Edgar Ramirez linked with a role in Doctor Strange

News Simon Brew 24 Jun 2014 - 07:07

Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange movie looks like to reunite him with Deliver Us From Evil star Edgar Ramirez...

One of the many upcoming projects that Marvel is juggling is the long-mooted Doctor Strange movie. The film is to be directed by Scott Derrickson, and the current casting rumours are still centering on Jared Leto for the lead role. Leto has just passed on the chance to take the lead in sci-fi movie Brilliance, which adds fuel to the speculation that he may be about to sign on the dotted line for Doctor Strange.

But while the casting guesswork continues, there does seem to be at least one name that's going to be added to the call sheet. And that's the name of Edgar Ramirez.

Ramirez is featuring in Derrickson's imminent movie, Deliver Us From Evil, which arrives in cinemas shortly (we have to wait until August in the UK, though). And chatting to IGN, he was asked whether there had been any discussions about a role in Doctor Strange. Turns out, there had. "We're talking. We've been talking", the actor admitted, although no further details were forthcoming. Exactly which role they've been talking about remains to be seen.

We're looking forward to Deliver Us From Evil anyway, and we'll keep you posted as we hear more about Doctor Strange...


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I don't see him as Dr Strange myself. There are other names that have been brought up that I'd be far more excited to see in the role.

Am I the only one who thinks that Jared Leto is completely wrong for the role of Dr. Strange?

Jared Leto is nowhere near my first choice.

Mine is Sacha Baron Cohen. Edgar Ramirez seems strange, for Strange, but in a bad way, like Tom Hardy. You don't waste toughness on a wizard.

They are not saying he will be Dr. Strange. They are just saying that he could be in the movie. Marvel seems to be looking for an eccentric big name to play Strange (Iike Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, etc...)

You are not the only one, but I personally am getting into the idea of Leto being Dr. Strange. 1) It's easier to make someone look older than younger and I am sure they will show his early life in the first movie. 2) He has shown an ability to play odd characters. 3) Dr. Strange has to be someone that is very charismatic because his powers are more subtle. It will be a lot of head nods and hand movements and Leto can be engaging enough for an audience to buy into it.....
Just a few thoughts.

Yeah TH definitely would be the wrong choice for Dr Strange

Black Bolt, but not Strange.

Yes he would be an awesome BB. I'm worried if he ever downs a Double Gulp though because his burps could do some serious damage. Like Barney from the Simpsons

Yeah he and Nibbler LOITERING outside a 7/11, and Lloyd Christmas walks up "hey guys. Whoa, big gulps, huh? Aaalright. Well, see ya later"

Let's hope some of their magic is still there for Dumb and Dumber Too

Why dontchou eat up and we'll tell ya. The trailer tells me some is there, but not enough to put popcorn and a coke in my cup holders. Let's hope ALOT of it is there. Theatre barely even counts anyway. That means countless repeat viewings, jokes that are funny every viewing, LOTS of gags, and endless quotability, at home. In other words, instant classic. I didn't get that from the trailer, but hopefully I'm wrong.

He's talented, yeah

I know he isn't really that well known but I though for Strange, maybe Marton Csokas? google him.

Good choice. He's a geek god, even if he isn't a household name...

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