irritating and smug a lot of the time and far too 'blokey'.
No disrespect to David Tennant intended - it was a part he was playing - but Smith's Doctor is far more likeable. And the irritating way the tenth Doctor regenerated (all that, I don't want to go nonsense and travelling back to see his companion - was cloying and overly sentimental to the power of ten (pun intended).
I'm actually hoping The Tenth Doctor ISN'T back for the Anniversary year. Given the choice I'd far rather Ecclestone was back (although I know he won't do it - which is a pity).

"it seems clear that Smith’s time in the TARDIS is closer its end than its beginning.
What is certain is that Doctor Who as a show still has plenty of life left in it"
But doesn't the doc only have 1 regeneration left? When Smith leaves, there will only be room for 1 more doctor. And as each actor only stays for a few years, then we may only have a few more years of the doctor left.

Like so many people that write such highly charged messages on these boards (against or for the show) the main driving motivation seems to be your absolute incredulity that someone could see the current state of the show differently to you.
When it is so clearly bad (or so clearly great) for you, it's almost impossible comprehand how somebody could not see it in the same light you do.
I understand that - my head almost explodes everytime I see that someone has posted a comment somewhere that isn't full of bile and hate about 'Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull' - there isn't a single atom of my being that can accept that a rational human being could have enjoyed anything about that film - but guess what, some people did like it!
We have to accept that not everybody who doesn't share our opinion only has 'half a brian cell'.
I'm 38, a long term Who fan, Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor yet and I'm really enjoying this era. I don't deny there are flaws in the show (but there hasn't been a flawless era yet), I don't believe myself superior or that I'm 'getting it' more than others. Neither do I 'bleat on' about how great it is and I have no desire to kiss Moff's ass or 'roast you alive'.
Like many, many fans I just quietly tune in, watch, and enjoy, week after week.
You are welcome to your opinion - but posting 6 quite argumentative responses to other peoples comments on this page alone really doesn't help your case. Please, realise that when we vent it's very easy to say quite hurtful things about people who don't share our opinion and it really isn't helpful - just like you didn't enjoy being called OCD, I don't enjoy being called a 'crowd follower, 'fanboi' (sic) with 'half a brain cell' and 'selective thinking'.

Hey, what the hell is your problem? I've seen you on lots of articles saying negative stuff about the show and yet you never seem to have a valid point. Bring on the Christmas special!!!

I hope that Jenna Louise Coleman's companion IS somehow Oswin and not a 'look a like' related or not. I really liked Oswin's character and thought having someone so quick thinking and intelligent along as a companion would be a good thing.

Hear hear! I agree entirely and was the point I was trying to make! I love debating with people the pro's and cons of Doctor Who (of which there are both) and love discussing it with people who do not like the current form of our favourite programme. I just wish people did it in a mature and constructive manner!

Hey Underclass....go away. You're juvenile comments are not welcome here. You constantly state your opinions as facts and don't back them up with any points. You clearly aren't a fan of the new show, so please go and watch something else..........or, take a lesson in debating and conversing with people and start making points instead of spewing your hateful garbage with nothing to back it up.

Hey Underclass....go away. Your juvenile comments are not welcome here. You constantly state your opinions as facts and don't back them up with any points. You clearly aren't a fan of the new show, so please go and watch something else..........or, take a lesson in debating and conversing with people and start making points instead of spewing your hateful garbage with nothing to back it up.

His problem is that he's probably 12 years old and doesn't yet know how do have a constructive discussion with people. He's having his little temper tantrum.

See, Underdog, at least Discrespective can make a point or 2 even if I don't agree with them.

Still no actual points, Underclass!!! If it helps at all, I don't think you're OCD. I just think you're a moron. If you had OCD, you'd be able to back up your opinion with some specific points. Again, you're allowed to have this opinion, but back it up with something. Everyone keeps telling you that, but you've got nothing......what is it that you don't understand????

Yeah, he's probably like 6 and can't follow the storyline so he's just bitching around. I guess this show is targeted towards more mature people like us, who can actually accept other people's opinion. For example, I hated last season, but I don't bitch and moan and wonder why other people like it.

Hey do you hate Matt Smith as the Doctor, Underclass? I don't think you made your point clear enough in the 39,000 ignorant and blatantly confusing posts you have so graciously crammed down our throats. Why don't you channel your negativity into something more productive... Like maybe not being an idiot? Please and thank-you.

For the 50th Anniversary, I think Billie Piper and the tenth doctor's clone will play a role. That may be why David Tennant may be hushed up about it. Regarding the series, the only thing I like to see happen is if they can recap on eighth to ninth doctor's regeneration and get it on screen or at least more screen time for the eighth doctor even if it's a memory sequence.

The best way, I think, to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who is to have William Russell and Carol Ann Ford to return one last time in the half-century anniversary episode.

haha. Imagine being this guy. Like, seriously ^

It doesn't seem clear to me that Smith is closer to the end than the beginning. I think he stays until he has a solid opportunity for another role.

Am i one of the few fans who feels we are getting ripped off 8 episodes after a year we got only 5-6 its hard to be happy when our show keeps getting jacked around 50th year aniversery and we are going to get just a few eps just upsetting

So, does this mean that the current run was actually only the five episodes finishing with the "Angels Take Manhattan" episode being the final proper episode of the season? Oh, and with the Christmas episode supplementing the season. Or, are the eight "Spring" episodes to be included. If so, it's a longer than usual wait for part 2 of season 7.

I love Matt Smith's doctor and i hope he decides to stay for at least another couple of years, i hate it when they change and it takes me a year to forgive a new one!

Um, you spent all day on a message board? There's this thing called the outside world, you may want to check it out sometime.

I smell a big stinky troll...

It's likely that Matt will stay for, and probably leave at the end of, series 8. I don't see them giving him the Tennant-treatment, and by that I mean a bunch of specials building up to his departure. That's WAY too much for Steven and the team to take on. He could leave during the 50th, but I don't really think so. Past Doctor's (potentially) returning and the present Doctor regenerating all in one episode? No thanks. Again, it's too much. I'm calling it now - Matt will leave at the end of series 8. I don't want him to go yet, it's nowhere near his time. David's time on the show came to a natural end, it should be the same for Matt. I hope Steven doesn't force him out on his ass.

Um, 50th anniversary, I think you'll find.

The Doctor has stated that he can regenerate 507 times. So, no. He's fine. Guess the Time Lords upped the regen limit in the time war.


River, Jack and the Doctor; together, that would've the end of of civilisation as we know it. I am not sure the world is capable of taking the strain of those three in the same room together .... Much less, the same TARDIS.


It would be awesome if the Doctor we all know and love, saved his future self from some impending doom, without even knowing it. Then only to regenerate into the very man he saved at the beginning of the first show.

Strax does get around lest he. He even stopped by at Sarah Janes for a few shows to terrorise the bannerman road gang in the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Actually Moffat is a genius. His massive plot holes and abandoned threads are almost always done on purpose and used to advance the story at a later date. Moffats "who" isn't linear, there is no predefined beginning, middle or end.

Instead his interpretation of the "whoverse" is as complicatedly tangled and infinite as all of time and space.

Moffat has given us a whole new way of looking at the Doctor .... a way in which nothing is quite what it seems.

@Bad Wolff Yeah... Silly mistake! I remember the thirtieth anniversary! My Subconcious obviously wishes it was the thirtieth again. I was so much younger back then,

If you say David was much better than any other doctor then please leave the fandom. Each and one actor played the doctor role perfectly and to be honest, it would be quite impossible not to seeing that it's both director's & producer's choice to cast. So please, say no more.

Are you undermining the acting abilities of frozen asda sausages? I thought they were very good in Shaun of the Dead...

Rather than a regeneration- wouldn't it be cool if an 8th Doctor-11th Doctor team up led to a series or two where we followed the McGann Doctor? We could then rejoin the Smith Doctor in time for his regeneration into the Atkinson Doctor...

I'm not generally over voyeuristic, but I would like to watch that.
Or better yet, join in!

Two things to consider (though your points are rather elegantly put, I must add!)

1. The ''irritating'' part of Tennant's Doctor persona could arguably be the best part of his role as the Doctor, because if you take the older Doctors in consideration, many of them had that dark, cocky sarcasm. It used to be part of the Doctor's style. It gave us a sense that YES he is better and smarter than us, yes he is a superior alien creature and yes he is struggling to ''downgrade'' to our level. Imagine a god coming down on earth and trying to be like us and mix in. It would be rather tricky. On the other hand I also rather like Smith's play on it and I believe it works well. It's sort of like: ''Oh well look! I have gotten to know humans and I have realized that they actually are my equals in other ways!'' which is, I believe what the writers wanted when writing the transition from the 9th to the 11th. It's sort of his being so angry at the universe for the Time War incident and then realizing ''Hey it's not anybody's fault!'' (arguably his own fault). 2. We also have to consider the Doctors are scripted by the writers, therefore, though the actors might suggest and add a twist to it, the general idea doesn't come from them.
I will add a 3. we must consider time frame! the 90s were more campy and over sentimental (check out Roswell & Dawson's Creek to name a few) though I personally find the going away/10th to 11th regeneration the best of the whole series!
All that being said I am a HUGE Tennant era fan so my arguments may be powerfully flawed! :pAlso it has been said numerous times that our favorite Dr is the one we first discovered and mine was Tennant!So Tennant return any day!
Tennant as companion anyone? Imagine the explosive paradoxes it would entail! Now THAT would be an amazing 50th twist. The Universe is on the verge of imploding do to 11th and 10th wanting to hangout!

When David Tennant was playing the Doctor he had some big, grandeur shows like the Stolen Earth episodes. Most of the companions were gathered in a huge stand off against the Daleks. It would be awesome if Dr. Smith could team up with Tennant in a huge fight. Because there is still a copy, say hybrid human/timelord, living with Rose Tyler in a parallel world. So having two doctors, similar like the Tennant/Davison scene, would be a powerhouse. And what would be more scary and sinister that the two of them, with their companions of course, would fight off the great dark alliance of The Ood-The Silence-The Weeping Angels. That would be also very memorable, especially when Mr. Moffet is going to produce it.

Please NO. I've had enough of him, the Doctor is Matt Smith now and that's the end of it. I would probably have heart failure if I saw David Tennant back.

I agree...though I love every episode of Who (I even managed to watch a bit of a Peter Davison ep without killing myself), I would love to see Steven write something like 'Blink'- simple, scary, well-paced and funny. Please. :'(

There is a God.

I really hope you're wrong.

I'm with Underclass Underdog on this.

For the sake of your egos inflating into a "Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style",stop attempted to feed your ideals into a stubborn donkey whose criticism make no sense.It's like...you read the same B.S from the same guy twice,then do it a third time to come off as the more cultivated crop.

Since she played Oswin Osgood in Asylum of the Daleks, and the new companions name is Clara Oswin, I'm betting on an ancestor connection. Oswin Osgood is named after Clara Oswin? The Christmas special is going to be another Victorian-era setting, so it's possible Clara is the great, great grandmother of Oswin Osgood?

You are going to see just that.

going to split the crowd here by saying I think Moffat is a good writer but should not be steering the ship. Under RTD he wrote the best episodes (blink, The girl in the fireplace) he is an ideas man and the ideas in the latest bout of Smith episodes have been good (aside from dinosaurs on a spaceship). The pacing however has been appalling making the audience have to make up half the story to appreciate it and not to mention the crappy sound mixing on every episode so far.Moreover I dont think he is really one for story arcs either. For everyone so far they have been glaringly obvious I thought compared to RTD ones. Ill be interested to see where the anniversary goes but i can kinda see the direction the show is going in.

Ice warriors should come bk but they should nt change them !

Such great writers, but the acting is dismal stuff. Matt Smith can respond a bit to proper actors like James Corden, but with the vacuous model girls they're trotting out as actors these days, he's just not up to the job. It's more like children's TV for kids with ADHD, or perhaps a desperate village pantomime. They should be ashamed to let a decent SF concept sink to this sort of tripe. Where's the sense that some of this might get people killed? Where's the air of danger that used to send me scrambling behind the sofa? And the last set of Xmas specials have been so poor, it makes you want to switch off and find a decent book.

The program is nothing more than a revenue generating peice of kitsch in the style of the worst excesses of American big budget shows.

It's over-stylised and lacking the human warmth generated in the RTD era.

Throwing morsels to masses of geeks is no replacement for heart and soul. Oh you'll get your "hey wouldn't that be cool moments" by the bucket full. The Dr teams up with Churchill, a crossover with something, return of the real Cybermen and trip to see what the Tardis really looks like inside.

You'll get all that fodder. But you will not get compelling Sci-Fi. I once saw a show by veteran British TV wit Ken Campbell where he describes meeting silver age Sci-Fi greats like Harrison, Dick and Bradbury. He describes their work as "Cathedrals of ideas" . Magnificent eccentric spaces designed to both thrill and unsettle to challenge you to contemplate things greater than your own life.

Moffat's Dr Who is not a cathedral, it's a shopping mall parcelling out cosy comforting packages of entertainment. The formula is set: Pretty girls, a hopelessly sentimental chocolate box version of Britain, superficial emblems of quirkiness (fez, bowtie, cowboy hat, etc), guest star of the week, uncontroversial subject matter and a few nods to the original series.

The lights are on in the Tardis but no ones home. The shark is well and truly jumped.

Insert additional clichés as required.

I agree. Matt Smiths Doctor is stylised to the point of parody. When I watch him I am watching a 20 something man trying really really hard to be the Doctor not a 1000 year old alien.

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