Scott Derrickson to direct Marvel's Doctor Strange movie

News Simon Brew
4 Jun 2014 - 06:50

Sinister and Deliver Us From Evil director Scott Derrickson has been hired by Marvel to direct the Doctor Strange movie...

It's been little secret that Marvel has been developing a Doctor Strange movie, and the film has been widely expected to form part of phase three of the studio's slate. Furthermore, it's been expected that the film would take one of the release dates announced by Marvel Studios, but thus far unfilled by a known movie.

Things, however, seem to be sliding into place, as director Scott Derrickson has confirmed over his Twitter feed that he's landed the job of bringing Doctor Strange to the big screen. Derrickson, known for films such as Sinister, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, has promising horror Deliver Us From Evil arriving in cinemas this summer. And then, we presume it's full steam ahead on Doctor Strange.

It's a good choice of director too. Whilst Derrickson has range, we do wonder if his appointment means that Marvel is willing to nudge towards the horror genre for Doctor Strange's big screen debut.

It's expected that the film will slot into either the July 8th 2016 or May 5th 2017 release date that Marvel has available. Here's the Tweet that Derrickson sent to announce the news.

Let the casting speculation now begin - we're already hearing Jared Leto's name being mentioned...


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