Johnny Depp rumoured for Marvel's Doctor Strange film

News Simon Brew 14 Jan 2014 - 06:40
Dark Shadows

Rumour time: has Marvel met up with Johnny Depp now to discuss Doctor Strange?

Get ready to take a requisite pinch of salt with what we're about to tell you, as we're deep in rumour territory here. But we're reporting it because it does seem as though the Doctor Strange project is edging still closer.

It's little secret that Marvel Studios has been working on the project, and that studio chief Kevin Feige is keen to bring Doctor Strange to the big screen. Latino Review, however, is now reporting that Johnny Depp has met with Marvel, over potentially taking the lead role. Latino Review's track record is a bit bumpy, and it's linked Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the role previously, but we'll keep you posted as we hear more. Johnny Depp is apparently a major fan of the character,

As for a release date, Marvel is believed to be lining Doctor Strange up for a phase three release. The studio has announced release dates of May 6th 2016, July 8th 2016 and May 5th 2017 for future films, and we'd wager that Doctor Strange will take on of those 2016 release slots. Again, more as we hear it.

Latino Review.

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I think Johnny depp has been rumoured to be playing every male character in fiction by now

Mwahahah..... I hope not.....

Please keep the Dippy Deppster away from this. He's only gonna do it as a cross between Jack Sparrow and David Blaine. Deffo 100% not the right man for this job. Viggo Mortensen all the way! Adrian Brody would be a good shout as well (though I prefer him as Deadpool over that travesty to acting Ryan Reynolds).

While I have no doubt he'd be great in the role, it seems like an obvious choice and I would rather see someone who isn't nessasarily assosiated with weird and wonderful roles play this character.

NO. Alan Cummings or Benedict Cumberbatch.

Love Strange. Not so sure about Depp though. Still, cant wait for the movie...

Derren Brown?!

Directed by you-know-who and starring you-know-her?

Depp is great, but Dr. Strange ought to be played by an older man, somebody in his late 50's would be ideal. I actually cannot think of anyone famous who could do it. So an unknown would be fine.

It's probably just internet puff, but I think it would be good casting. He could play a few years older, without getting too old over a few films. Depp has a natural oddness about him that might work well, despite my not having been too crazy about a lot of his recent work.

Jim caviezel should get this role

Latino Review... sigh.

I'm strange, I reckon I could do the part

Spot on with Depp's current acting range, I don't really want to see him in anything these days.

I agree. His natural oddness has rather come out in exactly the same way since he first played Cpt Jack Sparrow, a character he now seems forced to endlessly repeat in different guises.

It'd be great to be reminded that he used to be one of the best around.

Latino review also stated that Batman vs Superman/Justice League was filming back to back just in case you want to know too.


He will be 53 by the time the film is released to not a million miles off.

How are they going to fit Doctor Strange into the MCU, I thought it has been established that there is no magic.

What about someone like Hugh Laurie?!

The problem with Depp (like already pointed out) is that he hasn't done any great work for some time and seems to be trying even less in the big budget movies.

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