Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hardy linked with Doctor Strange

News Simon Brew 7 Jun 2014 - 11:35

The casting rumours for Doctor Strange begin, as Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch are linked with the role...

With a director now in place, speculation begins as to who Marvel has in mind for the role of Doctor Strange. Sinister's Scott Derrickson was revealed to be the director of the movie earlier this week, and initial speculation had linked Jared Leto with the title role.

However, Deadline now reveals that Marvel has a shortlist in mind for Doctor Strange, and two notable names are on it. Firstly, there's Tom Hardy, best known in comic book movie circles for playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises (although check out his most recent thriller Locke if you get a chance).

And then there's the man of a thousand casting stories on the internet, Mr Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is linked with projects on a very regular basis, the majority of which have no grounding to them. That may be the case here too, as he's on what is described as an early wish-list. But you never know...

Doctor Strange is expected in cinemas in 2016 or 2017.


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I don't think Cumberbatch would be right for the role, I love him but it would seem... Odd. Tom Hardy would be interesting but I can only see him as Bane and it's conflicting in my mind. Personally I think Jared Leto is the best shout.

Tom Selleck

I think Jared Leto is a bit too soft and young looking, I'd prefer an older cast. Some people have been proposing Oded Fehr, and I think he'd also be a nice cast!
There is no way Cumberbatch will sign for a franchise right now, I think. He doesn't seem to need it, he is always working... It'd be silly for him to reduce his options at this moment.

Don't forget they need to start the franchise earlier in Strange's life (people don't know him like they know Batman and Superman) so they need an actor who'll pass for young Strange and then by the 5th installment looks old enough... the math works out in Leto's favour (assuming he'll actually look closer to his age when he's 52 and if not they can use make-up). I love Benedict and think he'd be perfect for older Strange but I don't think they can go young with him.

Of-topic, but Locke is not a thriller. That's one of the worst pieces of recent movie mismarketing (along with Flight, which I also thought was going to be a corporate conspiracy thriller, but turned out to be about one man's struggle with alcoholism).

It's an intimate portrayal of a decent man trying to hold his life together as it threatens to fall to bits, armed with nothing but a mobile phone. It's a fine piece of kitchen-sink human drama which succeeds in hooking you in emotionally, but it's not thrilling at any point.

I have always thought Cumberbatch was the obvious choice for this role.

Sacha baron Cohen

Have em fight over Captain Britain, loser gets strange.

Sorry Ben. This is gonna hurt.

Can only average actors play in silly action movies please? I get Downey Jr having to resurrect his career with Iron Man, but BC's career is on the up and he could afford doing movies that are actually worth doing.

While I like raising the game in any genre films, I often feel that way. More about upcoming directors snatched up into the maw of the blockbuster. At least a lot of the franchise actors stay pretty busy on smaller interesting films despite their hero roles. Directing gargantuan movies is long and taxing enough that the budding auteur vanishes entirely.

Here's a thought. If they ever did Captain Britain, would they be tempted to have him played by an American :-) Just to even things up.

Dare I say, Andrew Scott...???

I don't think that would be a problem, he doesn't look that old (nor Oded Fehr that old). I think Leto is pretty spot on, but with softer features than what I would expect. Also more androginous. I don't know, I've always found Dr. Strange to have very manly features, maybe it is me. It'd be a good move for his career, I think, feeding on the Oscar buzz and a steady project to relaunch himself as an actorm but maybe he is just not interested in this kind of project. After all, what brought him back was a pretty social film.
I don't think Cumberbatch would be the best casting, although I like him as an actor too. Tom Hardy would not be my first choice either.
I wouldn't really feel bad about ANY of the names that have been linked to this project, though. Leto, Hardy and Cumberbatch are very talented actors and I have no doubt that they would all be able to deliver an amazing performance. I just don't think they are the best choice.
Also I think they are too good to be stuck in this kind of long-term project right now. Leto has just made his comeback pretty successfully, Hardy has never lacked projects and Cumberbatch seems to have too many of them. It'd be a pity to have them stuck in a franchise in their best years.

I'm sick of Benedict Cumberbatch being "linked" with every damn
thing. Stupid hacks. Almost makes me long for the Andrew Scott days
again, almost.

Both completely wrong for Strange, If either of them have any sense they'll turn it down knowing there wrong for it. But then, when did that stop them before?

Would be a better choice.

Than Cumberdict Benebatch

A big nope for all of them. They have the acting skills, but they don't have the right look for Doctor Strange. I'd prefer Luke Evans or Aidan Gillen.

John Hamm, hands down. He looks the part and has the right personality off screen Marvel is looking for, in terms of promoting the character. He is a perfect fit for an MCU cast member same way RDJ was.

Pedro Pascal!

Antony Starr from Banshee (showtime series) Look at his pictures and he looks more like Dr. Strange and if you've seen him in the show, he's very believable when he beats the crap out of people. Benedict is a good actor but I don't think he would work well as Dr. Strange.

Look up Antony Starr. I think he would be great but unknown to people who've never seen him on Banshee.

I'd go for Dynamo or Derren Brown.

One I though of the other day was Pedro Pascal - Oberyn Martel from GoT. I think he'd fit the role really well.

He fits perfectly too.
I still like the idea of Oded Fehr better, though. It'd serve the double purpose of having someone who fits and adding a touch of racial variety to the Marvel mix. If they "take their chances" at making a movie without a white male protagonist, maybe then they will finally dare to make a movie with Black Widow or another female superhero.
One can dream.

Marvel seem to like going for pretty established actors, so I guess these two are possibilities. Personally I'd like to see some like Blake Riston or Tom Riley get a chance, but I do see Cumberbatch pulling off something special if he had the chance too

He's like a hundred and ten.

Good choice! I really enjoyed him in GoT. This would bring the HBO Fan base and would please the PC crowd by adding a Latino to the lead roster. (Something I am not a fan of for it's own sake... But am a fan of if it's a great casting decision, which this would be!)

It is racist to cast because of race, no matter the race. "Diversity" for the sake of diversity (read anti Caucasian racism) is just as racist as anything else. People need to be cast that resemble the characters. Since marvel movies are a multi billion dollar property, stunt casting is more likely to hurt than help. That being said, I think the actor who played Oberon on GoT, who is Latin, would be a perfect casting choice; as I mentioned above.

Troll! Kill the troll! Kill it with fire!

Just said that... Twice! This guy was incredible in GoT!

I'm afraid I am scratching my head at multiple points here.
1. That is certainly not an obvious understanding of racism. I wonder how you would define the term.
2. Bonne chance finding a 2D actor, who soundlessly talks in speech bubbles and moves in staccato jumps from static image to static image!
3. It is important to "maintain" race, except when it isn't?

I don't think they should cast an actor that looks nothing like the character just for the sake of diversity, but if they can respect the character while adding a bit of diversity, why not? =) Dr. Strange doesn't look particularly Caucasian, so it is a good chance to add something different to the mix. Like you say, that Latin guy looks a lot like the character, and so does Fehr, or at least I think he does. What I was trying to say is that, giving the choice between two actors who look like the character and are able to play it well, diversity could be another factor to consider.
Once you have several actors who are at the same level, you have to start taking into account different things to choose. I wouldn't cast an Asian or Arab or black Captain America, but an Arab or Latin Dr. Strange sounds OK to me, it doesn't contradict what I know about the character. Maybe there is something I don't know that prevents him from being anything but Caucasian, if that is the case I gladly withdraw my candidate =P

Fair enough. I agree with you... And I like Odet Fair.... However, don't really like him for this role... My comment regarding big D "Diversity" is more of a general aggravation with what seems to be a small but vocal group that wants to deliberately cast non white actors just for the sake of doing it. But I agree with your comment. Personally, I find cries for big D "Diversity" to be increasingly just anti-white, but that is a topic for another board. I do agree with what you said here now... And am very much in the pro Oberon camp.

NNNNOOOOOO please -- please not Cumberbatch! Isn't his 15 minutes of fame over yet? I would not walk into a theater to watch anything this alien-looking dude does. Stephen Strange needs to be, uh, good-looking? Handsome? (Robert Downey Jr. would have been perfect -- too bad he's taken up with another little Marvel role...). This has the makings of a disaster. Cumberbatch = Red Skull, not Strange!

Cumberbatch needs to stick to villains. He's a character actor, not a lead.

I doubt his career is on the up - he's having his 15 minutes of fame, but nothing Cumberbatch has done has made him any kind of star material. No one in the U.S. outside his small fangirl base even knows who he is.

I can see Giancarlo Esposito doing a great dr strange

I can be pretty reactionary about identity politics, but I don't think white actors are hurting for iconic roles, nor are white youth lacking in heroes they can readily identify with or feeling invisible in the big screen world.

In fact, like green hornet, Dr Strange's manservant is asian and if they intend to include that role it will read very differently if Dr. Strange is not caucasian. Race imagery and dynamics can be troubling without there having been any intended racism.

Yeah, starring in appointment television and hit blockbusters ain't no thang.

Oh God, Cumberbatch would make a GREAT Red Skull, you are so right.
I wouldn't have liked Robert Downey Jr. as Strange, though. It is silly for me to say so because I am as close to the floor as I can get, but he is too short, something that make up cannot desguise.
Or maybe they can put him on a box, like Tom Cruise.

I think he has the charisma to lead, but his talents would be wasted. He truly is a good actor. I started to watch Sherlock because of Freeman, and I stick to my opinion that he is the superior one of the pair, but Cumberbatch is remarkably talented too.

This may be this best Cumberumour yet. He could play a young and old Dr. Strange

"Appointment television" for a very small cult audience, and exactly what hit blockbuster has he had the lead in? Character roles, yes, but not the lead. I repeat - 99.99% of Americans have no idea who he is.

Downey is 5' 9" - not hugely tall, but not short, either. Average height for an American male.

He looks short to me, I don't know why. Maybe it is his clothes or something about proportions...

I read someone suggest this on another board and I would be really happy with that casting. He was amazing in GOT.

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